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Le Hot et Le Unhot. [06 Jan 2005|03:36pm]
Out of randomness:

Hot List
1. Megan Mullally's M&M commercial (I totally have my whole family singing it).
2. Alias
3. Audioscrobbler.
4. Mere coming to watch the O.C. !
5. Vivian and Erin coming down with cases of frozen hair. Way to crack me up. Woo.

UnHot List
1. Studying for Finals.
2. Mr. Nice. I just. eghhh.
3. The bruise on my knee. Note to self: watch out for icy bus steps in the future.
4. Not having a snow day.
5. The loss of Comedy Central (our cable is wacky. Anyway, it's okay because we gained the Scifi Channel! And regained WGN, which plays the W&G episodes at 4:30 & 5:00 as opposed to 5:30 & 10:30. So now I don't have to stay up late! Er, not that I was in the first place.
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woo for random pointlessness. or pointless randomness. whatevs. [03 Jan 2005|05:18pm]
[ mood | guh ]

I need something new for my userinfo. Any bright ideas? School just started and whatever creativity I have is all bleh right now =[

In the year 2005 I resolve to:

Stop making silly resolutions.

Get your resolution here


It was all foggy today which would be boring except it's Boulder and it's never foggy here so you get funny stories like this:
Kelsey's Mom: Oooh, look at all the smoke outside.
Kelsey: Fog.
KM: Check the news, I bet it says where the fire is.
Kelsey: I bet it won't, because it's fog.

...and, wow, I just realized how easily amused I really am.

And ooh, Rabbit Hole Day (January 27) seems interesting. If I remember, I will participate.

I still really want the O.C. DVDs. My parents owe me $90 but my father is being a supercalifragilistic butt about money right now. It's all about this mid life crisis crap. Frankly I just want it to be over so I can have my DVDs. [/whiny brat mode]

Which reminds me that I haven't done my Christmas present list yet. But I won't. I'm sure you've read enough of them already.

Hannah and I are trying to become charades champions a la Will & Grace.

P.S. I'm not going to Paris until spring break. Yes, I am a gun-jumper.
P.P.S. Sorry I've been LJslacking. I'll catch up.
P.P.P.S. Maybe.
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we three wise men of orient are [22 Dec 2004|09:24am]
[ mood | exhausted ]

My grandmother just called me up before she went shopping to inform me that the three wise men were named Melgiar, Balthasar, and Casper.


I woke up at 6 AM this morning! Vivian and I were specifically asked to be in the background while Channel 9 was doing a live newscast at winterskate. AND THEN THEY CANCELLED IT BECAUSE IT WAS SNOWING. Losers. =[ I woke up for nothing.

ANDAND guess what? I am going to Paris this Christmas! I'm not supposed to know, though. It's kindof my Christmas present.

I live in a family of eccentrics who can't keep secrets.

I might do tashternal's survey later. =[ I'm too sleepy now.

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OMG HBP. [20 Dec 2004|08:45pm]
[ mood | less depressed ]

TODAY I went to get a Christmas tree with Vivian (who is grounded again, actually) and we had a pity party because our lives suck.

Of course, now I am in a much better mood because OMG HBP (translation = oh my goodness, J.K. Rowling has announced that her sixth novel, Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince is completed, and the publication date will be announced tres tres soon.)

And in other Harry Potter geek news, heeCollapse ).

I am terrified I am not going to have anything to do on New Year's! I mean, really, that is the worst night not to have a party to go to. =[ I thought that Vivian + Mere + I were going to arrange a party, but noooooooo, Vivian's in Nuevo Yorko (ha. I need to not try to speak Spanish) and Mere has been invited to some Peak-to-Peaky party. =C

And, randomly, I love this dressCollapse ) from Banana Republic. I mean, obsessively. Vivian says the neckline's too low, Hannah says it's ugly, and Mere says it's way expensive. =C BUT IT'S PRETTY.

My dad is likely going to take me to see a movie tomorrow. I can't decide what I want to see. =\ Any suggestions?

