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It has occurred to me that many people may want to know what a story is about before choosing to read it, so I thought I would create this entry to provide summaries for them. This list is only for the stories that are posted in this journal. You can find my other stories and drabbles at or at This list will be updated as I upload more stories. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy these offerings:

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Popping in for a minute...

It's been awhile, but I am still alive and kicking, just super busy with school, family, work, and other obligations that have taken over my life. Not complaining, mind you, just a little bit overwhelmed. :)

Other than all of the above, I am doing well. I'm still taking classes for my degree, and thinking of taking on an extra class next semester to try to speed things up a little. At the rate I'm going now, it'll be another three or four years for me to earn my degree - and I'm technically a Junior!! Some people going to the same university I attend are going to school full time while working full time, and I have to admit I admire them while at the same time taking bets as to when they will end up in a sanitarium. I'm struggling with half time, I can't even imagine going the full-time route with both work and school!! lol

Anyway, if I can get up the money, I'm going to try to add on another class. Because yeah... I really would like to graduate before I'm 90.

Not doing so well with my writing. I've signed up for the stargate_summer Reverse Big Bang, so I really need to get going on that. The artworks for this event were all stunning, and I was able to get my first choice (yay!!), which was very inspiring. I'm really hoping the fic I've decided to write for it does it some justice.

Work life is the same. I still have an hour drive each way, so my commute takes up precious time. Boo! But the paychecks are nice, so it's a classic case of good with the bad. :D

Family is also doing well, although we are in the middle of moving house. Taking our time in doing so, but everything needs to be done by the end of March, so it's time I step it up a notch and get everything in order already. Getting the majority of it done now, will decrease the stress later on.

So yes. I'm still here!! How are you all doing?


SG-1 FIC: Her Grandmother's Legacy

Q is for Quest… for Courage

Title: Her Grandmother's Legacy
Rating: G
Warnings: None at all
Summary: Cassie worries about her very first day at school
Author's Notes: Written for the Kidfic Alphabet Soup Anthology sponsored by sg_fignewton. Didn't get a chance to have a beta look at it, so apologies in advance. :)

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Upcoming LJ Events

Been pretty busy lately, and I admit, not very talkative (aka in lurking mode here at LJ), but a few events popped up on my friend's feed and I want to spread the word. Lots of fun things coming up on the horizon!

First off, sg_fignewton has sign ups going on for the next Alphabet Soup! It's kidfic this time around, which can be interpreted in many ways, but I love writing Cassie stories, so I'm going to sign up and see what I come up with. These soups are always a great time and we need authors to make it work, so head on over there and sign up!!

Looks like stargate_summer may be gearing up for another big bang for next year, and is looking to see if there is an interest. Sounds like a good time for me to dust off some of those old works in progress and get them written. :) Head on over to this post and let them know what you think.

fandom_grammar is back in business again after a long hiatus. I'm still writing articles for them, and will hopefully be able to find time to continue with it. We are always looking for topics to cover, so feel free to submit suggestions to the mods via this post at the main comm.

And finally, het_bigbang was a great success! We had several fantastic stories and some absolutely gorgeous artwork which you can check out over at AO3! We had such a great time and I am already anxious for next year's challenge! :D

forces of his past

Supernatural Season Finale

Oh my GOD!!!


Why do they do this to us?? The suspense until next season is going to kill me. :)

the kiss

It's that time of year again!!!

het_bigbang is back for another round of awesomeness and we want you to come join us!!

Big Bang: 25,000 words. Any Fandom. Any Het Pairing.
Little Bang: 10,000 words. Any Fandom. Any Het Pairing.
Author Sign Up I Artist Sign Up I Beta Sign Up I Cheerleading Sign Up

Author Sign Ups - Open till May 17th, 12:00 PM (NOON) PST
Mandatory Author Checkpoint - July 15th
Artist Claiming of Big Bang Stories - July 20th
Art and Fics Due - August 26th, 11:59 PM (Midnight) PST
Debut Date (DD) - August 31st

To say that I am excited about this challenge is the understatement of the year. :D This is my favorite big bang community!!


Update and a new challenge coming up!

