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After Cordelia went upstairs, I cleaned up the kitchen a bit, taking care of the plates and silverware, then the coffee mugs. As I put them away, I glanced at the mug that Doyle had used once, before Cordelia had commented on how beat up it was; it was still stuffed away at the back of the cupboard where she had hidden it.

When I was done, I wandered into the office, settling down behind the desk and I sighed, running a hand through my hair. There was a picture sitting on the desk, one of Cordy, Doyle and I... I hated having pictures taken, and now, I remembered why- all they did was remind me of what I had lost. Like the picture of Buffy and I that Doyle had run across one time; I had lost Buffy. The picture of her, Xander, Giles, Willow, and I- I had lost all of those friendships, as well, with my rampage as Angelus.

Reaching across, I turned the picture over so I didn't have to look at it, and closed my eyes. I knew that I couldn't blame myself for Doyle's death, but... wasn't it my fault? I hadn't checked in... And now I had to worry about Spike being back in town, as well as his 'new girl'. Like there wasn't enough going on? It was almost like being back in Sunnydale already.

I closed my eyes, leaning back in my chair, as I tried to push thoughts of Doyle out of my head. I needed to be able to concentrate, to be able to think... or to clear my head enough to sleep. I hadn't slept much in the past few days, what with everything that was going on. I knew that I should probably work on getting sleep, because I would need it... I just wanted to make sure that Cordelia and Faith would be safe overnight, that Spike wouldn't come back while I was sleeping... but I just couldn't keep my eyes open. Maybe they were right, I did brood too much...

Angel for big_damn_heros
((Continued from here))

After we had gotten things sorted out with the girl, and taken her home, we were now on our way home. Her parents had been demanding to know what had happened, and luckily, we had managed to come up with a pathetic, yet somehow believable, story for her parents.

Now, as I pulled the car back into the back of the hotel, I glanced around the car, meeting the gazes of the others. Cordelia looked slightly pale and tired, but... that was kind of expected. After all, she had just learned that one of her closest friends was dead, and the other closest friend hadn't told her.

Flinching at that thought, I shifted my gaze to Faith, who still looked a little tired and distracted; I still wasn't sure how she had the visions, but we needed to do something about that. After all... I wasn't sure how long a human could handle them, and she was already the Slayer... how much more did she need? Wesley still looked worn out, and I sighed. We were all doing so well... I couldn't even begin to imagine how badly I looked after these past few days; after all, I had no reflection to even know what I looked like on a good day, and I hadn't slept much, in addition to learning that one of my few friends had been killed.

I pulled the car to a stop, then after a moment of silence, turned around and muttered quietly, "We're here..." Briefly, I wondered what next. Sleep would probably be a good first step, before we started trying to both find Spike, and find out more about the visions. Sleep, and... food. I glanced at everyone again as they started to get out of the car, and with a pang, realized that this would be the first time I had cooked breakfast for other people, without... without Doyle.

"Do you guys want something to eat?" I asked as we entered the hotel. And what a ragged band of heroes we made- tired, broken, confused, and... hungry, I realized, as I heard someone's stomach growl. Then, as I realized that since it was a request, they could just as easily all leave, I added, "I mean... stay. I want you to stay."

Right now, I just didn't want to be left alone. Being alone right now meant that I would start 'brooding' as Cordelia and Doyle had always said. Doyle had teased me so much about that... I really didn't want to be left alone with my thoughts just now. It was too much.

((Open to Wesley and Faith))

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((Moving forward from here))

I watched absently as Wesley left the office, and slowly turned around to look out of the window. It still never failed to amaze me how I could look out on the city without burning up, and see all the people, going about their daily lives, never knowing the kind of evil that filled this world...

Part of the evil that I now worked for, while trying to destroy it from the inside.

I had never expected to see Connor here, not in a million years. By sending him upstate and giving him a new life, a real family, and safety from the memories of everything that had happened, I thought that I would never see him again. Of course I wanted to see him, just not... here, in the lawfirm that had given him everything he now had, in exchange for me taking over.

And the odds of his family wanting him to pick here of all places to look for a job, in a city so far away, weren't very good... someone, or something had to have influenced that in some way. I had made sure that he was going to be far enough away from me to be safe...

Ironic, how since I had promised his mother to protect him, that the safest place for him was far away from me... but then, wasn't that how the best of everything worked? The safest place for anyone I cared about, anyone I loved, was far away from me. I hurt everyone I cared about, whether accidentally or not...

((Open to Buffy))

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((Continued from here))

I watched as Wesley all but ran from the room, then turned back to Buffy, who still looked a little dazed.

"So... what?" I asked again, still reeling slightly. Spike was apparently not dead, like I had thought he was, but he was back, and apparently bound to an amulet, which Giles had, and Giles was coming here.

