L!nD$eY (_______discomix) wrote,


anyways, i snuck out last night from 12:30 to 2 am with Seamus
it was awesome
we went to a park and went on the swings
hen we drove around some more
then we went to Spazzo's empty parking lot and chilled
(nothing sexual)
then we drove some more
then he dropped me off

there's not much you can do at 2 in the morning

oh yeah! and then, since i only had beads in my ears instead of plugs, they always fell out when i slept
therefore causing me to have to restretch em every mornin
so last night i put marker caps in em
but they were bigger than the hole
so i wound up stretchin em again
it hurt like a bitch...
okay, pics later, thee end
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