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Doctor Mayfair in the House

Dr. Rowan Mayfair
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Rowan is the thirteenth and most powerful witch ever born into the family. Raised in California, Rowan is unaware of the family heritage until Deirdre dies and she returns to New Orleans to take her place as the designee. Along with her lover, Michael Curry, Rowan restores the house on First Street and tries to uncover the past. Not long after her marriage, Rowan discovers that she is pregnant and that the child contains the correct DNA sequence that will allow Lasher to be born as flesh. Seduced by Lasher and his ambition, Rowan allows him to fuse his spirit to the unborn child. Lasher is born and immediately grows into a man. He kidnaps Rowan and attempts to breed with her, before returning to New Orleans in an attempt to impregnate other Mayfair women. Rowan is eventually found after giving birth to a Taltos child, Emaleth, but she is dangerously ill and near death. She is eventually revived by a fully grown Emaleth. Rowan kills Emaleth and she is buried in the First Street garden. Since Rowan is unable to conceive any more children, Mona Mayfair is named as the next designee.