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~*~*~*~ *cough* [19 Dec 2004|09:28am]
I am starting my break out slow because... that is how I like it =] I still have Christmas shopping to do, though. Pleh.

I love watching X-Files reruns on Saturday evenings. Even if they're scary and no one in my family is cool enough to stay up and watch them with me. I even skip part of SNL to watch them. Really.

and then i read spoilers for the o.c. & enterpriseCollapse )

ANYWAY. It's time for another random music meme:
Step 1: Get your playlist together, put it on random, and play!
Step 2: Pick a line or two from the first 25 songs that play.
Step 3: Post and let everyone you know guess what song the lines come from!
Step 4: Cross out the songs when someone guesses correctly!
P.S: using a search engine is cheating.
~*~*~*~ ...yeahCollapse )
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Days of My Life. [16 Dec 2004|08:57pm]
My life is turning into a daytime soap and, ugh, not in a good way. Watch. Jacob will mysteriously appear at Boulder High next.
...actually, that wouldn't be so bad. Hmm.

It feels like Friday and that = not good because I still have math + french tests to get through. Blehfsdklfjd.

This made my Tuesday?

And The O.C. = my best best best best best best friend right now? Seth's song at the very end? And like, everything? It was perfect. See, this is the O.C. I love.

My last thought is, that, if they cast Lindsay Lohan in as Jeannie (in I Dream of Jeannie), I will be out for blood. Jennifer Garner? Elisha Cuthbert? Or, actually, it would be interesting to see someone Arabian. But I love IDoJ and Lindsay as Jeannie would ruin the movie for me.
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... [12 Dec 2004|09:31pm]
[ mood | boring ]

I seriously did nothing this weekend and it's very very irritating fdklfjsdlkPSH.

So, I made my journal friends only a few days ago? And now it's public again. Because... I'm crazy. Really. But my journal just... isn't friends only. I keep thinking it should be, but it shouldn't because it's not.

I just wish I'd figured that out before I went friends only, because it took forever to friendsonlyify all those entries and now I have to go back and unfriendsonlyify them all. Plehhhh.

I watched Saturday Night Live last night and um Colin Farrell's accent is hot. Lindsay Lohan's (first) shirt was horrendously ugly though. Then I watched the X-Files and kept my brother's sleepover friend awake. Psh.

Monti says she might take me and just me to France because she's definitely going and she doesn't know any French! Which was be exciting, really. Because that would be twice in one year.

This point was horrendously pointless. Mostly I'm procrastinating. I really do need to write something about Paolo and Francesca. When I tried this afternoon I decided to go and paint again.

My sister is making me a Ravenclaw Scarf for Christmas.

I hate knowing what my presents are.

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next year's winter ball is so the sno.c. because like. it's bOulder Colorado. and it snos here. [09 Dec 2004|08:56pm]

another picture i drew. plus other juicy gossip details. *cough*Collapse )

See how I'm trying to pretend my life isn't boring?


I love how my friends and I? Have no drama. Ever. Seriously.

My dad called from Detroit to gloat that he had already watched the O.C. (because, you know, time zone stuff). This was his first episode. He wanted to see if it had any substance.

Tonight? It didn't have much. According to him and me.

And I think I'm the only one =\

Which isn't to say I hated it. It had its parts, definitely. Buttttt.

spoilery rants.Collapse )

P.S. I love Ryan/Lindsay. And Zach. So much.
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my emotional range is way beyond that of a teaspoon. [02 Dec 2004|09:11pm]
[ mood | melancholy ]

Your LJ Christmas Party by cerulean_dreams
First to arrivestay_
Made a snowman with a strategically placed carrot__ventingstars
Stuck a Candy Cane down their pantsflickerbomb
Spiked the eggnogred_lace
Knocked over the Christmas Treestellar_one
Was ran over by Santa's sleighfoxy_flamingo
Was poisoned after they consumed a poinsettiaelendil8
Dressed up as Santaaliice
Kissed you Under the Mistletoeunloved_
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Today the phone rang and the caller ID was divorce something. I asked my mother, and she said that she and dad were arguing about money so they were going to a money counselor. I believed her, but of naturally, she was lying to me. I just overheard my parents arguing and honestly? It scared me. They usually only argue once a year, but mom was seriously telling him to get out of her house and that she didn't want to be his wife anymore. I even thought I heard something about a girlfriend... but that sounded more like mean taunting than the rest of the conversation.

