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I was a hand grenade
that never stopped exploding
Feels good to be back...I'm ready to start posting again. Opening a site soon...to focus on my photography and blogging.

I looove this app too. The iPhone is fucking great.

Well, I just wanted to try this out really.

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"What good am I if I say foolish things
And I laugh in the face of what sorrow brings
And I just turn my back while you silently die,
What good am I?"
-Bob Dylan

[Maybe you should think about it]

So many nights lying side by side
only inches apart yet it felt like there were miles
I'm sorry

Stuff all your sorrows in a sack

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Finally Settled...mostly!

I have been living in Kingston for close enough to a month...
with four other people...!
& obviously, I haven't gotten homicidal...yet.
Surprisingly, I think we just might make it through this for the entire twelve months if not longer.

I am actually truly enjoying my living situation for the most part...and the part that I am having trouble with is the exact opposite of what I thought would be the problem.
Ironic how things work out, isn't it?

I absolutely love the house - - It's amazing!
We have a huge fenced-in back yard, separate living rooms, 4 bedrooms total, a two car finished garage, two decks, a large kitchen, a basketball goal, close to family and not too far from town...well, we could be a little closer to town, but I really love the seclusion.  I missed that a lot being not only in town but in a fucking ghetto ass apartment complex...
ohh it's so nice..

I would really like to talk him into letting me buy it.
It doesn't need much work...maybe a paint job, and the inside definitely needs new paint..it's mostly yellow and blue
I want to do red and tans...and some white.

Fuck it

Life is good right now.

I am currently working for my mother, but the job search is actually looking up.
Tomorrow I have a woman to call about a medical transcriptionist position...it's looking good so far!
I can work full part-time from home, which will be nothing short of AMAZING!
It will be GREAT for school as well as working for my mother because she still needs me for the auction and the clothing store.

This will be so great for me, especially considering we're moving into a house next month...!!!
I can work from home, go to school...and I'll be in a house while doing so.

Other than work and school-which I will start in spring, not much has been going on.
Working our asses off, keeping up with friends, studying for the SAT and trying to save money

Oh, and my birthday was the 9th...it was a good one.
It felt like we partied for days...

It's amazing how you feel as though you have so much to say, I felt like I was going to spew if I didn't let it all out, and then you have the chance and you can't
Fuck it
Graduation was last Friday...

it's over!

I was accepted to GA Highlands (lame school) and Kennesaw State University...but since I'm broke, can't get financial aid because of my mother not having all of her tax information, and didn't receive HOPE...I have to attend GA Highlands for one semester and then I will receive HOPE...which means I can then go to Savannah College of Art and Design, but I may have to wait and go for one semester at KSU so that I can save some money to actually live in Savannah since I wont be living on campus or anything.

sooo much shit...it's worth it though.

Going to GA Highlands will give me time to save money as well.
Fuck it