May 31st, 2005


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yes! entry number 2 in less than a week 8-)
anyways. last night grace showed up and ended up sleeping over. we watched pirates of the carribean, and fell asleep.
she wouldn't let me have the ac on though, what a slice in the face. ;)
soo. back to school after a 4-day weekend of doing absolutely nothing hehe.
and, yah i'm so tired of it.
we have exactly 4 weeks of it left.
geez, just end already!!
anyways, went to get my lifegaurding papers today;
if i pass and all, ill be starting in early july..nice :)
and ill be working with really cool people.
so i played tennis with paul & grace & dan today.
oh yeah, the cool kids are so good<3 hehe
and it was fgun.
i tihnk i might be doing that alot this summer it's good excercise.
and i need alot of that, mhmm.
okay, i'm out to go do some homework & stuff.