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if any of you have any of this music, please send it to me!

The Faint- Fasciination
Kay Kay and His Weathered Underground (self-titled)
Family Force 5- Business Up Front/Party in the Back
Men Without Pants (self-titled)
Jaguar Love (self-titled)
Ghost of the Russian Empire - The Mammoth
Panic at the Disco- Pretty. Odd.

my AIM/iChat is HALEY ewww
my MSN is
if you could send me the files on there!

thank you so much!!
(and i'm totally willing to send you some music too!)
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i don't read my manga anymore, so i am selling them to try and make some money for textbooks

i have:

Claymore vol. 1-6 **$6 each
Chibi Vampire vol. 1-5 **$8 each
xxxHolic vol. 1-3 and 6 **$10 each
Hellsing vol. 7 **$11
BECK Mongolian Chomp Squad vol. 1 **$8
Trigun #2 **$13
Trigun Maximum vol. 3 **$8

Shonen Jump- Mar 2006, July 2006, Sep 2006-June 2007 **$25 for all of them

all of my volumes are in excellent condition, almost new, but I am still selling them for less than what I paid
message me if you are interested

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taste of chaos

Is anybody going to the Taste of Chaos stop in San Jose?
I just bought my ticket, I'm going with Eric...

Let me know if you're gonna be there, so we can hang out!
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watch this shit

NE Buddie Productions

repost in your LJ's myspaces, facebooks, whatever

my buddy is making this movie
can't wait.
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