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[Tuesday // November 10th]
[ mood | tired ]

Hey guys, I haven't updated in FOREVER!
I say that like every time I update though, don't I? Haha.
Well, I wouldn't be now either but this is a special post.
This is a contest entry for ModCloth's Thanksgiving Thank-a-Thon Contest.
So read this post here, leave me some feedback, then go there
and find my comment on there & say whether you enjoy it on there too! :)
Thanks guys!!! <3

My life has gotten very complicated for someone my age. I am always getting told, "You're too young to be dealing with all this," or ,"You have too many problems for someone your age." I'm not sure if people are aware of this or not, but saying these things don't actually make it better, or make me feel any better about the whole situation. By telling me that I have a lot of health problems for someone my age, this isn't any new surprise to me, so I don't know why people feel the need to tell me these types of things. I am twenty-one years old now and have majorly been dealing with all of this since I was fifteen. Throughout all of this, there has been one person who has been there through it all - through thick and thin - and that person would be my mother.

My mom is a single mother and has been the entire time of my childhood growing up; I also don't have any brothers and sisters either, making me the only child. My grandparents, whom I call Nene and Papa, have been there a lot for us as well, considering my mom has no one else to turn to being a single parent. However, I think my mom takes on more work than most people in a committed relationship do. She works hard at a Tax and Accounting place and also on the side with a woman helping with her accounting. She is often working overtime and on the weekends to make up for time off work for having to take me to the doctor or the ER. A lot of the money (after going to the regular bills) goes mostly to all my medications; I have approximately sixteen different ones and they certaintely aren't cheap. Then a lot of my doctors aren't even in town. Most are at UVA which is two hours away, but that's just the start of it. When UVA couldn't figure out what to do with my stomach issues, they sent me to UNC in North Carolina and I'm going there now too. Then just the other day I found out I have to go to a place in South Carolina now as well, so we are going to have to save up for that one and that's right around Christmas,

The worst part of it all is that she is always doing everything for me but she never gets to do anything for herself. She hates having to take me to the ER, but she still does it cause she's not going to let me suffer at home in severe pain. Over the years going to doctors and ERs, they've said I was just drug seeking or it was all in my head, but my mom never believed them once and always stood up for me every time. Even to this day, when these ignorant doctors put me down or say I'm just there for the drugs or something like that, she'll defend me to the highest peak.

So in the end, I have to say that I am truly thanking my mom this Thanksgiving and through the ModCloth's Thanksgiving's Thank-A-Thon Contest. I could keep going on and on about other reasons why I should be thankful for her, but I need to sum it up a bit. :) Thank you for reading my post.


FRIENDS ONLY [Friday // July 3rd]

then I'll add you back.

you can promote communities here as well. =]


[Friday // May 4th]
[ mood | hungry ]

So I just went from like, I think, seventy some friends
to now twenty-eight friends.
If you wanted to stay & I deleted you, post now.


Public Promo [Saturday // September 24th]
I'm gonna use this page to promote communities.
You can promote yours here if you'd like too.

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