L!nD$eY (_______discomix) wrote,


oh man oh man oh man!
okay, long story short...

Act 1
My sister and I are home, chillin.
This weirdo Shawn guy from Myspace calls my phone.
My sister picks it up and makes up some bullshit story, so funny.
Then he calls back and starts gettin all weird again...meaning asking if she want's to go to his house and fuck.
So then she's like "yeah sure, i'll be there in a few"
We actually wound up going to this guys building but what we were gonna do was describe some girl that was stanindg in front of his building and then have him go up to her and have her like freak out.
Except....no one was out at 1 am, so we're like fuck...
Sooo we wound up going as our selves.
We were talking to him for a bit...then some guy passes by
and he was staring at my sister and I...

Act 2
My sister calls out to him and he turns around.
So he walks towards us and starts talking to us...while this Shawn dude is like "wtf!?" haha
Then I told my Tiffany (my sis) "Tell Robert (the other guy) to meet us arond the corner so we can ditch Shawn" and so we did that.
Shawn went back up into his hole while we met up with Rob.

Act 3
We wind up going back to his place because I rreeeeaaallly had to pee.
Then we looked around, he has a bangin apartment.
He has this balcony, man it's so cool.
So anyways, we stayed there till 8 in the morning.
Don't worry...we didn't do anything too crazy, haha.
And now we are home, trying to catch up on sleep.
Thee end!!!
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