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and its just when you breathe so deep

you wash my worries away ♥

11 June
$, ., 13 years old, abercrombie, accents, add, add me, adding, aeropostale, aim, airplanes, american eagle, americas next top model, animals, anti bush, bands, beaches, best friends, big cities, blush, boys, boys in bands, brand new, bright green, candy, cats, chocolate, chucks, cigarettes, coffee, coloring, colors, comment whore, commenting, converse, cooking, crayons, dancing, dashboard confessional, death cab, death cab for cutie, dogs, drama, dvds, edward scissorhands, emo, fall out boy, fashion, flirting, friday nights, friends, games, geeks, goo goo dolls, green, green day, guys, gwen stefani, having fun, hawthorne heights, holding hands, hoodies, hotties, hugs, humor, ice cream, icons, im a slut, jimmy eat world, kissing, lilu, lol, maroon 5, mcr, meeting new people, meeting people, modest mouse, money, movies, mtv, mtv2, music, my chemical romance, new jersey, next, nj, pac sun, partying, passing notes, pepsi, photography, pictures, pirates, planes mistaken for stars, poison the well, punk'd, rating communities, rubber bands, sarcasm, saturday, senses fail, sex, shirts, shopping, short skirts, ska, skateboarders, smoking, soccer, songs, south jersey, sports, staying up all night, story of the year, straightners, style, summer, sunrise, sunsets, swimming, system of a down, t-shirts, taking back sunday, talking, television, the ataris, the killers, the newlyweds, the real world, the starting line, the used, thrice, travelling, tv, updating my journal, us, usa, vans, vh1, vintage, volcom, yellowcard, ,