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You Mean The World To Me

You Are My Everything

16 July
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T.A.Y.L.O.R. P.A.I.G.E. J.A.W.O.R.S.K.I.

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"They liked to lay side by side on the ground and listen to the grass grow and the ants move and the sidewalk stretch and the moon sing and the stars smile and the rhythm of their hearts beating in unison. It was a musical concert for only the two of them to hear. It was a song that both of them wanted to put on repeat, to play over and over, for eternity."

T is for Tempting
A is for Abstract
Y is for Yummy
L is for Loud
O is for Openhearted
R is for Rebellious
P is for Placid
A is for Alluring
I is for Impassioned
G is for Gifted
E is for Enchanting
J is for Joyful
A is for Ambitious
W is for Wacky
O is for Overwhelming
R is for Rebellious
S is for Smooth
K is for Kind
I is for Innocent

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