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A girl. 15. Opinionated. A lover.
An uke. Engaged. Inlove.
Jrock whore. Kpop Slut.
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Phone calls.Music


Most boys.Smelly things.
Bad fashion.Annoying fangirls.
Old things.Bad food.
Backstabbers.Most of my ex's.


Dir en grey.Pierrot.
DBSK.Se7en.Moon Hee Jun.
MUCC.Panic Channel. Backstabbers.Most of my ex's.
Morning Musume.Utada Hikaru.
SugarTrip.Rentrer en Soi.
Baiser.Raphael.Malice Mizer.

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[070805 x]

I deleted EVERYONE from this LJ. this lj is being deleted<3
A Reason To Pull The Trigger

[070705 x]

sarang_hae_yo <~~~ ADD IT IF YOU WANT TO STAY MY FRIEND :DD Its FRIENDS ONLY aswell.

This journal will be deleted in 5 DAYS <3.
A Reason To Pull The Trigger

[070605 x]
Kami o Ushinatte (1:55:34 PM): because he plays mind games and can make you feel guilty even if you are right.
Kami o Ushinatte (1:55:36 PM): >>;
CandyxWhorxe (1:55:53 PM): Yeah.

How true.
and i was about to SHED a tear for him.

Fuck it

if he thinks those things are better
then whatever
they are.

end of story
i'm tired of trying to be nice
and get yelled at
i'm tired of being questioned

i dont need him

hes got his wonderful gf

and he doesnt need me

he'll be famous

Right? Right

So then why do i feel like crying?

I need to stop being so....touchy/clingy with things

it was bound to happen..............I'll keep telling myself that.
The Trigger

[070505 x]
Angely i demony kruzhili nado mnoj
Razbivali ternii i zvyozdnye puti*
Ne znaet schast'ya tol'ko tot,
Kto ego zova ponyat' ne smog... <~~ What language is this?! O.o;;

i have no idea..
its nice..
but o_o..what language?x.x;
A Reason To Pull The Trigger

[070405 x]
Happy fourth of July.

A Reason To Pull The Trigger

[063005 x]

I don't want to remember you anymore
But everytime i shut my eyes
you are there.

i hate you

i hate you.
i hate...you..
A Reason To Pull The Trigger

For you [062905 x]
As time seemed to stop.
I stared at you..sleeping so soundly.
If i have to let go..
i'll let go now
before my heart breaks..
and i cant feel a thing.

Your words
seemed useless to me..
i never believed you
until i ..was opened.
You never...
even explained the heart breaks
in my mind
i never felt so free.

Just in your arms at night..
I can feel myself drifting to heaven
slowly inlove..i can feel your..breath
and i feel life is dead.

As time stops..i feel my heart skip.
I stared at you..sleeping so soundly.
If i have to let go.
i'll let you go now
before my heart breaks..
and i cant feel a thing.

The night came close to me.
and i could feel the tears .
Pain in my body...
I let your hand go...
and i heard you..
the words of broken promises..
and hurtful words.....
Let me go.

as if nothing is worth it.
i shut my eyes..
and sleep right next to you
you stare at me..
and let me go..
before you see my painful face..
You promised
so many things..
you kissed my tears..
and broke my heart.
Alone at night in my room
i stare out the window..

I want to forget you but i cant
its so hard to forget you
a painful memory
i want to kiss you goodbye
i want to kiss you goodnight
i want to kiss you
just to..kiss you..

I want to feel you
i wantyou to hold me..

just like you did

we let go.
The Trigger

What up yo?!XD [062805 x]

A Reason To Pull The Trigger

[062805 x]

His name ..is Aya.
I remember him. I met him on a chat called Palace. Him and i were good friends in the beginning.He liked me a lot.He is japanese..and well.Was..gay. Yet he was inlove with me. we were just friends. This was...2-3 years ago...

heh. i remember how him and i could talk about random things..

And then one day..he changed..

and disappeared.

i wonder how hes doing

i miss him.
A Reason To Pull The Trigger

[062705 x]
[ mood | amused ]

Everyone that HASNT commented on my FRIENDS CUT LIST has UNTIL TOMORROW NIGHT TO COMMENT. i do not CARE if we are CLOSE buds. Don't comment.You .Are.off.The.List.End of deal.Here are the people that ARE safe. If you HAVE a reason for not being able to comment sooner,then IM ME and i may accept it.

Safe List


If your name is NOT on this list.Then heh. Consider yourself gone if you dont comment by tomorrow at 9 pm central :D..

A Reason To Pull The Trigger

[062605 x]
Bored XD
made 84 comments on myspace to everyone on my list(84) XD;

I'm co-mod for chuchus rp
and kamis XD

i'll pimp it when the layout is done

oh and

if you havent commented on the friends cut entry. I suggest you do so :D
A Reason To Pull The Trigger

FRIENDS CUT [062505 x]

If you do NOT comment on THIS ENTRY by June 28 ,2005 9 PM Central. YOU will be CUT Off the list. No ifs.Ands or buts.

:D i have 80 something people

i should have 80 SOMETHING comments
if not
Bye bye <3.
A Reason To Pull The Trigger

[062205 x]
Jrock RP
:D new.
<<; JOINETH for kami and meee XD
A Reason To Pull The Trigger

[061205 x]
For those of you whole got an im with a link and loaded it .I'M SORRY. i clicked it with my friends im

and i had the virus and it automatically sends it to EVERYONE on your im list

if you still have the issue. Delete aim..and REDOWNLOAD it..

>.< thats how i got rid of mine.

Like i said

i feel REALLY bad

i hope not many of you loaded it!

A Reason To Pull The Trigger

[053105 x]

You Are The Outlaw
"Sure, I'll do it. My way."

Just because you do not conform to the same laws and rules as everyone else does not mean that you are a bad guy. You travel your own path, separate from those around you, with your own reasons for doing what you do. Because of this and your own nature, it goes without saying that you are generally misunderstood. That does not matter much, though, as people love you for being who you are. You are pretty well set in your ways and have no real intention of changing. This can come across as a flicker of arrogance if your not careful. You do what is right for you, and God help anyone who stands in your way.

Which Classic Story Role Do You Play?
brought to you by Quizilla
The Trigger

FRIENDS CUT. [053005 x]
[ mood | accomplished ]

People that are on the SAFE list will STAY on my LJ.
If you are on the GONE list. Next to your USERNAME will be a REASON why you are CUT.
Maybe i just dont want you on my LJ list.but being friends outside of it would be fine.

but dont im me with "Wtf.why did you cut me!?"

I have my reasons.so get over it. its the fuckin' internet.

The SAFE list and the GONE listCollapse )

IF you are on the GONE LIST. please REMOVE me from your FRIENDS LIST. Thank you.

[052705 x]

This LJ is now on Hiatus
July 1st
(Maybe i'll change my mind. Probably not.)
Check out my GJ . I'll update there.
A Reason To Pull The Trigger

[050505 x]

So tired.
Oh well..

A-kon is coming up :D
A Reason To Pull The Trigger

To you.My dear. [050205 x]

I wonder.
am i late?
Happy birthday Kate.
Is that right?
i hope so.
I'm sorry i cant get you much.
but its for now ne?<3.
i promise ..
i'll get you a gift XD
cause your my brother/sister XD;

love to you dear<3.

The Trigger

[050205 x]
New layout.
New info.
Check it out.
A Reason To Pull The Trigger

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