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Weekly progress log

Goodie, I'm setting into a pattern.

DayWords written that dayTotal
2010-09-20541 (198)19152
That week
642 w/day4499

On Monday the 20th, I wrote 541 words, but I also deleted a short scene. The "198" is the difference between these two, and it's what gets added to the total.
I had a case of the lazy on Thursday. Friday didn't start very well, and then, whoosh!

I can't believe I've passed the 20000 words mark. I'm in the dreaded middle of the novel. The excitement from the beginning is just a memory now, and the reward seems far away... still, I'm trudging along. The plot is shaping up, and so are the characters. It's... well, it's hard work, much harder than the beginning, but at the same time, it's kinda comfortable.

It reminds me a bit of when I was at school, smelt that odd metallic smell from the ink staining my fingers, and heard the buzz of the neon lights. I had the quiet certainty it would last forever.

Writing the middle recreates that perception of timelessness.