Hello out there!! I know it's been awhile since I've posted anything, but I have been posting for various communities, and lurking for everything else, so yeah, I've been around. :)

Lots has been going on in my life, with school taking up the majority of my time. The winter semester has just ended so I can take a breather for a bit... well at least from homework assignments. I had a creative writing class and a business communication class, which meant an awful lot of writing. The good news is that the stories and poems I wrote for the creative writing class gave me a decent word count for the getyourwordsout challenge. And the poems I was required to write gave me a better insight on writing in that medium. I still suck at poetry, but at least I have an insight on how to write the stuff. :) There's a lot to be said for writing freestyle poetry. There are no rules, just use poetic metaphors and you're all set.

Yeah. Did I tell you that I still suck at poetry? :)

Anyway, I also now have quite a few more original stories to add to my portfolio, and have possibly broken through the wall I had built up that was keeping me from writing a whole lot. With that said, I hope to be able to get some fandom writings in.

I'm off for the summer, then will disappear during the fall semester again because I've enrolled in a writing intensive English class, as well as a Lit class which usually means a lot of writing all by itself, and I'm still working full time, so I'll be pretty busy. Actually, I've taken all of the University requirements already (except the math component which I'm putting off as long as possible, thank you very much), and am now working solely on the core courses needed for my creative writing major, so every class I take from now on will require a lot of writing. Stressful, but fortunately I like to write. :)

And there's no sense in not writing anything during the summer. I need to keep up the momentum, right? het_bigbang challenge starts tomorrow (YAY!!!) so maybe I will actually finish a story I start for that challenge. I did finish a story for the first year it rolled around, but nothing since, so this year is a good time to get one done. ... I hope. ... *crosses fingers*

Also in fandom related news - I have completely finished all 10 seasons of Supernatural (twice!) and part of the 11th season. I missed a few of the earlier episodes in that season, although I did watch the first two, and everything from episode 9 to present, but I'm still asking myself why I waited so long to start watching that show. Hee! For those who haven't started it, take my advice and GET STARTED ALREADY! :) All of the first 10 seasons are on Netflix, so go for it!! It is definitely a fantastic series and I'm looking forward to next season all ready. :D

Everything else in my life is going well. We have a high school graduation to attend next month, which of course is making me feel old. It wasn't that long ago when I was cradling that kid when he was a baby. Now he's way taller than me, and talking about joining the military. SMH Time flies, I know, but seriously, not so fast, okay?

His sister on the other hand, has two more years to go... that is if she can get her grades up so that she can graduate. I have faith in her though. At least I hope she'll make it. :)

So, what's up with you all? Hope things are going well!!!

jack and sara

SG-1 FIC: Message in a Bottle

Title: Message in a Bottle
Rating: G
Warnings: None at all
Summary Sara had always been Jack's lifeline whenever he faced mortality. Missing scene from Brief Candle.
Author's Notes: Written for the Epistolary Alphabet Soup Anthology sponsored by sg_fignewton. Didn't get a chance to have a beta look at it, so apologies in advance. :)

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Really people??

I finally started watching Supernatural on Netflix last night, and ... OMG!! I ended up binge watching the first three episodes right then and there, and am now fully hooked. *glares at the SPN people on my flist* I have 10 whole seasons to get through. I'll never get anything else done!! :)

forces of his past

Latest update

It's been forever since I've been able to check out LJ matters ... well, actually only a few weeks, but I'm back now and will hopefully be able to stay for a while.

In writing news - well, there isn't anything major to report. Remember the ambitious list I posted a few months ago? Hee! Yeah, that one. :) I did manage to write a story, Uneasy Alliance for the Alphabet Soup, and write a chapter or two for the het_bigbang challenge this year, but that's about it. Basically, I've not written a whole lot ever since my mother got sick, and nothing at all since she passed away.

But I'm ever the optimist, and have decided that I have the beginnings of next year's Het Big Bang fic already started, and I am going to get back into the Harry Potter mystery (Ginny has come out of hibernation and has been bugging me unmercifully to get it going already!). I'll get back into writing again. I just needed time to heal.

In the meantime, I've decided to go back to school and am currently enrolled in a few college courses. I'm working toward dual degrees in Business and Creative Writing, but it is near impossible to find creative writing class that are held at night (or online). All the ones I am eligible to take are held during the day while I'm supposed to be at work. *grumbles* So, I'm concentrating on the business classes because they are offered both online and in the evenings. I guess I'm going to have to go groveling to my boss to see if I can come in late a few days a week (or wait and see what the schedules look like the following semester).

So for now, I'm taking the business courses. Good thing they're really interesting classes!

