since i have more friends on this journal...

i want all of you to leave me your cell number / any number where i can reach you during frances.
cuz i wanna call you and make sure you're okay!!~!!

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this is mark and nicole nicole being on the phone and she wants to be suprised and her wish is my command.

shes asking me to ask to my best freind his age so she can meet him and go out with him she REALLY does.....becuase shes getting sick of me j/k....i think....:) lol

well i dont know how her day went but lets pretend it went bad because i dont want her having more fun than me. But she does because she has a 45 min lunch i have 25.

the end.

well bye.



well, i finally got a digital camera. for my birthday.

so, now i'm thinking about making a photo journal because i like to take pictures!

yes. yes, i will make a photo journal.

i'll get back to you when it's all worked out.
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i'm gonna be on the road, headin to ft. lauderdale, to get on a plane and go to the keys, to see callie and brian haven, in about 6 hours.

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