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Wow I don't even remember that last post. Well my boyfriend is home and he did come home early. So yay :)

So for about a week I've felt huge like I'm pregnant or getting my period and I haven't gotten my period yet so I'm going to stop eating like a pig.


woke up at 12
went for 40 min walk outside
had 3 eggs (210 cal)
had 8oz orange juice (120 cal)
1 liter h2o

Plan for the night:
1 peanut granola bar around 3 (170 cal)
8 california rolls at 6:30 (300 cal)
lots of water at work

then my total cals would be 800

that's pretty damn low ... maybe i'll eat all the rolls and it will be 950 cals for the day

well i'll update after work to see how i did

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So yesterday work fucked me up, of course. I work in a damn pizzeria, I have to learn to controllllll myself. I had a slimfast for breakfast, and an orange. Then I went to work at 4 and got sucked into a slice of pizza. Lots of water yesterday and today though. Today I had a slimfast for breakfast, a slimfast for lunch, and a slice of pizza for dinner, and an ice tea. So calorie-wise I'm not doin too good, but the 2 slimfasts are extremely good for me because of all the nutrients. I worked out today, but it was pathetic because I'm exhausted from the weekend. Tomorrow is a faculty meeting at my school, so the weight room won't be open. I'm planning on coming right home from school, going down on the treadmill for about 20 mins to 30 mins, then doing crunches and arm thingies.

Alright, my boyfriend is coming home Friday for the weekend. I hope to be at least 139 by then. I just want to get under 140 for the first time in months. Wish me luck :)

wow guess who's back

Alright ladies, so I'm back. Recently my weight just completely disturbed me, and I realized I had to get back in control of myself. I got up to 150, SCARY!, so I started restricting again and got to 141, and this morning I was at 143. SO I'm turning to back to journaling to help myself stay on track.

I'm using Slim-Fast, which are great. They're only 190 calories, with tons of nutrients, protien and dietary fiber so it's sweet. Also, everyday after school I stay after with a friend of mine to work out in the school's gym. I get about 15 mins on an elliptical and then 20 mins weight training, I was wondering if anyone knows how to measure calories burned through weight training? Oh and I gave up fried foods for lent, which is making it easier to not eat gross things ;)

My BMR is apparently 2233, so if I stick to the 10 day challenge of 400cal/day, that's 1833cal/day being burned just by living. Plus exercise. SO 1833 x 7 = 12831, and 12831 / 3500 = 3.66 .... I should be able to lose 4lbs a week. :)

Later I might post some pictures, I feel as though I look like I'm making progress, but we'll see.