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i figured i'd do a quick update, how have all of you been? RAH. aaron doesn't talk to me at all.. still. but after some time, either he'll talk to me again. or i'll be over it. just whichever comes first i guess. i don't know if i'll ever fully be over it but whatever i don't want to think about it anymore than i have to.

other than aaron everything is perfect. there are so many girls that used to have problems with me.. or that i used to have problems with and we talk. it's pretty cool. i talked to sam today, and figured out she actually isn't as bad as i was making her out to be. she's done some shit to a friend that i don't approve of but she knows how i feel about it and we're okay. it's nice to be able to stand there with a group of people that would never normally get along.. and not fight. i don't know.

I'VE BEEN HANGING OUT WITH HANNAH MAHON SO MUCH. i love that girl holy crap. today we stayed after school. went to friendly's, it was lindsey ames' birthday party. ate a little. drove with alex and derek. got into the back of anythony ngos car with hannah haha and ended up hanging out with him for a few. tried to make liam drive us around, that was fun. there was a spaghetti dinner at school that alex's mom gave us tickets to so we had some spaghetti. there was a band concert that hannah and i watched a little bit of. a baseball game that was friggin AWESOME. and yesterday i went to CARISSAS with carissa and hannah. that family is so awesome haha i've known them for so long. it was fun, we went to the mall too. AND I'VE BEEN HANGING OUT WITH ROBERT GEORGE. it's great. RAH. i don't know. latley things have just been fun. i never knew there was such a thing as fun without aaron. it brings me down what's going on but.. i'm okay. and i never thought i'd be okay without aaron. i'm not as dependant as i thought i guess.

this was a weird update.
i needed to get all that out but i don't really have time to organize my thoughts. oh dude someone broke into my house and just messed up my room. it's so trashed and i still haven't cleaned it. i've gotten home so late the past two days. it's 10 right now and i still have to do the dishes and stuff. so i probably better go. i love you guys. and if you read all of this then holy crap, let me know and i'll tell you how much i love you. haha. xo

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whoever called my house
and said that i'm fucking having sex with aaron
to my own mother

is going to get the shit beat out of them if i ever find out who it was. don't you even fucking think twice about it, i will punch you in the face.

and NO
i am not having sex with aaron
so don't even ask.

fucking stupid bitches from brewer high i will fucking find out who it was sooner or later.

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four wheeling is fun.
so is watching movies with aaron :)

i like downloading movies on my computer
who knows a good movie worth downloading? ♥