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24 June 2008 @ 07:09 am

just when I finish homework (at long last...!)

pupe is down for maintanence. ;_;

dammit. wanted to upload some schtuff.

sheet. I hope I have enough ribbons left...

please don't update more shop items just yet kyatharine! >_>



(or i hope the bridal event items are crappy. then can save for yukata event..! >:3)

omg lol okay pupe eats mai laif.

k, should get ready for school..
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06 February 2008 @ 01:17 am
consultation report to hand in in....10 and a half hours.
luckily it's just a glorified essay/report.
George Ng is amazingly lenient, if the work we got back is anything to go by.
Not that I'm complaining of course, hee. <3
Haha when I first saw the guy's name on the timetable, I thought of Paradise Kiss.
chotto chigau da ne. sonna ni kakkokunee da lol.

now let's just hope the print shop is open at least half day tmr? 8D;
haha but not public hol yet what so should be okay right. XD;
(Went to people's park with jacq and nic yesterday.
almost all the cloth shops close lor..)


got on the last train to marina bay today, how bloody awesome/lucky/cool is that?!
and the solitare cards on vista are damn nice. 8D




my throat's damn itchy.
it's prolly gonna feel like crap in another 12ish hours.
exacerbated by how tmr got deadline...
not a good thing to have on the horizon, no.
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31 December 2007 @ 12:33 pm
tpc mos yesterday~~

haven't had mos fries in a while.
eating chocolate cookies and fries together at the same time...it's interesting, at any rate, lol.

!! you went to paris meh?
OMG no sak Tokyo Tower!!!

lol yes i suck. orhz. XD

it's the last day of 2007~~~~~
the weather's good. :3

Really should decide on a uni course ne. ._.;;
Like seriously pick a few. ._.;

we're growing old.
iyadaaaaaa. ._.

oh! went mag browsing after mos.
i rather like esquire, lol.
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11 December 2007 @ 02:55 pm
It's a day with the loveliest weather we've had in days, like SUNSHINE!! and... I manage to wake up at 2. Oh mannnnnnnn. Although, considering that I couldn't really sleep till 6, but still. Ergh I wanna wake at like 8 or 9.

Anyway my com is being a hugeass bitch. Suddenly it's going not enough ram. It's nevar happened before yanno. At most the scratch disks were being annoying, but never this. ;_; Liek hello bitch you alr have 1gb ram! Not enough?! And it's not like I installed anything recently so it's either my bro fucking with the guest account or the virus from my external acting up. Which I still can't get rid of. Uhmmnn. Really should reformat asap yes?


but zomg the weathers so niiiiiiiice today. 8D
Haha admittedly it's not that sunshiney and all, but it's really nice compared to the past few days.
Omg why the days pass so quicky! D:
Omgomgomg and melsie's back in Singapore! 8D
Yaaaaaaay there'll be Golden Compass and hopefulll Enchanted? OOoh and ice cream on Friday! *happy dance*

zomg so not getting any sewing/christmas shopping done.
I'm probably going to regret that aye? 8D;;;

Ahhhhh and ikoma!! <33333  shukudaiiiiiiiii...wa mada desu ga... ;;;;;;
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28 October 2007 @ 12:55 am
Today, was pretty unconstructive.
Spent most of it starting at my fabric stash and getting annoyed cos nothing was popping out..
Well I figured out what to do with the candyprint but ;et's save that for the apparel production module eh..
since it should be lined :x
I transferred my copics to another bag..
I tried making a shrug thingy buuuuut...
Haha got the wrong size pattern. XD;;;
Spent alot of the day looking for the perfect shrug tutorial+pattern but..
didn't really find one. :/
Lol should've just winged it from another shrug I alr have. -_-;
so there was my very unproductive day..
sak you suck..

I'm going to borrow all the kumiko sudo books in the Library on monday. :D
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24 October 2007 @ 05:28 pm
I'm going to be sick.
I need strepsils dammit.
Drinking water like nuts.

Today, we ended class super early. :D
12!! Omg. So amazing.
Haha cos it was like..a 3 hr drawing paper?
Tmr's another 3hrs too.
Yey end early. :D
However, because all the other faculties are back from holiday,
and 12 is like, peak hour or something..
The busstop was frigging crowded. D:
:x Maa.

