Danny Cowan, Press (sardius_ ) wrote,

DS goin nuts

I think the Nintendo DS has finally gone crazy. It's not like you can blame it, since people keep developing things like a spelling quiz that pre-spells all the words for you and a number-guessing game where the correct number is the same every time you play. Then there's all those Bratz games (there's four now) and whatever the hell Build-A-Bear Workshop is, and soon there's going to be an Alvin and the Chipmunks rhythm game featuring music by Smashmouth and Blink 182. Or worse yet, the possibility of Smashmouth and Blink 182 as covered by Alvin and the Chipmunks.

Spanish for Everyone, though...my god. This is amazing. I know these videos have been out there for awhile, but seriously:

- Level 2
- Level 3
- Ending

It's like the DS has had enough of everyone's bullshit and finally cracked, and it's retaliating with an unstoppable Mexican-hating rampage. I mean, the theft and police cars and "I can teach you many things" I can ignore, but then there's "La Zorra", and the puffy dolls, and...are those gunshots? What?

It's so thoroughly insane that it comes off as unintentional or accidental, but the lead designer disagrees. I want more games like this.
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