"I should have just asked Wesley if Giles could just air-express the amulet," I said quietly to myself. "Not like being stuck in a small little box has hurt Spike before."

Shaking myself, I looked back at Buffy. Focusing, I sighed, then asked her, "Buffy? Are you going to be okay?" She still looked vaguely shell-shocked, not an expression I was used to seeing on her face. And she was this shocked over Spike? I hadn't known they had meant... that much to each other. Especially since it was Spike, after all. I'd have thought Buffy would have killed him a long time ago, but then... who knew anymore? In a world where vampires could have kids and Spike wanted a soul, who knew what was predictable or not?

((open for Buffy))

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looking over my shoulder
The demon was growling contentedly ahead, carefully watching through cat-slitted eyes the humans walking in the street late at night. A human buffet, just there for the picking... it hunched down, all but invisble to the unsuspecting prey.

It was waiting, waiting for the right prey... but not for long.

"Hey," I said quietly, stepping forward from the shadow. The demon whirled, and I held up my hands innocently. "What're you looking for? 'Cause maybe we can help?"

"Help? You?" The demon asked derisively. I let my small smile slip slightly, as the demon stood, speaking perfect English with a small lisp. No wonder there was a lisp, with those fangs... "I know of you, Angelus. You hunt your own kind now..."

"Well, you got me," I said quietly, looking around casually. "So, are we going to talk all night, or get this settled?"

((Open for Wes and Gunn))

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I wandered around the building absently, wondering what everyone else was doing. I didn't have any work to be doing at the moment... a meeting I was supposed to have been in was cancelled, due to inter-clan wars or something.

I couldn't exactly say I was disappointed.

As I passed random employees, I ignored their greetings; I just wasn't in the mood today... I had found out that Eve had hired Vilandra, after I had said no to the girl. Wasn't I supposed to have the final say in that kind of thing? I thought I was the boss around here, not Eve... but apparently, Eve can do whatever the hell she pleases.

And unfortuantely, I think the Senior Partners would be a little angry if I just happened to fire Eve...

Back in my office, I sat down a sighed. It wasn't so much that I wanted to be doing something, such as I wanted to have something to do, that didn't involve catering to evil clients that would destroy the city if we didn't. Temperamental clients... why had I taken this job again?

Oh, yeah, Connor. My son, who deserved a shot at a better life, a shot at a normal life. A life I couldn't give him. I had made this deal, so he could have something I would never be able to give him... I had seen where he had been heading before I had fixed it, and... i didn't want to see him go there. No father would ever want to see their son go off the deep end, ready to kill everything and anything he had once protected, or loved...

Well, save maybe my father, but then... I'd never know what he wanted to see of me, now would I? I knew where he wanted to see me, but I would never know what he would think of me otherwise...

I stood up abruptly, tired of this. I was going to go find someone to talk to, maybe Cordelia. I hadn't really talked to her since she had woken up, and I wanted to check in with her, see how she was doing... I heard Fred had been spending time with her, which made me feel kind of bad...

I had been so happy when Cordelia had woken up, only to be so busy since then... some kind of friend I was. I hoped she was doing okay...

I opened the door to my office, intending to go find Cordelia, or someone else even, when I almost ran into someone.


((Open to Buffy, of course...))

Angel for fading_back
I watched as Wesley and Lilah left, then sat in my seat, sighing as I ran my hand through my hair. Yeah, that had gone well... Wes still didn't look quite all the way... sane, and I guess part of that had to due with my maybe not going in and seeing him while he'd barricaded himself in his office.

Meanwhile, though, we'd see how that went tonight... we had a demon conflict to take care of. It should be... interesting, if working with Lindsey had anything to do with it. Didn't know why he wanted the rest of us with him, when he could handle this on his own now, but then... I couldn't exactly question him, now could I?

Well, I could, but I really didn't want to look at his smirk just now.

I walked slowly down to the private training room, which had been put in specially for me, apparently... I closed the door, then pulled out a sword... a pretty nice sword. I had only been in here a few times before, and those times, I hadn't played with the sword. From what I could tell, it was an authentic antique sword, but well taken care of... of course. Wolfram and Hart would never keep anything rusty and falling apart, now would they?

I pulled it out and began to stretch, practicing slow, graceful movements with the sword. It had been a while since I had taken the time to just relax and learn to play with the sword, play with it so I could handle it so easily... not that it ever went away, but then that was an advantage of vampiricism. Muscle memory to beat all hell.

I could get in a few hours with this, then move on to beating on a dummy... I had enough time before the meeting, and a hell of a lot of stress to get rid of. Wouldn't be a very good thing to go to the meeting with tons of energy- after all, if I just started killing random demons, it could end badly. No matter how badly I wanted to.

