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[28 Apr 2005|04:15pm]
add that crap.

[18 Oct 2004|09:11pm]
New Journal.
Less people as freinds.
1die hmm

[17 Oct 2004|12:39am]
Well I have decided to use livejournal but for only things that are important or thing that are interesting.
Tonight was a good night, pretty much. I went to a bright eyes concert it was good, I got kind of bored but
this drunk chick up stairs almost fell over the hand rail and the security guards had to pull her back, and
Bryan Conar or what ever was pretty drunk by the end of the night, which made it all better. Thend
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[11 Oct 2004|10:20pm]
I'm done with livejournal, I am moving on to web hosting and stuff. If you know a free website place. Please tell me. thank you and have a wonderful day/life.
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[10 Oct 2004|08:06pm]
[ mood | distressed ]

I want it all to go away, all the hatred all the stress.
have a good day.

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[03 Oct 2004|10:11pm]
[ mood | angry ]

i'm pisseedCollapse )

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[30 Sep 2004|09:39pm]
[ mood | sad ]

i am sad. i don't know where to go, or what to do. it's sad when your mom says "fuck you" to yor face.

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[29 Sep 2004|10:05pm]

(in 2 hours)
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[28 Sep 2004|10:24pm]
[ mood | happy ]

yeah, i saw napolean dynomite? or how ever you spell it.
i liked it but every where people were just ranting on
and on about the freaking movie (example) ,"did you
see that part where he says "retard?!?!", that was soo
oooooooo oooooo funny!" duh you fucking iditos, we all
just saw the fucking movie, we have nothing else to
really look at except the damn movie, so I am just guessing
that EVERYONE just about saw every part. I am going to make
a movie on how stupid people are.

3die hmm

[26 Sep 2004|10:57pm]
[ mood | discontent ]

This weekend was quite fun, Friday didn't do anything. Saturday, Atom came over, and then we went to the beach. I took my laptop for entertainment... we got to the beach and started skating, which was pretty rad. we skated around for maybe 10-15 minutes, then we got on of these 4 wheel person propelled bikes. That was fun, then we skated some more, after that we came home. Sunday was boring and tiring.

2die hmm

[24 Sep 2004|04:10pm]
[ mood | hot ]

I just don't understand anymore.
and it's hot. i peirced my ears too.

it's what goes up, that doesn't come down.Collapse )

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[22 Sep 2004|10:33pm]
i've noticed that i don't care about anything except myself. usually, so i am going to try to be nice/less self centered.

that is my new year resolution for 04.eq
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[21 Sep 2004|07:44pm]
i have been finding random pictures on the internet.
.here are some.
right clickCollapse )
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[19 Sep 2004|12:16pm]
[ mood | drained ]

i give this weekend a raiting 3-5. I went on a survial outing with the boyscouts, it wasn't much of survival.. we got alot of food the first night we slept in a shelter, and just about every other thing was commin sense. The second night we made a shelter and slept in it. It was pointless it's not hard to make a shelter and then sleep in it for one night. The rain made me mad. the end.

2die hmm

[16 Sep 2004|08:18pm]
[ mood | blah ]

i got a new screen name: nintendo control



[14 Sep 2004|11:30pm]
[ mood | aggravated ]

fuck drugs, they don't help jack shit, it may be fun for a couple of times then it goes down hill from there. then you start getting into acid and coke and meth.
i don't want you going down that road.fuck listen to me man. I know what I am fucking talking about. I know people who have gone down that road. Gosh I care about you, it fucking hurts to hear you say "shut the fuck up, you don't know what you are talking about", i try to help... you spit in my face...

i won't give up.

5die hmm

[12 Sep 2004|10:06pm]
[ mood | amused ]

i got into a physical fight with my step dad.
it was funny/cool.

the dyke march: if u dont do this in the next 10 second u will die by a knife 2 the head. send this to 200 people and u will live.
x flee the scene: way to lower the population.
damn i heart her.

pps, i am no longer friends only, so for those who just added me and weren't my friends you don't need to add me any longer. (that didn't make sense)

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everyone join. [11 Sep 2004|11:16pm]

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add this shit. [21 Jul 2004|12:42pm]
[ mood | calm ]

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