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Transcriptions: queer/trans open mic 9/10 (x-posted)
TranScriptions: Back-to-School Throwback
featuring EVAN GREER!

Thursday, Sept 10; doors @ 7:15pm (show up early to get an open mic slot)
@ Spontaneous Celebrations, 45 Danforth St, JP
$5-10 sliding scale

Bring your cringe-worthy old journals, your gossip-laden notes, and your angst-ridden poetry. It’s the first day of school at Transcriptions High, and we're kickin' it old school, 'cause mortification loves company. And who knows - that hottie in the second row might just pass you a note.

EVAN GREER! is a femme, genderqueer singer/songwriter, community organizer, and popular educator based in JP. He writes and performs high energy acoustic songs that inspire hope, build community, and incite resistance! A founding member of the Riot-Folk! Collective, he recently returned from a 1600 mile, 100% gas-free bicycle tour of Florida, performing and offering workshops in community centers, high schools, universities, and detention centers across the state.

As always, Transcriptions is a radically inclusive space for all types of queer creative expression. Friends & allies of all ages welcome! Keep up with us on facebook:

TranScriptions: featuring Otter!
boy with wings
featuring: Otter Eliconia
Thursday, July 9; doors @ 7:15pm
at Spontaneous Celebrations, 45 Danforth St, JP
$5-10 donation, cash only please!

It's finally summer, and TranScriptions, Boston's monthly queer/trans open mic, is heating things up things up. Don't miss this month's feature, TranScriptions regular Otter Eliconia!

Otter reads hot consent-based porn to illustrate zan vision of healthier sex. Ze considers zan work direct action against dominating heteropatriarchal ideas about sexxx. Ze also speaks incendiary poetry and sappy love songs. Ze learned to be a vulgar loudmouth when ze was raised by a pack of wild sisters south of (A)tlanta, and ze hopes to be everything zan sisters taught zan. Other loudmouths should feel liberated to respond and participate vocally during zan performance.

TranScriptions is every 2nd Thursday and features a special guest performer each month. This space is for queer folks, trans people, genderqueers, lesbians, gay guys, dykes, bisexuals, butches, femmes, bears, crossdressers, pansexuals, poly people, drag kings 'n' queens, ftm's, mtf's, allies and YOU! Read a poem, play a song, spit a rhyme, bust a move, tell a joke, or just take it all in.

Keep up with us on facebook:

TranScriptions: Pride Edition! (x-posted)
boy with wings
TranScriptions: Pride Edition
featuring the Femme Show and Rachel K. Zall
Thursday, June 11; doors @ 7pm
Spontaneous Celebrations, 45 Danforth St, JP
$5-10 at the door, cash only please!

TranScriptions, Boston's newest queer-themed open mic night, is
gearing up for our very first Pride show! Prepare yourselves for...
The return of anonymous love notes. Vegan baked goods. A chance to
express yourself in a radically inclusive space. And a DOUBLE FEATURE:

The Femme Show is a revue of smart, sexy, interactive performance
about queer femme identity that features film, dance, burlesque, drag,
and performance art from award winning artists. Since its sold-out
debut in October 2007, the Femme Show has toured the Northeast and has
been called "wild, raw, transparent, and unique." These fierce femmes
may just blow your mind.

Rachel K. Zall is a poet and activist living in Somerville, MA. One
local hate group has warned that she’s “what’s coming to our public schools!”
She will be reading poems from her book The Oxygen Catastrophe: Poems
1999-2006, as well as new work.

Make sure to show up early to snag an open mic slot - this is gonna be big.

Keep up with us on facebook:

this month's transcriptions - be there!
boy with wings
a new queer-themed open mic night!
featuring Zaedryn Meade

Thurs, March 12, Doors @ 7:15pm
@ Spontaneous Celebrations, 45 Danforth St., Jamaica Plain
(Orange line to Stony Brook, turn right on Boylston, cross Lamartine,
and turn right on Danforth)
$5-10 at the door, cash only please

TranScriptions is Boston's newest queer-themed open mic night. At our
debut show last month, 17 performers rocked the mic! Featuring
poets, writers, musicians, performers, activists, and creative
expression in all forms,TranScriptions is a safe space and always
ally-friendly. Come be a part of it!

