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l00k at the stars , l00k h0w they shiine f0r y0u

and all the thiings that y0u d0

y0u kn0w ii l0ve y0u s0
14 August
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-x- the giirl -x-

They call me Stephanie Grace Yeary. I graced this world with my presence on the morning of August 14, 1989, making me 16 years old. I view it all at 5 feet 7&1/2 inches, behind these hazel eyes. I'm a Senior at Drama Central, Coeburn High School.

-x- her musiic -x-

80's; 90's; ACDC; acr0ss five aprils; All-AMERiCAN REJECtS; amber pacific; anberliN; anti-flag; arm0r for sleep; Atreyu; authority zero; avenged sevenf0ld; blacK cr0ws; bliNk 182[b0x car raceR]; branD new; busH; cArTel; chevelle; cKy; coal chamBer; Coheed & Cambria; coldplay; counTrY; dashb0ard c0nfesSionaL; death caB f0r cutiE; dr0p kicK murphys; falling up; fall out boy; FM static; greeN day; hawthorne heights; HIM; hip hop; incubuS; jimi hendrix; jimmy eat world; kellY clarkson; k0rn; less than jake; lifEh0USE; matchbook romance; meSt; m0tion city s0undtrack; my cheMial r0mance; nickeLbacK; Nine iNch Nails; Nirvana; NOFX; 0asis; offspring; oZZy; panic! at the disco; pennywise; PiNk FlOYD; Plain White T's; red h0t chili peppers; rap; reggie and the full effect; relient k; remembering never; rise against; saliVa; seether; senses faiL; simple plaN; smile empty soul; SOTY; static-X; straylight ruN; suBlimE; sugarcult; sum 41; system of a down; taking back sunday; tantric; tenacious D; tHe AcademY Is...; the click five; the donnas; the earLy n0vember; the KilleRs; the ramones; the spill canvas; the starting line; The Used; the white stripes; thRee days gracE; ThrEE d00rs down; train; under0ath; unwritten law; velvet revolver; wakefield; weezer; yellowcard

-x- her liikes -x-

Boys; Friends; Going Out; Driving; Music; Pink; Elvis; New York Yankees; Carebears; HolIster; AoL RaDiO; AliAs; GiLmOre GIrlS; University of Georgia; Shiny Things; Lilu; my GunIt ShoEs; Victoria's Secret; BoyS fRoM WiSe; moneY; GiRaFFes

-x- her diisliikes -x-

SPIDERS; liaRs; Two-fAceD peopLe; bacKstaBBers; cheATers; DRAMA; Boston RedSox; beInG GrOunDeD; SchooL; WdC*

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