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It has occurred to me that many people may want to know what a story is about before choosing to read it, so I thought I would create this entry to provide summaries for them. This list is only for the stories that are posted in this journal. You can find my other stories and drabbles at or at This list will be updated as I upload more stories. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these offerings:



Betrayed (PG-13) - Jack is rescued from a life of slavery on a planet that is ruled by a brutal tyrant. His friends band together to help him work through his emotional and mental anguish as he struggles to keep his sanity intact. Jack/Other and Jack/Sam pairings - Chapter Index

Gemini Crossings (PG) - Jack must deal with a personal problem involving another duplicate, while SG1 works to find a lost civilization. MacGyver crossover - Chapter Index

Tangled Alliances (PG-13) - A standard mission goes wrong and the team finds themselves held prisoner in a slave camp, while certain conditions cause tension to flare up between Jack, Sam and Daniel. Sam/Jack and Sam/Daniel pairings - Chapter Index

Under Friendly Fire (R) - The members of SG1 find themselves in a situation that results in dire consequences. Some Sam/Jack UST. Warning: Violence and implied rape - Chapter Index


Living on the Edge (T) - Sam and Jack are stranded off-world and find themselves taking care of an orphaned baby while struggling to survive in the wilderness. Sam/Jack pairing - Chapter Index

Reflections of the Past (PG) - Jack is trapped in a maze and has to find his own way out. A little bit of Jack/Sam and Jack/Sara... and maybe a few others... - Chapter Index

The Storm (G) - Sam is acting very strangely and Jack is ultimately forced to make some changes in his life because of it. Jack/Sam pairing - Chapter Index

The Ties That Bind (R) - Jack and Sam are forced into an uneasy alliance, complete with chains. S/J Pairing - Chapter Index


All American (G) - Jack is accused of being a traitor, much to the disbelief of everyone but Kinsey. Written for the prompt, "American as Apple Pie" for stargate_las.

Anything to Win (PG) - SG-1 avoids the enemy as they make their way to safety. Written for the prompt, "That's the last of the coffee" for one_prompt

Battling with Death (PG) - Jack finds himself in a situation where he has to battle with death one more time. Rated T for some violence.

Changes (G) - Jack decides to liven things up during yet another time loop. Written for the prompt, "Routines" for stargate_las.

Every Breath You Take (G) - Sam is in trouble, but her team is there for her. Written for the prompt, Breathe for one_prompt.

Finding Peace (G) - The Stargate program becomes public knowledge and Sara O'Neill has some very specific questions. Written for the gate_women ficathon.

Games People Play (G) - A surefire cure for boredom is to play some games. Too bad no one else wants to cooperate. Missing scene from Urgo.

Honoring the Heroes (G) - Teal'c and Daniel get their own medals for saving the world.

Jolinar's Legacy (PG-13) - AU version of "In The Line of Duty". Jolinar takes refuge in Jack. Originally written for the stargate_las prompt, "Pick a scene from any episode and re-write that scene to have it happen differently from the show," but didn't use due to the fact that this story covers more than one scene.

Lines in the Sand (PG) - Amanuet is determined to make her mark in the universe. Amanuet/Apophis and slight Daniel/Sha're pairings.

Living Among the Dead (G) - Cassandra deals with the death of her mothers. Written for the prompt, "Alone" for stargate_las.

Mending Fences (G) - Jacob has second thoughts. Missing scene from "Seth". Written for the prompt, "The things we do for family" for stargate_las.

Passing of the Torch (PG-13) - AU version of "Abyss". Jack isn't alone in Ba'al's torture chamber. Written for stargate_las prompt, "Pick a scene from any episode and re-write that scene to have it happen differently from the show."

Shadows of Fear (PG) - The greatest fear is the fear of the unknown. Jack and his team find this out the hard way.

Shattered Memories (G) - Based on "The Gamekeeper" episode. The battle reenactment scenes told in Jack's POV.

Solidarity (PG-13) - The team is held captive offworld while Jack deals with his feelings of failure. Rated T for violence.

The Battle Within (G) - A young girl is taken as a host and Jack deals with the aftermath when he helps her escape.

The Birthday Present - (PG-13) And they say birthdays are overrated. Jack/Janet pairing (or Dr. Brightman if you prefer.)

The Grace of God (G) - Based on the "Point of View" episode. Sam talks to Jack about his relationship with the other Dr. Carter. Jack/Sam pairing.

The Greatest Gift (G) - Sam gives SG1 the greatest gift ever. Episode tag for "Tin Man".

The Key (G) - Charlie O'Neill only wanted to look at his dad's gun. That's all. Written for the prompt, "[character] at age 10" for stargate_las.

The Long Road Home (PG-13) - Sam and Daniel are stranded on a planet, which leads them to building a life together in their new home. Sam/Daniel pairing.

The Saving Grace (PG) - Jack and Sam are stranded in a cabin with a dying woman and her baby.

The Stranger Within (G) - Cassie worries about her future on Earth. Missing scene from Rite of Passage.

Total Recall (PG-13) - Daniel's memories come back to haunt him courtesy of a mad scientist. Written for the prompt, "Flashback" for stargate_las.