Zaedryn Meade, aka Sinclair Sexsmith, was named 2008's #1 Top Sex
Blogger by Rori at for her site Sugarbutch
Chronicles: The Sex, Gender, and Relationship Adventures of a Kinky
Queer Butch Top ( (NSFW). Her work has been published in
various anthologies, including three Best Lesbian Erotica anthologies
and NPR's "This I Believe" project. With four chapbooks and one spoken
word CD under her belt, Zed is currently writing a novel.

More info:

please come to my event!
boy with wings
a brand new queer-themed open mic night!
featuring Johnny Blazes and Valentine's Day fun

Thurs, Feb. 12, Doors @ 7:15pm
@ Spontaneous Celebrations, 45 Danforth St., Jamaica Plain
(Orange line to Stony Brook, turn right on Boylston, cross Lamartine,
and turn right on Danforth)
$5-10 at the door, cash only please

Are you mourning the passing of GenderCrash? Or maybe you missed out
on all the excitement? Never fear - TranScriptions is here! Feauturing
poets, writers, musicians, performers, activists, and YOUR creative
expression of all kinds, TranScriptions is for all ages and always

Our February feature, Johnny Blazes, is known throughout Boston's drag
and burlesque scenes for hir genre-bending, tongue-in-cheek
performances. Ze has performed in the Femme Show and Truth Serum's
TraniWreck, contributed to The Theater Offensive, choreographed for
Big Moves and taken hir vaudeville-inspired circus on the road. Johnny
emerges full-force with art that refuses to be labeled.

MA ballot questions - VOTE tomorrow!
boy with wings
dear everyone,

we are one day away from what will probably be the most important election of our lifetimes. if you haven't already, PLEASE, PLEASE get out there and VOTE! polls are open from 7am-8pm tuesday (tomorrow!).

if you are a mass. voter, please vote NO ON QUESTION 1! this would eliminate the state income tax, which would slash 40% of the state budget. yes, it sucks to pay taxes, but this would most likely cause them to raise other taxes anyway. our state is making huge cuts anyway, and this would drastically impact education (teachers getting laid off, bigger class sizes), all kinds of social services (youth programming, HIV prevention, LGBT programs, elder care, food stamps, shelters, etc), and even things like road quality and how long it takes an ambulance to come when you call 911. as my good friend emma c. willmann says, if question 1 passes, massachusetts will go into a coma.

on question two, please vote YES! this would decriminalize marijuana, making possession of up to an ounce a civil offense rather than a criminal one. smoking pot is a victimless "crime" and not something anyone should be in jail for, or have on their permanent record to prevent them from getting a good job.

on question three, please vote YES! this would ban dog racing starting in 2010. it's incredibly cruel to greyhounds, keeping them in cages for most of the day and causing many injuries and even heart failure. the main argument against this is that it would cut jobs, but racing track employees would have two years to find new ones.

and of course, let's go OBAMA/BIDEN!!!

everyone remember to breathe and go exercise your civil right.

[ps: i'll write a real entry later, promise... not having internet at my apartment sucks and i miss yall!]

MA voters: last chance to register!
hey everyone,

so if you live in massachusetts and aren't registered to vote, there's still time! fill out this sheet, print it, and mail it in BY TOMORROW so you can vote on november 4th.

if you don't live in mass, check this to see when your state's deadline is.

to find out where your polling place is, go here. and also: do not wear any obama t-shirts, stickers or other merchandise to the polls! it counts as campaigning, and you will be turned away. (this is assuming you're voting for obama, which i hope you are... for more info.)

remember - the youth vote could swing this election.

see you at the polls.

boy with wings
on november ninth (in ONE WEEK), massachusetts legislators are having a constitutional convention in which they will vote on whether same-sex marriage should be put on the ballot. please contact your legislators and tell them civil rights shouldn't be voted on. we've had this right for 2 1/2 years now, don't let them take it away!

also, whether you're a mass voter or not, come to the state house at any time on the 9th to show your support. right-wing groups are being bussed in from all over the country to oppose gay-marriage and we need to show them that we won't let them intimidate our legislators!

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Support World AIDS Day


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