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Done. what you are doing is not right. I'm done with Lj. I won't delete, because I have awesome mike memories. But I'm not posting anymore. So long.

Mar. 10th, 2005

Ok. Its been awhile. Havn't been motivated to update. I quit the shitty job. Mikes working an ass load of overtime, so i'll look for a new one after that is over. RIght now I'm chillin watching Alex. Which is saving us $100 a week. Mike told SkankSlutFromMonument that we arn't giving Alex back until she gets her shit in gear. Which rocks....He said she was pissed, but she didn't fight him. She knows he's right.Depending on how long that takes, we'll have him for awhile. So if any of you feel like a trip to Ft Collins, I'm here :p. Thats really all that is new. LOL. so sad.

OH I went to the Children's Museum with Amanda, chris, August, Calista, Telly, Ben and Alex. You prolly read about that on their journals. LOL. Alex and I didn't have much fun. I think he might with Chandler. Alex fell off the Monkey bars like 93874987 feet, fawked his wittle face up. I think that put a damper on his day.

Then Telly and Ben came with us to my moms. Ben made me giggle and I peed on her rug. Wait...reverse that.

thas about it. I saw my telly belly twice in a week, and FINALLY got to meet my most favorite Amanda ever.

Holy hell. I'm laughing so hard....

Colin is talking about how he got teased cause of his name. And he got called Anal a lot. And he said that when he was young and got his name on a license plate he always had to get "david" his middle name, cause they didn't have one that said Colin...and john said "well yea who's gunna put "asshole" on a license plate. bwahahahaha. Best thing thats ever come out of this job.

Mar. 5th, 2005

Telllyyyyy I'm going to bed soon. Here's the scoop.

We're going to meet in the lot closest to the museum, its the free lot. at 11am. Call me if you're going to be late, and when you get there, So I know when to look for you. If you get there late, Let me know, and I/we will probably go in depending on the time, and I'll come out when you get there <33333

I.Hate.Her. I'm so flaming mad right now I want to cry. GRUMPH. She told Mike Alex busted her smoking pot and she thinks she got him high. Need I say more? Need I say I fucking went off on Mike. It was long overdue. Long long. SO long I'm disappointed in myself. We have him for a month. No giving back. Mike swears that if she doesn't have her shit together in a month, he's filing custody. I told him that *I* wouldn't allow him to go back if she doesn't have a job, AND ONLY IF SHE AGREES that she is to stop the drugs and drinking. period. After all the money Mike gave her $1100 she only has $400 left, She didn't buy a car, she didn't pay her rent, she didn't pay her bills. Mike went to get alex and there is a note on the door from the apt complex that said they hadn't paid their rent and they owe 1k. They're going to get evicted.Theres no way they can get that money. AND Her b/f asked her if she wanted something from the liq store. STOP BUYING BOOZE WHEN YOU CAN"T PAY YOUR BILLS> Fucking BITCH. This poor kid. No one gives two shits about his future. No one cares that he is left with sitters constantly while his mom drinks 3 times a week. Mikes too fucking scared to take alex full time. No one cares that Alex is SO full of love but they don't SHOW it back to him. He deserves the world and no one cares.




no one cares but me

Ok ok I have to pimp myself out.


I just let it run while I'm not home, and while I'm at work under a different account name. .45 cents an hour....once you are there awhile you get .75/hr x 8 hours =$6 a day x 30 days in a month= $180? a month or something for an 8 hour day.... Anyways, my cousin does it while shes at work and gets a check around the 15th. Not a ton of cash, but she doesnt have to do anything. use the link, sign up under me, then sign people up under you and so on and so forth.

I rock.

Mar. 4th, 2005

Telly..wanna take the kids to Children's museum Sunday? I wanted to take alex about 6 mos ago...but he threw a fit in the store cause I had to take his chocolate milk to the guy to ring up, like on the floor kicking and screaming. So I wouldn't take him. But I really want to go...and Lindsay reminded me. Amanda? Wanna come and bring the girls? Telly I'll cover you and chandler (yes I mean all the kids LOL) Ben and Michaela should get in free. We can pack a lunch, or we can all just breast feed :x What do you think? Krissy? Anyone else wanna come and play? $7 a person to get in, thats age 1-69, under 1 yr is free. If Michaela isn't under 1 year, we're lying, btw. LOL... Let me know.
I can't help myself. When ever I hear this song I think of Butters from South Park.

"OOooOOOOooOO baby please don't gooooo"