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Sarah McLeod

a hobbit's tale (but not so much)

18 July
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I'm Sarah McLeod. I'm an actress from New Zealand - I'm not very well known (which is fine), but you may have recognized me as Rosie Cotton in the first and third Lord of the Rings films.

Biography: Sarah McLeod was born on the 18th of July 1971 in Putaruru, New Zealand. She has one child, Maisy, who was 12 weeks old at the time Sarah's Lord of the Rings scenes were shot. She had previously worked with Peter Jackson on the mockumentary Forgotten Silver, in which she played May Belle, as well as commercial work, a guest spot on William Shatner's a Twist in the Tale and a role as host on the children's television show Get Real.

She prefers not to give a lot of personal information out, saying "I quite like the idea that I'm a sort of an enigma, and that alot of people have to work to discover who the real Sarah McLeod is!".

Skin and Bone, 'Cath', 2003, Screenworks
Lord of the Rings Fellowship of the Rings, 'Rosie Cotton', 2000, dir. Peter Jackson
Lord of the Rings Return of the King, 'Rosie Cotton', 2000, dir. Peter Jackson
Via Satellite, 'Bridget', 1997, dir. Anthony McCarten
Forgotten Silver, 'Maybelle', 1995, dir. Peter Jackson
Dying Light, 'Eva', 2000, dir. Pat Robbins
Eau de la Vie, 'Restaurant Patron', 1994, dir. Simon Bare
Z-Spots, 'Zoe', 1994, dir. Jonathon Brough
A Twist in the Tale, 'Nicky', 1997, Cloud 9
Get Real, 'On Camera Reporter', 1996, TVNZ
AUCKLAND BASED, television commercials, swimming, voice overs, horse riding
Steel Magnolias, 'Shelby', 2000, Pumphouse Theatre

[ Journal isn't real. I'm just a fan of the LotR films and books that has been dying to play someone from the films. ;) This journal is a part of the must_be_pop celebrity RPG. The biography was taken from theonering.net. Filmography from auckland actors. ]