Came home and watched Never Ending Wonderful Story with softsubs *__________*
lol and a pretty old Hanamaru Cafe ep with Shige. XD It's so cute.
No sign of subs yet for Hataraki Man, or Yukan Club ep 2..
Hee omg and Weeeek PV is out! Well, the preview anyway. XD
Tmr's the real thing~~~
Hee I can't wait XD

Hee and had Ikoma yesterday~~
Haha had dinner at Lido with Mon's class friends and Jin;
Sa dropped by too :D Haha omedetou!!
Ahh everyone's getting sick
sensei mou;
Still undecided on ponning school on Nov 1 zomg.
Ikitai >_<;;
AH it's the 24th today..
need to buy concession tmr.

I should be doing production drawings and Jeanne Lanvin.
Ahhh I'm sleepy.
It's raining everyday.
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19 October 2007 @ 05:51 pm
Haha. backlog again..

Friday 19th Oct
Hur hur had curry puff for breakfast. :D umai!! karai kedo XD;
Anyway, wore my ichigo tiered skirt for the first time~ <3333
Haha it's so lame finished it in September somemore..
Worked on evening wear assignment in class,
went for lunch with jessica, shyo and rachel
food at the chinese cooked food stall was better than usual, ahah.
Pottered/drew/did HOC quiz in the sewing room again,
went home with Rachel.
lol used the busstop across the road..it's been a vair long time since I went some from there.

Next week...is going to be quite rushed.

weekend - complete evening wear assignment; FIPD final mood board + thumbnails
Monday - HOC final assignment consultation
Tuesday - evening wear deadline 6pm work in class if need
Wednesday - FIPD final - illust work complete in 3 hrs
Thurs - FIPD final - production drawings complete in 3 hrs
Friday - HOC final assignment deadline 6pm

Ha. hahahahaha. shit la.
Shit must no bum around this weekend.
Except Sunday. ;p
Day of Rest dammit. XD

Oh yeah, next sem's timetable came out on Thurs.
Rachel and me checked out everyone else's since the system is this awesome stalker-y tool. XD
I have classes 12-3 and 6-9 next block. D:
Haha haven't decided wheather to cut the 6-9 class on Tues,
it's Japanese as well.  Haha. stupid shit.
Which reminds me, need to sign up for the JLPT3 prep course asap!
And I need to return my library books on Monday too.
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24 September 2007 @ 02:42 am
header was totally going to be a JE one but.
Couldn't find a goodenough scan/pic/screencap/i just suck.
Haha so this is a quick one with a byousoku screencap.
Think I got it off the official site.
layout from the awesome hikkie_heaven, [cyn ILUUUU]
coding originally from _excentric_,
and now I'm messing with it a little too.
anyway. hungry and sleepy  - finish this tmr night.

to do: print the stuff from cyn. lololol.

thinking of. rubber stamps and fabric paint.

as mon helpfully mentioned this afternoon,
this is the first time I've changed the layout for this account since I got it. lol
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23 September 2007 @ 12:41 am
Found the most kickass hoodie tut.
Thing is, I don't really know to get normal knits. :x
Apart from Spotlight.
Still haven't found a pattern for that 6 piece beret thing. Bah.

Anyway. Anywayanyway.
Today went round Bugis and Arab St and Chinatown -
It was more aimlessly wandering about than shopping.
Bought that pink tartan in chinatown,
got the rest of the twill for kuro's dress,
finally remembered to buy bobbins.
Had a bitch of a time looking for a mint green for the Shirley Temple print. :x
Didn't find anything. Sooooo. It's just going to be a skirt.
Gathered and scalloped with a lace panel before the scalloping..yeah it'll be cute.
Tried to look for lace for kuro's jsk too..
Found a sorta okay substitute; but then again haven't tried the farrer uncle.
I'll go there on wed.
Finally bought sandpaper too...so can finish sanding Natsuki. -_-;;
Lol he's being quite neglected.
Oh! And today was dumb.
Went back to Bugis upon realizing I had forgotten to find faceup remover stuff..
But. Art friend and Straits Commercial close especially early on weekends. D'oh.
And then much to my chagrin, SG gahmen doesn't let you sell rubbing alcohol at 90%
unless you have a license. -_- ehh.


tmr - alter mom's blouse, go find some good solvent, the usual study session at tpc.
mon - sand Natsuki, maybe got face ups a shot. XD Work on kuro's dress, maybe try a practice circle skirt with the pink tartan..
tue - kuro's dress, the mint green, natsuki. Then meetup with lawliet, then bum around a bit before Ikoma XD Possibly go Spotlight as well.
wed - dunno, but going over to Aya's with Cyn. Holland V before that - replace black hoodie; go the the lace uncle.
thur - kuro's dress, the mint green, natsuki.
fri - The pink tartan! XD I think a half circle skirt. No wait, I wanna try that Watanabe pattern. 8D
weekend - dunno. Prolly try out that hoodie tut!!! 8D that entails another fabric shopping trip, ooh.