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The night was dark and silent, bringing back plenty of memories for me... patrolling these streets with Buffy, spending time with her friends, defending the world from the Hellmouth...

It made the streets almost oppressive, in a way. Before, when I had been with Buffy, they had seemed almost inviting, someplace I could call my own, as I fought by her side. Well, that was then, and this was now.

And things could never be like that again.

As I approached the park, I could hear the first faint screams... dammit, I was running behind. I sprinted across the small park, shoving branches of a bush out of the way. On the other side, I saw a demon, leaning over two joggers. One was already bleeding from a cut on his arm, the other trembling, face as pale as an anemic's.

I stepped forward, and offered quietly, "Hey. Why don't you play nicely?" The demon turned and glared at me, coming one step closer as it glared at me. I smiled slightly, holding my hands up.

"No?" I asked. The joggers shot me an astounded look, clearly wondering if I was insane. I caught the unwounded one's eyes, and carefully ticked my gaze to the left. He nodded, and grabbed the other by the elbow, hauling him off, more dragging him than helping him.

The demon lumbered forward, and I dodged, kicking it in the back, sending it stumbling behind me. It crashed into the tre headfirst, and I sighed. This demon was so slow and clumsy, it wasn't even funny. Normally, this kind of demon wouldn't even come above ground, let alone attack two humans... but then, everything else was going to hell, so why not this?

As the demon came lurching back, I dodged again, and grabbed it, snapping its neck. As it slumped, I watched it, my expression troubled. After all, there was something happening that made the demons act differently... but then, it could just be because they were figuring out that the Slayer was gone.

When I got back to mansion, I opened the door, and entered. I could hear Fred and Cordelia talking in one of the rooms, and slowly walked closer. I wanted to just say goodnight to them, then try and get some sleep... sleep at least meant that I was thinking, wasn't remembering so many things about here, why I had left...

I stopped in the doorway, looking at the two girls, just watching them for the moment, not wanting to interrupt.

((Open to Fred and Cordelia))

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((Jumping threads from here))

I watched as Faith and Cordelia retreated up the steps, Faith helping Cordelia. They went up to one of the rooms, and I was glad to see that Cordy was able to walk okay, although Faith was guiding her by the elbow.

Which left me alone in the lobby with Wesley. For a moment, the silence continued, until I heard a door upstairs gently shut. Then, I glanced across the lobby at Wesley, and shuffled slightly, before shrugging my shoulders.

It wasn't exactly like I knew what to say to him... but then, all I was supposed to do was clean the rest of the demon up, then take Wesley back to Cordy's place. Talking would be involved... but I could do that, right? Cordelia had been trying to get me to have better people skills, and I guessed this was as good a time as any.

"So, um... good job with the spell," I offered weakly. I gestured to the axe, then asked, "So, you going to put that down? 'Cause I think the demon is dead." I nodded, as if the affirm my own words.

Yeah, you know, it was always good to try and tease someone who hated your guts... that always ended well. Especially if you knew damn well that the guy was holding the axe as protection against the Slayer who was upstairs with Cordelia, the same woman who had tortured him not too long ago for a few hours.

((Open for Wesley [whenever]... awkwardness ahoy!))

Angel for lost_heros
I walked into the lobby, slowly and awkwardly. Everything was still fuzzy around the edges, and not very steady. I wavered, before I grabbed a stair railing, and sat down on the steps. Wesley had left, and I had managed to get into the hotel by myself, v e r y s l o w l y.

Meanwhile, I couldn't hear anyone around. Probably just as good... I wasn't really in the mood to deal with a lot of people just yet. All I wanted was to go to sleep, and wake up and deal with it all in the morning.

Cordelia would be pissed and worried, because I had stood her up, and been under the ocean for about three months... meanwhile, she'd also be ticked that my teenaged, rebellious son had thrown me in the ocean.

Gunn and Fred would be worried, the latter more than the former, I guessed. They would also probably be mad at Connor...

Connor himself would be withdrawn, more than likely. He had thrown me down there, with the hopes of never seeing me again. Connor was convince that I had killed Holtz... which was exactly what Holtz had wanted. His last act of revenge...

I sighed, and slowly pushed myself up, beginning to go up the stairs. I needed a shower, but mostly... I needed blood. Blood, and sleep, even though I had spent most of the last few months in a starvation-induced sleep, where I was haunted by those terrible dreams...

Step by step, I forced myself upstairs. I'd get some blood, then... then see what was going on. The other deserved to know I was here, deserved to know what Connr had done... but they'd be fine for another night. I just needed to think...

((open for anyone in the hotel))


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