Treasures from the Heart (G) - After the events of "A Hundred Days", a treaty still has to be ironed out. Jack/Other pairing.

Unexepcted Consequences (PG) - SG-1 encounters a big problem while on a routine mission. Written for the prompt, "What the HELL was I thinking?" for stargate_las.

Words of Survival (R) - Survival comes in all forms...

Worthy Sacrifices (G) - Rya'c works through his guilt and his grief with help from Master Bra'tac. Warning: Character death. Written for the prompt, "[character] loses someone very close to them (family, friend, lover.. etc.) and grows from it" for stargate_las.


Written as part of anthologies dedicated to Stargate SG-1.

A Test of Courage (G) - Teal'c is dying and his mentor reflects back on the real meaning of fear. Written for Bra'tac/Jaffa Alphabet Soup.

A Time for Change (G) - Missing scene for "One Hundred Days" that explains why Jack finally gave in and accepted the shirt Laira offered to him. Written for the Episode Related Alphabet Soup Anthology.

All in the Family (G) - Jacob Carter knew all about betrayal. Written for Jacob Carter Alphabet Soup.

Casualties of War (G) - General Hammond makes a decision that shapes the future of the Stargate Program. Written for Hammond Alphabet Soup.

Chasing the Stars (G) - Jack doesn't have that telescope so that he can spy on the neighbors... Written for Jack Alphabits.

Commissary Sonata (G) - Food, music and an imaginary alien makes for an interesting evening. Written for SGC Personnel Alphabet Soup Anthology.

Deceptions (PG-13) - Everyone has their secrets and Bra'tac is very good at keepings his. Second offering for Bra'tac/Jaffa Alphabet Soup.

Freedom to Choose (G) - The members of SG-1 seem to be learning more and more about each other every day. Written for sg_fignewton's birthday, through the wonderful efforts of abyssinia4077, who put together a great little anthology of Team fics using the letters of the birthday girl's name.

Gateway to the Stars (G) - SG-1 is stranded off-world, but not for long. Written for the SG-1 Team Alphabet Soup Anthology.

Of Mummies and Men (G) - SG-1 finds more than they bargained for when they go to Egypt on a quest to retrieve a Goa'uld infested urn. Written for the Crossover Alphabet Soup Anthology.

Necessary Means (G) - Janet Fraiser was determined to save her daughter, no matter what it took. Missing scene for "Rite of Passage". Written for Janet Alphabet Soup.

Patterns of Destiny (G) - After the events of "Continuum" - Cameron Mitchell lived a long and charmed life. Warnings for major character death (maybe...). Written for Cam Alphabet Soup.

Shol'vah (G) - While waiting to hear of his fate, Teal'c works through his grief, guilt and regrets. Missing scene from "The Enemy Within". Written for Teal'c Alphabet Soup.

The Delicate Balance of Trust (G) - SG-1 thought they were being detained due to an off-world compromise situation. They were wrong. Written for the On-World Alphabet Soup Anthology.

The Quest (G) - Jonas has a personal mission to fulfill. Episode tag (sort of) for "Descent". Written for Jonas Quinn Alphabet Soup.

The Will to Live (G) - Jacob Carter really didn't have any other choice. Written for Jacob Carter Alphabet Soup.

The Writing on the Wall (G) - Daniel and Sha're learn to communicate. Written for Daniel Alphabet Soup.

Traces of Yesterday (G) - Sometimes yesterdays are better off left alone. Written for Vala Alphabet Soup.

U is for Understanding (G) - With Cassie's help, Sam comes to terms with her life. Written for Defining Sam from A to Z.

Universal Soldier (G) - Sam contemplates her role in the universe. Written for Defining Sam from A to Z.


He Sleeps (G) - What if Jack and Sara never got a divorce. An alternate universe ficlet that explores their relationship. Sara O'Neill's POV.

She Waits (G) - This time we get Jack's POV.


Generation Gap - G Jack's clone has a confrontation at school. 200 word double drabble.

Trapped with an Angel - G Confusion reigns when Jack is attacked by the ancient device in "The Fifth Race." Sam/Jack pairing.

Where are you? - G 187 word drabble inspired by the Threads spoilers. Kerry and General O’Neill spend some time together. Jack/Kerry pairing.

Where's the Fire? - G 200 word double drabble. Sam has an embarrassing moment.

Words of Wisdom - (G) Jack's thoughts when saying goodbye to Michael and Jenny in 1969. 200 word double drabble.


Dark Side of the Moon (PG-13) - Novella length. They found him on the dark side of the moon. A dark!Jack fic.

Tears of a Warrior (PG-13) - Novel length. Wounded and separated from their teammates, Jack and Daniel find shelter with natives who may have a bigger problem than they do. Jack/Other and Daniel/Other pairings. Warning: Mild language, sexual situations, minor character death - Chapter Index

Waterworld (G) - Novel length. Jack is kidnapped while on a mission and is forced to battle the elements as well as his enemies in an attempt to find his way home. Crossover fic - Chapter Index
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