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November 23rd, 2005

07:32 pm - just a thought....
anyone interested in passing a law that childbirth is legal only under the circumstance that both parents have received a license to breed?

yes, i know... it's one of the oldest sayings, in the book... but.. it's also one of the most intelligent.

is anyone else tired of becoming irritated on a daily basis due to the idiocy of others? others who maybe aren't to blame for their stupidity... maybe their parents were, too, just incompetent.. maybe these so-called caretakers stem from a long line of american gutter-suckers and weren't ever given the opportunity to be something.... special. not like short bus special.. like the real thing.

or maybe this one you can relate to more effectively (as i am very aware that not everyone has as short of a fuse as i..)....

who wants to smack those who have no job, are completely well and capable of working, but continue to live off the welfare programs of the united states government... i don't work for 6 dollars an hour, frying chicken at a gas station (to work my way through school.. this is DEFINITELY not permanent), to have taxes taken out of my hard earned paycheck so that they may be given away to the inconsiderate and lazy.

i see people like this on a daily basis.. whether it be at work or at home... yes, unfortunately, my home has two of these people residing in it..... maybe this is what has brought me to the point of typing this rant... continual exposure to the fuck-ups of society will lead one to this breaking point.

sir darwin even takes my side on this topic... survival of the fittest.

bottom line:
if you can't bring up a child who isn't a constant burden to the contributors to society, you need to just "throw in the towel.. and hang yourself with it."

please respond below with any feedback or interest in acting on this movement.

thank you for your time,

p.s. i'm only kidding... at least about hanging one's self....... sort of..

p.p.s. i have also already come up with several levels of punishment for those who fail to abide by this law if it is ever to be passed.. this may include anything from a small initial fine of $50,000 for all of the pain and anguish that is forced upon society to something as extreme as castration (for repeat offenders)..
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November 22nd, 2005

07:43 pm
i'm baaaaaaaack.

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March 13th, 2005

03:54 pm
this journal is going to be deleted within the next couple of days.... if you wish to remain on the list, this is the final boarding call.. please refer to my previous entry for details...


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February 27th, 2005

02:20 pm - new username... reply or add.....

i feel it is time for me to part ways with this account... although memories of the past year are shared here, i feel that the person i was when this began (and even the person i was a week ago), and who i am now, are two different people..... the new account is in progress, but i plan on beginning usage of it asap.





i <3 you guys.

to those of you who chose not to add the new account, thanks for befriending my old self.

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February 23rd, 2005

12:24 pm - yay.
i have felt so relieved for the past twelve hours... since my last session with my counselor, i have felt extremely happy, and i feel that my walk down the road of my purpose for my life is finally beginning to be layed down....

these next few days shall consist of a lot of time to myself, working on my thoughts, my priorities, and my artistic abilities....

i am also planning on ending a lot of relationships with people who i feel are negative influences in my walk... not because these people are bad people... i just have a problem with allowing myself to become consumed in people, in both time and thought, and i am not yet strong enough to be able to carry on these "friendships" while i try to figure out who i am and where i am to go..... this will be tough, but i truly believe it will pay off in the end...

i'll be taking apps shortly for a new crowd of friends... a few shall remain, but many will be made part of my past..

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February 13th, 2005

08:45 pm - on valentine's day...
patriot_maniac : im not very excited about valentines day..
stereochildxx: it's just a day for people to pretend like they like each other
patriot_maniac : i like that definition..
stereochildxx: it's a true one
stereochildxx: so many people will say "i need a valentine" expecting the world to have sympathy on them and say that htey will be their valentine, but if they really wanted to be their valentine then they would more than likely want to be more than just that, and considering that it took for that one person to seek out sympathy in order to catch that person's attention, then the person filling in for what that person is lacking is doing it out of pity, not because they really like them

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February 10th, 2005

01:18 am
if you read this, even if i don't speak to you often, post a memory of me.. it can be anything you want, it can be good or bad, just so long as it happened.

then post this to your journal. see what people remember about you...

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January 27th, 2005

10:49 pm - peru is so last year.
i'm ready to leave, and i'm only taking few with me... cali or florida = my destinations of choice.

this time i must wait. i need to be responsible for once with such an important decision, rather than sprinting into the idea.. i tend to run away from my problems and now is a fantastic time to prove to myself that running away isn't always best... i hope i'm accurrate.


p.s. my tire fell off tonight while bri and i were driving to my house... yes, this is true.. the rim decided to vacate as well.... any chauffeur applicants?

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January 18th, 2005

05:03 pm
this is about to suck. especially when next tuesday and beyond begins... ugh, where is my break?

i guess i already had it, and missed the boarding call.

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January 9th, 2005

09:02 pm - shit.
i've made a mistake
wish i could take
back everything
that i've done

i wanted to tell you
i really did
but how can i explain this?

this is getting so out of hand. i hate myself for letting you down and i hate them for blowing everything out of proportion.... i hope you don't hate me, too. :\

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shooting stars are wasted dreams

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