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What's in a name?

A few months ago (or maybe more than a few.. >_> ) I was wandering around Stormwind looking to RP. There were a few RPers that I did meet, but said players pretty much completely ignored me despite my attempts to initiate contact.This is rather irksome and more than a bit frustrating. But it did get me to thinking... It has been quite awhile since what many of us 'old timers' call 'the good 'ole days' and there is a new crowd around. It's quite likely either people forgot about PG or never knew me as a serious RPer. So.. I tried to put myself in their shoes, looking outside at my character.

While yes I have a lot of the classic signs of being an RPer (RSP flag, non-combat equipment, walking instead of running), I realized that the first thing most people will see is.. well.. my name. "Peejee" doesn't exactly seem like a valid Kaldorie name...

There is a story behind that name though. See, I'm a major Altoholic. Every character slot is full, and right now only one of them can even be considered to be deleted. Peejee actually came about after I was sick of my druid and I wanted to try something else. I'm a fan of the webcomic Something*Positive and of course, Peejee is my favorite character. I tried to put myself in Peejee's shoes and think of what kind of character she would make. This was a bit before I started to RP, so Peejee's first incarnation was actually as a little gnome warrior with pink pigtails. She was mostly a bank alt as I am completely unable to play the warrior class.

Then one day I'm on my druid and I run across Veras while we're waiting for Warsong Gulch to open up. It was the first time I'd actually even remotely tried to RP in WoW. It was off the cuff, but fun. Not too long after that, I ran across him again, this time arguing with one of the bank tellers in Stormwind. It was humerus and inspiring enough to taunt me into finding real RP. I honestly didn't want to RP with my druid. Why? She was in a raiding guild and was resto specced, and I was one of a couple healers in the guild. Can we say.. burnout? So, I wanted to make a new character. As I said before, all my slots were taken. the only one I really had room for was the one character I wasn't going to lose the name for: Peejee. After a bit of rearranging, I deleted the previous gnome warrior and behold, PG was created.

Some people might ask, why didn't I just change the name... I'll tell you why. Number one, I love the name. Number two, there is an IC reason for it. If you haven't guessed by now, Peejee isn't her real name. *dun dun dun* Seems kinda obvious doesn't it? I tried to make this obvious from the beginning. Peejee almost always introduces herself by saying "Please, call me Peejee." For those who know her as "Peejee Darkmoon".. well, as I like to put it... humans are quite taken with the idea of surnames, so she just picked one to make them happy when she was signing documents.

It makes you ask yourself though, how many times do you judge someone's worth, or potential worth, as an RPer based solely on their name? Too often I think, at least for myself. Ever since then I've actually tried to be more aware of it.

So the next time you see someone with a rather funky or "not rp appropriate' name, pause and think... they might have a reason for it. If they are RPing that they are under a pseudonym, it's quite likely they are simply trying to avoid metagaming by simply not having their 'real' name as their character name.


Craft of War - Blind

By far the best WoW fan video I've ever seen. It even has the Laughing Jester. Soo think that The Stormwind Guard (if they are still around) should use this as their recruiting video. *LOL* While I"m posting it here, I STRONGLY suggest you go to the actual site and view it in HD.

For anyone interested, you can see the origian music video by Namie Amuro HERE. I'd also suggest seeing this one as well.


Rebuilding the Garden

This hasn't actually happened, writing it down now in a fit of insomnia. Much is still in progress.

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WoW Addons #2 - Chat and Questlogs

Ok, since posting my first Addons Article I've found/remembered a few more addons, specifically pertaining to Chat and Questlogs. Read below for all the details.

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**edit: Done! I found a few more addons, but will make a separate article for them.**

This is going to be something of a guide, something of just personal notes. Take it how you like, feel free to comment with your constructive opinions and suggestions.

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Aerth Ranting

I should be in bed, but i'm sitting here, tweeking the YDH forum while playing wow and my mind is wandering. I need to vent, and am tired of venting at my friends because they all need to vent and us venting at each other is not helping matters. So I vent here, get it out, and let it go. Also, if confronted I'll have someplace to go to pick my thoughts out in a concise way so I am not backed into a corner like I was last time. prepare to be offendedCollapse )


Yesterday's Heros

Hey, for those of you who are friends of Ash/Erroch (rhast) and I, or want to find a bunch of cool RPers to hang out with, feel free to head over to Yesterday's Heros, a web forum that he made so all our RP friends can keep in touch even when we're not playing the same games.

Right not it's just in working condition, not tweeked at all, but still trying to invite folks over and get people chatting.



Ok, ever since I met rhast he's told me about this old NWN PW that he used to play on called "Brynsaar" and how awesome it was. When we left WoW, one of the things he got involved in was Aerth, and because of all the stories he told me about Bryn, I decided to give it a shot. Well, you all know how Aerth went... but guess what... Lycius is finally getting off his ass to bring Brynsaar back. Let's hope we keep the momentium and actually get it up and running. I'm really looking forward to it.

Why? Cause Ly is about as anal and forthright as I am. You have to submit a character concept, and if it doesn't fly it get's revoked, and he does it frequently. To put it broadly, he's not hesitant to brandish the ban stick either on the Mod itself or even on the Forums. Ly and I have butted heads about a few things already, but we worked it out. We be bitchy at each other, but we'll get over it.

Ly has already asked me to be on the team, which is awesome. I like building, but i need good haks to work with. The aerth haks are a POS if there ever is one. Stella (Ly's wife I think) is on board and cracking the whip. Supposed to have a production plan posted later tonight or tomorrow.

Awesomeness to come.


Aerth Drama - the end

Just as a remind to myself should I ever - EVER - try and forget...

Apparently after I posted that I was resigning from the build and writing team, Vhalus came in and totally blasted me, erroch, and lycius for our build work. Oh.. and my access has been revoked almost immediately.


Vhalus: Ok With Lycius, Erroch and Sally Woods gone.... how about we finally scrap this rebuild that got nothing done in the entire span they were here, and get on with adding things the players want and adjusting some of the monster levels that need tweaking.

Murf: We've been doing that all along

Vhalus: I just needed to hear that the insanity was officially over.


Ok WTF! Not only were Erroch and I NOT having anything to do with the rebuild, but I was the ONLY ONE to push that the current mod continued to be updated and fixed. I have a complete changelog of all the fixes I've been continually adding to the mod, after having to BADGER people to be able to get it done. Karen even HAS this changelog.

This is it. It's official. Not only am I never going back to Aerth, but I officially want to see the server fail. No, I'm not going to do -anything- to facilitate that other than answer any questions people might pose to me regarding why I'm gone.

Karen can not stand up to Rook's emotional blackmailing at the drop of a hat to get what he wants. If anyone asks, she's -never- been in charge of Aerth.. he always has been.


Hellgate: London

Ah yes.. another game I'm playing currently is Hellgate: London. For christmas my husband bought me the lifetime subscription, so I'll be playing for a LONG time.

Have a lot of alts, but here are the ones i'm sticking to for now:

Peajeania - summoner
Lethann - guardian
Accendie - Marksman
SilverShadows - Blademaster
ToshiHikaru - Engineer
AnnaNefzen - evoker (elite mode i think)
KaleAermane - Engineer (elite mode)

Anyone else playing, I think we're considering making a guild. If you want to join, lemme know.