Danny Cowan, Press (sardius_) wrote,

Kokoro Scan

Okay, normally I don't like to go "hey guys look at this video I found on the internet" but this particular thing is totally amazing in a Chu Chu Rocket commercial kind of way, and I thought I'd jump on it before the internet gets ahold of it and ruins it forever.

So far popular reaction seems to be evenly divided between "THIS = EPIC WIN FTW" and "LOL WHAT DRUGS WERE THEY ON," which is really about the best you can expect. I genuinely like this, though, and I feel bad knowing that one day I'll grow to hate it because of the things that people do.

There's no way whatever the hell game this is can live up to that trailer, either. Just like Chu Chu Rocket!

You're...you're not going to watch it, are you? Oh well.
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