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So last night was one of the greatest nights I`ve had in months... Amra & her sister picked me up & then we went to Hata`s & Josette was there.. Then we waited for Marizela && after a while of all of us just hanging out, we walked to Marizela`s && her mom took us all to the movies. We walked to Walmart.. Just walked around && acted dumb. Amra was talking really loud.. Almost yelling. && everytime she said FUCK or WHORE people looked & we giggled & she was like I DON`T GIVE A FUCK.. Then me && Hata got caramel sundae`s && the lady working there didn`t know much English I guess && It was $2.12 .. well we gave her $2.25 && she gave us $1.50 back... hahaha. Then we walked to the movies && we couldn`t decide what we were going to see... We got tickets for Monster In Law but knowing us we didn`t want to sit in that little ass theatre with old people... But they loved us && said we were the entertainment. Marizela && I kept running out of the theatre && looking for House Of Wax but seriously it was not there. Hahahaha. Then we ran back in the theatre && the whole theatre started clapping && Amra bowed && said thank you. So the movie was funny as fuck. Please believe. && I looked at Marizela && was like that`s going to be you && your mother in law in 10 years. She was like Oh my God.. lol.. So then my phone rings during the movie && it was Eric && the whole theatre heard my ringtone (50 cent- just a little bit) ... Haha.. Atleast it wasn`t Eminem Still Don`t Give A Fuck.. Lol. && Then Marizela`s little brother, Mirnes, The freakin cutie, Called her during the movie.. It was funny. Then we all went to Hata`s after the movie && said on the back deck && gossiped.. && acted out how some people walk.. lol.. Then we all walked to Marizela`s && jumped on the trampoline && Mirnes was like you know you love me && I was like oh geesh. Haha. I was like oh yeah Mirnes you know it. Cause they told him I called him cute in school. I think all the Bosnian`s are cute. As well as my day was yesterday, When I came home depression hit me hard. Eric was like what`s wrong baby && I didn`t know what to tell him. he`s like I know something is wrong. I don`t know what to say anymore.... Okay I`m going to go because I`m madd tired. I stayed up til 1 in the morning knowing I had to get up && work && I got up at 7 && I`ve been up since.
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