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It's Not A Project, It's A Lifestyle

a rhetoric of preservationists
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My bio used to say just "women who read too much". That's still true, largely in SPN these days.

Transformative license: carry on. Which is to say that any of my works can be remixed, podficced or translated into other languages without my express permission (srsly, I'd be thrilled) but I would appreciate a link once the work has been posted.

Friending: again, carry on; no need to drop me a note or ask first. I'm more likely to add you to my friendslist if we've had some contact and if I can see that you use your journal for posting and not just commenting. Fair warning: I occasionally post on politics and women's issues, and generally without any effort whatsoever to be respectful of the sensibilities of conservatives. I try to keep those posts to a minimum and sometimes succeed. (For what it's worth, if you notice a sudden explosion in pictures of kittens and rainbows, this is me not posting about politics.)

My cats and my fic aren't flocked, and the fic (SPN as well as SGA/SG-1), if not the cat stories, can also be read here at AO3.