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LOCKED. [22 May 2006|02:57pm]
[ mood | amused ]


you're over the age of 21
your entries are boring
i just don't like you
i just don't like you
and i just don't fucking like you, k?

if you're not added within a period of a week, just give up and take me off your friends list because it's obvious that I don't want to read your shit, k? don't ask questions, just do it.

& just to let you know i don't expect you to comment on every entry, but if you don't comment at all i'm going to cut you, k. yeah i do friends cuts, but only when i'm sick of the bitches that never fucking update, comment, and/or are just outright stupid and boring.

still want to be added? add me first, or you wont be added back and comment. if you don't comment i'm not adding you back.

127 bang me♥

GOODBYE FRIENDS. [05 Jun 2005|04:36pm]
i'll be your best kept secret and your biggest mistake.

28 people being cut for one or more of the following reasons.
- you never comment and/or update
- i don't like you and/or you're boring as hell
- you got a new username

yeah. nice reasons, right? yeah. THE FOLLOWING PEOPLE WERE CUT..


along with those twenty eight people, I also took seven more people off my friends list as they never added me back and it's been atleast a week since I asked them to add me, making a total of thirty five people taken off my friends list.

I wont be having another friends cut for a while. Don't ask which reason you were cut for, and don't ask to be added back, because i'm not adding anyone back.

so wear me like a locket around your throat.
i'll weigh you down.
i'll watch you choke.
you look so good in blue.
7 bang me♥

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