Fandom related - my daughter has a subscription to Netflix and has signed into that service on my phone so that I can use it as well. First thing I looked for was Supernatural because I seriously want to get started on watching that show. I haven't started on it yet, but I did started watching Charmed and Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I'm not much for watching TV, so it's not a surprise that I rarely take the time to watch Netflix, but I'm hoping that may change soon. I just need to stop long enough to enjoy it.

Besides, my daughter tells me that Netflix may not have Supernatural forever, so I need to watch it while I can.

I am also still listening to audiobooks and have found some great ones, as well as some real duds. I've currently started listening to the Dresden Files books, which are pretty decent. I wasn't so sure about continuing this series based on the first book, but I went ahead and got the second one and now think I am pretty hooked on them. :) James Marsters (Spike of Buffy the Vampire Series) narrates these books and he does a pretty good job of it ... well, expect for the heavy sighs throughout. I realize he's "acting" in the role of Harry Dresden, but he could tone it down some, you know? lol Anyway, he does a great job and I guess Audible is going to be happy they suckered me into another series!

And while on the subject of books, I also bought the Frontier Magic series after reading the first book of the series. OMG that was a great series, and I've listened to all three books twice so far, and will probably do it again. :) It's being billed as Harry Potter meets Little House on the Prairie (based on the premise and not the characters), which is why I bought it, and I'm glad I did!! Love the alternate universe of everyone in the world being born with magic powers, and the fact that it's based in the American West circa 1860, leads lots to the imagination. It really is a great read!

Anyway, despite school and work and family, my life has calmed down quite a bit. That's the good news! :)

Hope things are going well with you all!!!


Nothing lasts forever

We always try to make things last, even when the odds are against us. But sometimes that's not good enough.

My mother passed away Wednesday night. She was at home when it happened, which is what she wanted and she was with her family, so I can take comfort in that. But still, it really hurts. A lot.

*sigh* Sometimes I just wish we could make things last.

forces of his past

SG-1 FIC: Uneasy Alliance

Title: Uneasy Alliance
Rating: G
Warnings: None really
Summary: SG-1 meets up with a band of children who are facing a serious problem.
Author's Notes: Written for the Off-World Alphabet Soup Anthology sponsored by sg_fignewton, who also made some fantastic suggestions on how to fix a plot hole in the first draft of this story, as well as some typos and grammar mistakes... Whew! Thanks so much Fig!!

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It's just about done!

Okay, I had to pull an all-nighter as I am having a hard time finding time to get anything done over the past week, but my Off-World Alphabet Soup is almost finished (as per usual, all I need to do is write the ending) and I am hoping someone out there will be willing to beta read it for me before I have to submit it later today.

Anyone want to take on the task? Please??

I am going to head off to bed now, but I do have an appointment with hospice later this morning, so I plan to get up in enough time to finish the ending, send it off to a beta (I hope!!), and then head out to the meeting, before going back to the hospital to make the final arrangements to bring my mother home. My ultimate goal regarding this fic is to spend some time this afternoon or evening making the corrections the beta finds and just having everything done and uploaded by tonight at the latest.

So if you can help beta a 5,000+ word fic today, please let me know!

dark sam

Well heck...

My mom has been in and out of the hospital since last Friday and now they are talking about sending her home to spend her remaining days in hospice. She had a couple strokes in the past week which has caused complete paralysis in her left leg, and I am her sole caregiver, which leaves me to wonder if I'll be able to deal with all of it. Fortunately, my sisters and my nieces said they would come and help, but they all live two hours away and have jobs and family of their own so it will be interesting to see how this all works out.

Then again, I know it will all work out, stuff like this always does, it's just scary right now. And prayers would definitely be appreciated if any one is so inclined.

In the meantime, I have half of my alphabet soup done, and hope to find time in the next few days to finish it, as well as a fandom_grammar article to get ready to post soon. I plan to keep up with all this despite the fact that I'm spending most of the time in the hospital. Wish me luck!


Writing update amidst bad news

Okay, so I'm not getting very far on my slightly ambitious 2015 writing schedule. In fact, I have maybe one chapter done on my het_bigbang fic, an idea for the Off-World Alphabet Soup fic (my two big priorities at the moment), and that's about it. The other two are in mid stage and haven't been touched for a while at all. Boo!

And ... I'm going to be busy this weekend too. Family related stuff and a baby shower. But after that I am going to just sit down for a few days and see what I can come up with. I'm even thinking about taking a few days off work!

