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♥ I said i loved you ..........

....... but i lied.♥

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  • i am jasie bOo
hey im jason, my friends call me jasie or jasie boo orr pebbles, cause i luvvvvv fruity pebbles.
uhh i love brittany & ive never been happier with her. I just recently moved to michigan from maryland, god i miss it there, yeah well im a new member to livejournal so add me and stuff <3

me. god im so hottttttt....ahaha jusssst joshin kiddo`s =D

this is my everything. the most beautiful girl that i know. Brittany, I LOVE YOU SOSO MUCH and i mean it when i say forever. you mean the world to me and more. i am so glad we met <3 <3

rachel! this is like the best girl i know ((bsides brittany of course)), shes been my best friend for sooso long and shes pretty much my big sister. i love you rachel <3