...god. I need a nice, long, Vivian-and-Meredith heart-to-heart. Mere's parents fight all the time and practically hate each other, and Vivian's pretty sure her mom is just with her dad for their daughters.

Marriages in America today are seriously screwed up. And yes, I am feeling particuarly bitter right now.

On a lighter note,
Today in French that guy was staring at my feet. Um...?

adam loves me.Collapse )

Vivian came over to watch the O.C. and eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.Collapse )

there's spoilers under there.
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Santa Claus is coming to town. No really. [30 Nov 2004|04:57pm]

2124198 seconds to go.

I have way, way too much Christmas spirit for anyone over the age of seven.

The guy who sits in front of me in French class (I think his name is Brendan?) was staring at me today. I mean, literally staring. I looked up and he was looking straight at me. And he kept on staring at me after I looked at him. It was creepy.

We drew secret santas at school today (Julia and I organized it because we are organized like whoa except not really) and I got Sam. Whoo. Except not really. The worst part is, I drew myself first, so I know that there are three people who could possibly have me. And they are not fun people to have have you, because
Jed would get me something Texasy. Just to make fun of my Texasness because he's like that.
Sam would attempt to make a fairy-cup joke with her present. =[ Which of course, makes no sense to anyone but Sam, myself, foxy_flamingo, and Jordan but it's a joke at my expense =(
Allen would get me something boys get girls they don't like (and trust me -- not being liked by Allen is a very very good thing). Like. A candle.

Most exciting part of my day = CU Rec Skating at 7:45. Which is pretty sad. Tuesdays are boring.
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In love with my joy delirious... [26 Nov 2004|08:53pm]
[ mood | nerdy ]

cole porter is love
brought to you by the isLove Generator

Actually, believe it or not, I do like Cole Porter (he wrote Kiss Me Kate which was like my life in fifth grade!). Although how it got that from the information I input I have no idea =\

I actually hate Thanksgiving, but I decided to make a thankful list anyway. I'm thankful for...Collapse )

news and stuff.Collapse )

Old Navy doesn't have Summer's pants anymore =[

And um I saw an interview with Josh Schwartz on PBS. It was eerie because I walked upstairs and I saw Seth & Ryan! And I though, encore presentation, maybe? Except it was on PBS and I was confused. But I love Josh. He talked about how he's coming up with a new TV series, too. Called Athens, about a college town. At least, I think that's what he said. It was late and I was sleepy.
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...It's so obviously not too early for Christmasy posts. [22 Nov 2004|10:58pm]
[ mood | silly ]

I made a hot Christmas mix.

+ it's downloadable AND comes with pretty pictures.Collapse )

Michelle Branch played at a Christmas concert, but somehow she still didn't play any Christmas songs for my mix =[

I AM SERIOUSLY WAY TOO EXCITED ABOUT CHRISTMAS ALREADY. I mean, obviously (considering that I spent way way too long making a Christmas mix), but still! Eeeeee.

...I'm the first person to add Ryan/Lindsay as an interest. =\ IT'S COOL, OKAY? Everyone should just listen to me and jump on the bandwagon.

And PoA DVD tomorrow! Eeeee and stuff.

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Welcome back, me. [19 Nov 2004|04:19pm]
So eeeee I finally have the internet which is really gleeful and stuff. I think it's going to snow tonight and the Undiepants and us are going to make a Christmas video.