O SNAP I forgot a zipper for kuro's dress. -_-
Nvm. Will be making another trip for the great hoodie tryout. 8D
SG doesn't seem to have much in nice printed jersey though...?

Gah and looking at the sale at Converse - I'm still damn pissed my wite pair got stolen. Warghhhhh.
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19 September 2007 @ 09:50 pm
I don't feel productive.

Finished the broderie ichigo skirt...
It came out pretty. :D
I think I'll make hair bows and a blouse tie to match.

Played around with dorrie shoe patterns...
I almost have the pattern I need figured out,
just have to see how sewing with the actual stuff goes.
I think I can make a pair of rockinghorse ballerinas.
The wood bottoms need to be done in the PID workshop tho.. :/
Maa, can make some cute MJs in the meantime.
Or try figure out boot patterns. Just for the heck of it.

Watched more BusuKoi...ep 11 is almost finished, and 12 is long done, so. :D
Then I can dump everything in the external, and get back to hanakimi. :D

Tried making some icons...haha phail, i think.
Helped out in bro's and Aya's projects..omg my bro phails prz.

Looked at punky rori clothes...
omg maxcimam makes these adorable detacable bunny hood ear things..
I'm ttly gonna give it a go.
I need to go back to Holland and get that black hoodie first tho.

I need sandpaper in 400 and 600 and 1000 dammit. D:
Wai so hard to get. :x

Dunno what to sew next.
Shirely Temple green ichigo? But I want to turn that into a jsk.
So then we need to get some matching green...?
Which could be quite the bitch innit.
Or maybe..Just buy a cute btssb blouse.
Carousel print? But I think I wanna do that as a jsk as well.
Oh yeah the pink ichigo!
And fix the pink swiss cotton better.
I want to try making a cutsew! X3
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16 September 2007 @ 12:04 am
The islandwide alarm siren thingy woke me up n the middle of a good dream!!
I was going to buy this super sparkly looking dessert from 7-11..
then the damn alarm sounded. D:
Didn't get to buy it.
Didn't get to eat it.
Doushiteeeeeeeeee? Mou.
And then I had a bit of a heart attack because i thought isn't civil defense only in feb?!
Mon helpfully informs Sak that there's total defence, and then there's civil defence.
So I woke up going omgomgomg at 12.

Then later after lunch, went to cut my hair with my mom.
Maa, my hair pretty much looks the same I think..
Except that the fringe's too short na!!
Sore de, I had to shy away from the cameraman..
But that didn't help much na XD
[Haha I think only Mon will get that retarded reference. Maybe Jin and Cyn too. XD]
Maa, it;s nice that it's not in my eyes and all but still.
Think I'll buy some cute hair pins.

Came home, and I love crackers and sardines.
Actually, I <3 canned sardines.
And olives.
Toasted foccacia, just nice,
and sweet onion and an oatmeal raisin and a regular please?
lol. I <3 subway, Esp when they have promotions. XD

Went shopping with Mom at Isetan..
Maa, we barely bought anything since they close as 9 30.
I feel like shoppiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing.
And in-ear earphones..
I mean, even if the over ear ones are really cute..
ANd I wanna stick crystals and all on them,...
in-ear makes more sense right?

And then came home, downloaded more clips from shiget together,
and damn why are full, non static-y radio rips so hard to find???
Thinking of shoe group orders..
Lately I've been thinking I'd like to do punkrori..
So that means a pair of wicked boots..yum.
Maybe these in blackxblack?
So then you can do something like this
Punkrori doesn't get enough love at any rate.
But I think I can only bring myself to do a cute punkrori style na. XD
Thinking of random sprees..
nnnnngh but the monies. D:

Haha and then somehow, ended up going over fic with Sa.
<3333 Quite like it, really.
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27 August 2007 @ 02:14 pm
Am in pain.
That is all.
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