May 30th, 2005


(no subject)

this weekend, was of course like i said it would be. POINTLESS.
i feel like such a bum. i laid around all day, did not go out one night,
i've become such a loserrr and so anti-social it's sad.
i don't know what's wrong with me. going out doesn't even seem fun anymore.
oh well.
grace lived here for the weekend.
we haven't done anything, except eat and be fat asses.
what's new with that.
school is out soon!!!
and my birthday is this week! on friday :)
17 baby. idk, i'm excited than anyone has ever been turning 17, i think it's cool. hehe.
and my sister told me what mah mama got me & yay now i'm excited!
anyways, i want a car.
i'm getting my license this summer, & i'm actually happy for that.
umm. friday i have to go to my friends party it's for her birthday too, so i'll stop by to be nice;
even though it's MY birthday & it should be all about me,
after that who knows for the rest of the night.
that saturday i have SAT's.
i'm sooooo nervous. like incredibily nervous.
i took SAT classes and i'm just so afriad they're not even going to help. i think what scares me the most, is that I might actually do terrible even with the classes i took.
and my SAT score right now is the only ticket i have out of new britain.
if i'm stuck here for another 4 years, i don't know what i'd do with myself.
no offense to anyone staying here, I'm just tired of nb.
there's probably no hope for me thought anyways. egh.
anyways, SAT's just make me realize we're going to be seniors next year, and then college.
and it's all gonna be so crazy.
but crazy in a good way, it's making me excited and sad at the same time.
anyways, all i should be thinking about right now is
hehe. cannot wait.<3