Obviously so much has gone on that I'm going to have to make a list:

     » i suck at japanese right now
     » i don't suck at french but i have lots of homework
     » I GOT MY LUTZ
     » i can't go skating today because my foot has been hurting since 7:15 last night
     » ...aforementioned injury is SO not from imitating will's riverdance
     » vivian & i saw meredith's play
     » it was like british monty python
     » ...monty python is british, isn't it?
     » but it was random and funny
     » i went to julia h.'s birthday
     » jed still calls me texas
     » jared = irritating as hell still
     » i have second period off again
     » but it's not so bad because i have it with julia r., nicole, jenny, sarah, and katie
     » i want fifth period off though
     » i am wayyyyyy behind in chemistry
     » I have history with tori & sophi BUT THEY SIT ACROSS THE ROOM FJDSKLFLKDFSJDSFLKSD
     » a twelve-year-old hit on vivian
     » she almost gave her his number
     » i convinced her that even she is really not that desperate
     » AND i told him off
     » i can do my axel off-ice
     » except one time i fell and slammed my back and now it's bruised
     » i am one injured girl
     » vivian and i made a horror film
     » it kindof sucked
     » but it kindof didn't at the same time
     » i feel lovedddd
     » fdsjflkds i saw the o.c. last night and vivian came and i think she liked it
     » but i missed the one before that and it made me saaad (it's on at 7 here! not 8! ehhh.)

the end. i swear. really.

My dad brought home lots of magazines and they are wonderful crud. Except US Weekly. Although that is almost worth it for the halloween picture of Rachel Bilson and Adam Brody with kisses all over his helmet.

see?Collapse )

So then here are pictures I took on the last day of living in our house in Texas. Mostly they're random. But hey, some of them are pretty. And some of them amuse me.

me and beatrice and the wimberley house and the river.Collapse )
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The Distance. OMFDJFLDSGSPAZZ. [04 Nov 2004|10:16pm]
[ mood | gleeful ]

EEEEE I watched the O.C. at my aunt's house. I'm not going to be all spoilery and stuff but it was wonderful and everyone was gorgeous (eesh the O.C. has wonderful taste in men... and like, Seth + Ryan + Luke on the couch together? Looove.) and next weeks episode and the preview and stuff? Haha I love the four way OMG. And Seth's little wave.

I took pictures from our last day at the house but I'm on my grandparent's computer (AOL is hell) and so I can't post them. But like, when we're in Colorado! On Saturday!

[/end pointless O.C. glee]

I might even be a little sad about Wimberley, and not just not living near my grandparents. But it is a very very miniscule amount. I would be like 43840 times sadder if we had lived in Austin. And I wouldn't even be that sad. That is how miniscule the missing Wimberley part is.

Guh, so, lots and lots of hours in the car with my sisters and mom and unfortunately, our in-car VCR is not working, which sucks when your sister is five. Ew.

And we might miss Enterprise which would make me sad kindof. But not as sad as missing the O.C. premiere would've so!

I'll be back in a few days.

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Ew. [03 Nov 2004|07:10am]
[ mood | very very sad. ]

So I'm confused. Lacking a television, I have been relying alternately on cnn and rocksta, and they're always updated later.

The electoral votes are so close right now compared with what they'd been all night.

But even without researching the states that haven't been determined yet, I have a sick feeling in my stomach that Dubya might actually win. Which is weird, because all night, when Kerry was behind, I still had hope.

This viewpoint cheered me up for a little while. But now I just want to go cry in the shower. Or something.

I wish I could find someone to give me a hug =(

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Lisa Loeb's Lyrics = Love. [01 Nov 2004|03:20pm]

So my (9-year-old) brother is a perverted vandal. Those DVDs were new! And then he gave Joey boobs. I am currently feeling the fury.

