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should i tell you about my perfect life?
yes i think i should...well here i go:

i would be living on the east coast.
most likely in the heart of nyc.
living in a loft.
and in that loft, my bed would be next to my couch.
and my kitchen would consist of a blender, coffee maker, and toaster.
my bathroom will have a bathtub/shower combo.
there will be a "sitting area".
i will be co-habitating with ricky.
living a life of sin. ha.
we will have a crappy car that breaks down a lot.
but we wouldn't mind, 'cause we like to walk.
we will stroll around in central park, holding hands.
he will always be wearing his favorite denim jacket.
and me with my favorite black pea coat.
it will seem like it's always autumn.
golden leaves falling like snowflakes around us.
when someone calls me on my cell phone, i'll let the voicemail get it.
because i'm with the love of my life.
we will host fun little get togethers.
and all of our friends will be there.
and we'll all get insanely drunk [or high, whichever, ya know]
then everyone will spend the night.
we won't 'have sex'. we'll 'make love'.
ricky's 'horrible' in bed. but i'll tell him that he's the best ever.
'cause i love him so much.
my best friend will live down the hall.
my mom will still be living in az.
once we're old, we'll move to the suburbs.
and reminisce about our young carefree days.

w e w i l l b e h a p p y.

[remember, this is MY perfect life. not yours. and we're different right? right. which means our perfect lives should be different too, right? right.]

no comments please. i dont want you to ruin this awesome feeling that i'm currently feeling.
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