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I feel like LJ doesn't have many people writing here anymore! Kind of sad.

I am a 33 yr old stay at home Mom to two awesome Boys. Married to my Husband since 2005

We used to be Dairy Farmers but family events led to us selling out. We tried for years to start a family and after some losses we finally had a wonderful homebirth to our first little boy Levi.
Four years later we were surprised with Silas! He has been full of surprises from the start, a totally uneventful pregnancy that ended up with him arriving early and needing a Hospital birth. A completely awesome nurser and just so different from big brother Levi in every way. We even had to go buy him new clothes because he was just SO tiny and didn't fit in what we had.
The boys are awesome together and it is such a joy to watch them grow together.

We recently realized that there were some things different about our Levi and after some visits to the Dr and many phone calls and paperwork and evaluations it is looking like we're headed toward a diagnosis on the spectrum. I journal a lot about that completely unexpected turn of events as we're still processing that.
Everything is about to change and we're just hoping that we can give him everything he needs as far as support goes.

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(Levi just weaned at 5 yrs 1 month! - from a shaky nursing start to a wonderful journey and a push from Mama to wrap it up we're done!)

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