I am unregistered from school and it is super boring. I mean so boring that I am getting random urges to ride my bike. But I can't ride it very far, because people aren't pedestrian/biker friendly here, and so I feel four because I go in circles on our little circle road thing.

my life. plus i saw movies. and watched enterprise.Collapse )

thoughts left over from the boulder trip about music!Collapse )

We're moving Thursday morning, and I have made parents swear that we will be in a hotel room by 6:45 so that I can watch the O.C. premiere, because I am an addicted freak.

Oh and I have new icons. Adam Brody, Trip, and Ron and Hermione, all of which I made awhile ago. But they are still hot.
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It's tempting to type "baloon" instead of "balloon". [26 Oct 2004|05:03pm]
My LiveJournal Trick-or-Treat Haul
stay_ goes trick-or-treating, dressed up as fairy princess!.
_spazz gives you 4 light blue licorice-flavoured pieces of chewing gum.
aliice gives you 15 red root beer-flavoured gummy fruits.
celicagirl06 tricks you! You lose 5 pieces of candy!
coffeecaptain tricks you! You get a broken balloon.
foxy_flamingo gives you 17 red cinnamon-flavoured jelly beans.
la_leche gives you 17 white lime-flavoured gumdrops.
moonslush gives you 15 purple chocolate-flavoured pieces of taffy.
opiate_orchid gives you 5 light yellow cola-flavoured gummy bears.
rainysummer tricks you! You get a broken balloon.
tashternal gives you 1 pink chocolate-flavoured gummy bats.
stay_ ends up with 69 pieces of candy, a broken balloon, and a broken balloon.
Go trick-or-treating! Username:
Another fun meme brought to you by rfreebern.

...I was doomed to the whole "broken balloon" thing after I gave one to coffeecaptain =P

So I've just been watching innumerable amounts of gay sims making out, because my sister makes like 4849032849203 too many videos and I had to delete them and apparently all her characters are gay. It's super boring when you don't even know who the sims are =[

And hi. I've been gone a week and a day and I went to Boulder and now we're moving back BEFORE the O.C. premiere and I'm afraid I'm going to miss it. Er soon I know.

And did I mention I feel like Vivian doesn't appreciate me enough? She's one of my best friends and I am one of hers and like she didn't even seem super super happy like her mother and Renee. (Besides which, she's only given me one birthday present in the last five years! fjlsdkjfsdlk ew.)

Meredith bought me earrings, though, and I have a new sweater, we played Cranium, and watched horror movies, which is actually a first for me. They wouldn't let me rewatch Adam Brody's scene in the ring, though. AND MEREDITH SAID HE LOOKED LIKE A FROG =O

And since this entry looks ugly and boring:

How hot.
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This really should have been posted October 17. [18 Oct 2004|04:58pm]

Yesterday was my birthday.
pictures.Collapse )

I am not going to list my presents because hello, that would be boring, but I will mention that (besides the iPod and the DC DVDs), I got the Sims 2 (AHAHAHA TAKE THAT foxyflamingo), Will&Grace Season 1 DVDs, clothes, books, music, nightclothes, and a hair straightener. And I still have $51 of my birthday money left. And Thursday I am going to Boulder and overall my life = happy. I think I might even try out for the play tonight. Because yes.

My clothes were eerily pink today. I know you care.

I think my favorite part of my birthday was that everyone was so excited for me to open thier presents. My siblings were arguing over whose present got opened first. Monti could barely contain her excitement for me to open her present, and she's an adult!

I like that people know me so well.
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~*~ [16 Oct 2004|10:06pm]
Happy birthday, tashternal!

I think that might be my shortest entry yet.
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More Houston! [10 Oct 2004|12:36am]
[ mood | indescribable ]

I am one with the beach.

So I was trying to decide whether I'm in a good mood or a bad mood and the good thingsCollapse ) really outweigh the bad thingsCollapse ) but I'm still neutral.

and then more pictures...
because you really wanted to see me in a bathing suit. ha.Collapse )

i rarely remember my dreams but i did so...Collapse )
Leave it to me to fit Lindsay Lohan, Harry Potter, website layouts, prom, Natalie Portman, and nostalgia in one dream.

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