Family related news - my mom has been battling lung cancer for several years now, and she had beat it at one point. We really thought she was doing well, but we found out the other day that the cancer has spread to her other lung and the doctor says she has less than a year to live. And since I am her only caregiver (have been for years now), I am the one who is going to have to help her get through this, including taking her to all appointments, settling her affairs, being there for her, and I don't know what all. She's fairly healthy right now, other than the cancer, so once we get all her affairs settled, we're going to act like she has years to live rather than mope around and wait. Doctors are never 100% accurate on their predictions anyway, so she just may be around for a couple years! If not ... well, the remaining time she has left is going to be good times for her.

But I have to admit, it is hard to have to deal with this. :(

So yeah, I'm still gung-ho on getting those stories done, despite the bad news. I'm anxious to see if I can do it!

bring it on

Many writing projects on the horizon ...

Things have been busy with work and family obligations on my end, but I really want to make the last half of this year the most creative I've had in the past several years. *getting all ambitious and stuff* I'm hoping I can actually pull this off. :)

Lots going on in terms of challenges and writing events to help me do this (and just to be clear, I am well aware that I have more ambition than I actually have of "getting things done issues" here), but like I said, it's worth working toward. So, here's a list of projects on my to-do list for June-December (due dates are bolded):

  • July - Off-World Alphabet Soup!! \o/ I haven't quite figured out what I want to write, but I claimed a letter anyway. I love writing something for these soups and get seriously happy each time they happen. :D Sign ups are still going on for them too. Go make a claim and let's get this one on the road!!

  • July/August - het_bigbang - I've started this one and am currently working on the second chapter. It's not the story I originally was going to write, but when this idea came to me, I knew it was the one. Sam/Jack on the run with some really bad guys chasing them. All elements of a great story! Whether it turns out to be a great story remains to be seen.

  • September/October - A Harry Potter mystery story that I've set a deadline for September (but may push that deadline to October). This story is in response to an original character challenge I found at AO3. Like I mentioned in my last post, I already had the idea for this story before I saw the challenge, so I decided to just go for it. I can't wait to get to the part where Ginny kicks butt!

  • November/December - I am definitely going to sign up for the SG-1 Big Bang at stargate_summer. I mean, really. What's one more big bang to my already top heavy writing schedule? :) I'm hoping to be able to finally finish my SG-1/Mummy crossover fic that I started a long time ago. It's been bugging me for awhile now, so this may be a good time to just get it done already! Sign ups for this event is still going on, so head on over there and make a statement that you plan to join us!

Whew! That's quite a list, and we all know from past experiences that my ambition is not the best motivator when it comes time to actually following through on all these challenges, but at least I now have four projects in various stages of WIP, with deadlines to boot. Maybe I'll get at least a couple of them done.

I most certainly hope so!!

Fandom Snoopy

The perils of writing fanfiction while the fandom is still alive and kicking

You know, there's always a slight chance that a fanfiction author will have to create a scenario or come up with information for a story, even if it was never covered in canon. Stuff like giving a character a first name, for example, like I did with Colonel Reynolds in my SG-1 fic, Tangled Alliances (I named him Matt), or creating a whole new world/culture/society for the various planets the SG-1 team visits. Or even ... say ... creating a magical place in the Harry Potter fandom to explain a whole new aspect of the wizarding world.

This is all well and good, until the orginal creator of the fandom comes along and gives that character a name, or something else to blow a hole in the story that was written - which is what I'm facing now.

It may not be that big of a deal, but I guess I have to decide what to do with an element of a story I am writing in the Harry Potter fandom. Here's my dilemma:

I made a claim on a challenge to write a Harry Potter fic that had to include an original character. I had already started a fic with a new character, so I thought this one is going to be easy, and besides, I need some deadlines to get me going on my writing again. :/

Anyway, my original character is an American wizard, and I did a half way decent job of covering his background and how he came to be important to this story. (If you've been keeping up on HP fandom news, particularly the recent news from J. K. Rowling, I think most of you already know by now where I'm going with this dilemma.) :D

Yep. The American wizard attended an American wizarding school, and I had given it a name and a location and even have a teacher as my main character's mentor.

And now J.K. Rowling has gone and created a American wizarding school too. *grumbles*

And of course, she probably won't even reveal the location and name until next year, or later, and my fic is supposed to be done by September of this year, so I won't have an opportunity to fix it in time.

So yeah. Now I don't know whether I should just leave it as is and make a disclaimer that I know Ms. Rowling's school is probably going to be somewhere else, and most definitely going to have a different name - or if I should just take it out of the story all together.

