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& SOMETiMES i'M READY... [entries|friends|calendar]

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the calendar on the wall hung itsself [3. 9. 06 // @ 8 : 07 pm]
[ mood | calm ]

CRASH!Collapse )

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[2. 17. 06 // @ 5 : 13 pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

so i did this quiz, because i was bored, and have nothing to do on a friday night.
i was supposed to go to a show, but that never happened. and i can't go anywhere,
either. bold the answers we have in common, and for the unbolded statements,
replace them with things about yo, then put it in your journal.

payce ♥

01. Sometimes I can be kind of mean.
02. I prefer going barefoot to wearing socks.
03. I hate to eat the tentacles on calamari.
04. I've stuck gum underneath a table before.
05. I can basically never sleep in.
06. I hate The Bachelor(ette)
07. I like to draw with oil pastels.
08. People get mad me mad extremely easily.
09. I have zero tattoos.
10. I always pack more than i need on vacations.
11. I get scared that ghosts are watching me late at night.
12. I think most horror movies are a waste of time.
13. I have never been in a tanning bed.
14. I have small hands.
15. I love band class so much.
16. I think McDonalds is disgusting unless I have it 1-4 times a year.
17. Cats are adorable, and my favourite animal.
18. When I'm really mad at someone, I show it.
19. I wish I could be a vegetarian.
20. I wish I had more money.
21. I think anarchy is a lame idea supported by boring people.
22. I used to go to a lot of shows.
23. I've never bought something off Ebay.
24. My favorite continent is Europe.
25. I listen to the same songs over and over again. a lot.
26. I have been told by many I have nice teeth/lips.
27. I don't play any sports.// Other than the occasional badminton match.
28. I want to buy too many things I can't afford.
29. I used to listen to shitty music.
30. I don't know how to snowboard.
31. I hate Destiny's Child.
32. I've written to the Easter Bunny before.
33. Art is neat.
34. I once wore a fannypack.
35. I never want to pierce my bellybutton.
36. I can play the piano well.
37. I like being helpful.
38. I have never won anything out of a claw machine.
39. I can't sleep with the light on.
40. I want to be famous.
41. I always order Chicken Fingers and Fries at normal dinner-ish restaurants.
42. I love the sound of popping bubble wrap.
43. I do not own enough shoes.
44. I have never broken a bone.
45. I am always in the mood for chocolate chip cookies.
46. I love to listen to weird-ass music on my iPod.
47. I have eaten lamb before.
48. I never paint my fingernails but always paint my toes.
49. I walk into my old homeroom class sometimes.
50. I have wicked glasses.
51. I've gotten hit by a car while riding a bike.
52. I love buying presents for people.
53. I hate being lied to.
54. I am scared of mimes, yet find them funny when they pester others.
55. I love fashion design, and shows about fashion and modelling.
56. I want to get married young. But not too young
57. Batman is better than Superman.
58. I love making people laugh so hard, they fall down laughing.
59. I like spicy food.
60. I am a perfectionist about some things.
61. I've never dated a female.
62. I'll admit it, I like Starbucks.
63. I hate most chidren between the ages of 8-11.
64. I've always been pretty independent.
65. I need more new cds.
66. I don't like it when people are upset or sad.
67. I love going out to dinner with my friends.
68. I like jewelry.
69. I like healthy food. // Meh, sometimes
70. My mom makes my bed, but I know how to.
71. I think too much sometimes.
72. I prefer marble over vanilla of chocolate 
73. I am a sucker for cuddling.
74. I have a cat.
75. I love a good, intelligent debate.
76. My cat is gigantic.
77. I love Kate Moss.
78. I spend more money on AE merch then any other item.
79. I love designer jeans.
80. I need to sleep more.
81. I love my best friends.
82. I love colouring books.
83. I listen to music I know is shitty.
84. I have huge feet for a 5'0'' height.
85. I get jealous easily, but then get over it after a while.
86. Mauve is a pinkish-reddish color.
87. Alice in Wonderland is pretty amazing.
88. I like Coldplay.
89. Sometimes I wish there were more hours in the day.
90. I know exaclty what I'm doing after high school, and it's realistic.
91. I adore photography.
92. I don't know how to flick a rubberband.
93. I fucking adore Harry Potter books, most only sort-of like the movies.
94. I love playing hide and go seek.
95. I used to have a swimming pool.
96. My mom is a crazy bitch
97. I wish my eyes were a slightly different colour.
98. My parents seemingly TRY to embarrass me. 
99. (Some of) My favourite books are children's books.
100. I squeeze the toothpaste from the middle.

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[2. 14. 06 // @ 9 : 30 pm]
there's this friggin' community that seems pretty awesome.
it's for all you band nerds, so i suggest you join today.

linkage: http://community.livejournal.com/1sexybandgeek/
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holla [2. 11. 06 // @ 10 : 17 pm]
[ mood | pissed ther fuck off ]

this weekend i:

- drank good gin last night
- played slaps with kalliane before bed
- woke up earrrly for kalliane's hair appointment (which i helped choose colours for) at Vault!
- watched The Girl Next Door, which wasn't too bad, but not amazing
- straightened my hair with kalline
- went to the line up while kalliane was at dance, where i saw a tall redhaired girl from Young Company that i'd seen a few hours before at Vault. [weird, eh? yes.]
- went to festival du voyageur and fuckin booed this bad french punk band.
- got back home, and now me and kalliane are gonna watch Corpse Bride, which is an amazing movie.

p.s. this girl at imax hates me? wtfs?
imax chick, if you're reading, i've barely
spoken like 50 words to you in the last three
years, aka don't be a bitch to me.

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[2. 4. 06 // @ 1 : 34 pm]
[ mood | pissed off ]

fuck, i swear to god... rebecca c. is so fucking annoying.
apparently, i "contorl peoples' lives" because i asked her
why she was still laughing at a small mistake, and then i
apparently get offended for the stupidest reason because
i told her it's sad that she didn't understand a silly rap
word, and then she continually said stupid things about me.
pretty elementary shit, if you ask me. i just had to get it
out, especially since i haven't updated this bitch in a while.

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