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<-- Driven -->

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→ ☆||Toshiya||☆ ||Emi||. Those are this ☆||Girls||☆ name. She is a mere age of ☆||15||☆ and happily ☆||Engaged||☆ to her ☆||Girlfriend,Jaclyn.||☆ She absolutely ☆||loves||☆ ||Jrock||.
She listens to Jpop and Kpop aswell.

Her favorite bands include → : ☆||Dir en grey. Pierrot. L'Arc~en~Ciel.MUCC.Vanilla.Sinkro.+D'espairsRay+.Rentrer en Soi.hIDE.X Japan.Malice Mizer.Morning Musume.BoA.Dong Bang Shin Ki.Miyavi.The TRAX.Se7en.TaeBin.H.O.T.Nightmare.Kagerou.SugarTrip.Hee Jun.PANIC☆ch.||☆

Her Idol is → || Kyo || and || Tara ||.

Want to know more?

Then be her ☆||Friend||☆


The Friends

Emi's Twin Brother!
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ColorBars: Can't take.Can't use.Can't steal <3.If i find out you did.
You're fucking dead.(Especially the jae ones.You steal. You're fucking DEAD)

Chu chu is Hot-sexy brotherly Love

Miyavi's Smile is sex love

Miyavi's hands are hot-masturbating love

Nicolle is my Lovebug

Kyo's hands are my fetish


Die Is Remarkable Love

Dir en grey is pure Love

Chii x Freya is Love

ムック is hot Sex Love

Hitomi is Major Hot Female sex Love

Jae's lips are Mine

Jae's hands are Kissable Love

Jae's body is godlove

made by diempire
Tara x Takumi is Love

made by diempire
Tara Is Love

made by diempire
PANIC☆ch is love

made by diempire
MUCC is love

made by diempire
L'Arc~en~Ciel Is love

made by diempire
Hyde Is Love

made by diempire
Malice Mizer Is Love

made by diempire

made by diempire
Die Is Love

made by diempire
Toshiya is Love

made by diempire
Kirito x Aiji Is Love

made by diempire
Kirito Is Love

made by diempire
Jun Is Love

made by diempire
Aiji Is Love

made by diempire
+D'espairsRay+ is love

Kyo's lips are LOVE

Kyo's lips are LOVE
Made by tetura


Jrock Claims :

I Claimed Toshiya at bass_claims

I Claimed Kyo at claim_a_vocalis

I Claimed hide at j_rock_love

Saku PV at :j_rock_love
Pink Spider PV at : j_rock_love
The Final PV at : j_rock_love
Kyo's Saku Outfit At : j_rock_love

I claimed Kei from Moon Child
In love_monkies

Love the band, hate the fanbase