PUSH IT TO THE WEST (________volta) wrote,

So i'm really bored & im going to recap my whole weekend:

friday came into school ready to take my italian final & found out everyone took it 2 days before when i left school, so i got to sit in a class alone & take it by myself then my girl showed up!! so she watched me finish it and after i did (15 questions...ya) we had fun. ;)

then us history, ugh you can never tell. i was one of the last too finish so watch me be one of the only ones to fail it. this sucks. i didnt really study, just reviewed a bit. & i handed in all my missing work from chem which i owed so i could pass his class with no less then a C. im bad

friday night grace & paul called they were knocking at my window lol, but i couldnt go out, im grounded even at night ..... lol
saturday slept & watched harry potter.
sunday did the same except my mom made me study for geo. which i didnt really, just made notecards so i wont hopefully completely fail it. im probably taking it in summer school. why bother now.

& today now i can rest and tan outside cause it looks nice out yay!
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