Here's what I wrote in my fic:

"Well, you would know," Alex said with fondness. His sister and her husband, Eric, both taught at Hamberly, the only wizarding school in the United States. It was located deep in the Appalachian Mountains, a place that was perpetually shrouded in mist, thanks to the protective spells cast by the founders, and deemed haunted by the locals who avoided it at all cost. It helped that a few of the ghosts who shared living quarters at the school made sure to foster that reputation. They liked to go out to the edge of the mists and cause havoc on the poor unsuspecting souls who ventured too close. It seemed to be the highlight of their ghostly existence because Alex overheard them bragging about it more than once.

I chose the Appalachian Mountains because some of it seemed remote and there are so many legends and ghost stories coming out of that region that it seemed to be the perfect place.

So what do you all think? Should I keep my version of the location and name? Supposedly, the school she is talking about will be in a different era than ours... do you think I could get away with stating that the school I'm talking about was founded in later years?

Am I making way too much of this?

Your thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated!

sarah w/gun

SCC FIC: The Morning After

I went looking for a plot bunny today to hopefully coax my imagination into coming up with a great plot for the upcoming het_bigbang, and I found this little snippet that I had started when participating in a Word War a long time ago. Apparently I had forgotten all about it.

In reality, I was probably thinking that I'll have to add a LOT more to it to make it a story, and didn't have the energy at the time. :)

Anyway, now that I took a good look at it all these years later, I got to thinking that with a little tweaking and rewording, it could possibly turn out to be a halfway decent ficlet all by itself. So, yeah. Here's a nice little, very depressing, doomsday fic from the Sarah Connors Chronicles fandom.

And yes, it is definitely going into my Big Damn Table. You know. The one that I haven't updated in years? Yeah. That one. Whatever it takes to complete it!!

Title: The Morning After
Word Count: 127
Rating: PG
Fandom: Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles
Warnings: None really
Summary: Sarah contemplates her fate as the world crumbles around her.

The Morning After

Morning sun shone through the lace curtains, sending a shaft of light across the floor. Sarah sat on the bed, staring at the little bits of dust that swirled through the rays, dancing and twirling into nothingness, while emptiness filled her completely.

The dust clouds in the room reminded her of her fate. A fate she shared with the rest of the world. Nothing was going to stop those machines. She knew that now. Nothing that she or John or even Derek could ever do would change that.

She turned her gaze to the window and stared at the orange glow in the distance. The war had begun and she could see their destiny written in the ashes that were swirling around the ruins in downtown LA.
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Het Big Bang is back in business!! \o/

het_bigbang is back for another round of awesomeness and we want you to come join us!!

Big Bang: 25,000 words. Any Fandom. Any Het Pairing.
Little Bang: 10,000 words. Any Fandom. Any Het Pairing.
Author Sign Up I Artist Sign Up I Beta Sign Up I Cheerleading Sign Up

Author Sign Ups - Open till May 17th, 12:00 PM (NOON) PST
Mandatory Author Checkpoint - July 15th
Artist Claiming of Big Bang Stories - July 20th
Art and Fics Due - August 26th, 11:59 PM (Midnight) PST
Debut Date (DD) - August 31st

FAQ here!

Fandom Snoopy

Looking for more prompts again

It's baaackkk!! The het_bigbang is back in action (after taking a year off) and I'm thinking it's about dang time! :)

And since they needed someone else to be the moderator for it, I figured if I wanted my favorite big bang to get back up and running, I'd better volunteer. So yep. I'm one of the moderators too.

The big bang officially starts on May 1st, and I'll post another announcement here as soon as it goes live, but for now, I am in desperate need of some inspiration, because I really want to try and participate this year.

Oh, and did I tell you? I've been working on a new story! *struts proudly* I've got two and a half chapters done already, and have high hopes I'll actually be able to finish this one. It's a Harry Potter story that involves an original character, so I'm pumped about it, mainly because it's a story line I've been wanting to write in like forever, and I ran across a challenge prompt over at AO3 that works well with the concept I have, so I signed up for it. We'll see how far I get with that one. :D

*ahem* But I digress. As I said, I really want to write a fic for het_bigbang, and even though I have plenty of ideas, none of them are particularly good ones.

Can you help me, please?

Any and all prompts will be gladly accepted and prodded and poked to see if I can come up with something great. And I'm good with anything, whether it's based on a cliche, trope, plot, or a word or two (or more), doesn't matter. I just need some great inspiration!


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