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thank god i'm not the jealous type!

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[22 Jun 2006|03:10pm]
i am still in my pajamas.


[09 May 2006|06:00pm]
this is worth £25 right?

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i'm one of those annoying ebay people that offers large sums of money in exchange for you cancelling your auction with bids on & relisting it for me :/
however in light of this auction i figured i'd rather be really annoying & ruin other peoples chances than pay £50 for a bag just because it matches my purse. now who wants to buy my death cab bag?

james hurry up i'm hungry & we don't have to stay in all night while i refresh ebay anymore.

i had the best hotdog last night.


[05 May 2006|04:13pm]
i bought a new notebook

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the disc bit spins round omg! i love you poundland.

i am obviously hot stuff today because a little boy said i was really pretty & some guy in a car asked me for a shag (his words not mine)

found those sugar boots in office clearence for £15 & am now ebaying them to make it okay that i'm buying expensive shoes from everywhere else. you can bid here
because you want them.

went to giant manchester topshop & just felt like i was being ripped off on a larger scale. to make this okay i bought buy one get one free 'night'wear for under cardigans.

i am to lazy to actually update. i want to go home. i am miserable. give me money.

i completely forgot to mention that my new coat arrived today (the hottest day of the year so far...) & i was gutted it didnt rain so i could wear it. it makes me feel like a french spy but not in a creepy flasher way


[04 May 2006|12:33am]
when i got back here ALL my stuff was missing from my cupboard. whilst looking for things (my tin opener, my forks, a spoon, my potato masher, my baking trays...) i found all freaking four of my knives.

also i managed to cut my thumb on a tin can & now i'm going to get hepatitus from all the dirt in my kitchen/sink/bathroom. it really hurts & i can't do anything without making it bleed.
i've also had the same cough for over a month & i still cant hear anything but the doctor says there is nothing wrong with me


[25 Mar 2006|03:36pm]
Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket
Image hosting by PhotobucketImage hosting by Photobucket

Who wants to go to collectormania with me on Sunday 30th April!!??
I am booking my ticket home RIGHT NOW!!

not really because i need to ask my mum if its okay....


[25 Mar 2006|01:38am]
i really want to go upstairs but the girl that just won the election for something or other is having a big geeky party with lots of scary foreigners [& geeks] so i'll have to wait till like 4am to get a drink now because when i was cooking i had to explain what i was doing about 8 times & was made responsible for a load of burned food that wasn’t mine.
also someone has stolen the sanitary bin from our bathroom. why would anyone do that!? unless they're just hiding it from me like the toilet roll & 3 of my knives.

maybe i'm on hollyoaks.


[21 Mar 2006|05:04pm]
james has been in surgery for the last 8 hours.
what the fuck are they doing to him???


[18 Mar 2006|03:57pm]
today i have done nothing except watch 4 episodes of relocation relocation, eat crisps & not do my washing. i havent even started my creative writing piece or written a letter to my accommodation begging them not to take my money. i'm not sure i'll bother to cook dinner either.
i'm just not motivated. at 3am this morning my house'mates' were shouting at some boy who wanted to use the toilet, running up and down the stairs and generally making too much noise. by the time they'd finished keeping me awake i was too annoyed to go back to sleep.
i did speak to my brother on the phone yesterday. i've been mad at him since christmas because we arent as close as we were, but i'm starting to forgive him a little bit.
i cant wait to go home. it doesnt really make much sense because i was desperate to leave for so long, but the four of us are just drawn to each other. each of us have left home, buckinghamshire or even the country, but we always come right back where we started. its just the way things are.
i guess as much as i cant live with them, i really can't live without them either.

i dont think i can tell Michelle and Sarah i'm leaving. i know for a fact living with them wouldn't have worked either, but they are such amazing people that i like to pretend i am just as exciting & adventurous. when i'm really really not.


[23 Feb 2006|04:14pm]
my roomate moved in yesterday. he is awfully quiet but i guess he's just shy. he's studying forensics & i have a huge crush on his friend greg. he's pretty safe thoughCollapse )
i have seriously bought a load of crap recently, but i plan on using it all once & then selling it because i am still running out of wardrobe space [wft?]
see?Collapse )
i also spent like $9 on necklace charms this week because it was a good deal. i get the feeling i'm not going to wear one of them at all :S

Image hosting by Photobucket
i know i know, it looks kind of awesome, but like £100 of that is james selling leopard themed stuff to xscenex girls. & the other £300 went to manchester student village so i seriously saw none of it! it just means i dont have to eat dry pasta [because i wouldnt be able to afford water?] all month till my next loan.
i've also bought a load of tops off agirlsworld.co.uk because that seemed like a good deal [seriously i can't turn one down. i bought two bars of chocolate for £1 in poundland because it seemed like such a good deal which will explain a lot when i'm a good deal fatter]

for not valentines day james got me thisCollapse )
what do i wear it with?? i need a brown shirt i assume.
also how did my not gay boyfriend get so good at shopping? i don't understand, but if he becomes a hairdresser i'm scared i'll see him as one of those camp guys on queer eye for the straight guy or something.

but ANYWAY i'm thinking about buying some shoes & crap off delias [because i'm selling my boots that tried to kill me & they'll probably sell for loads (which might make it okay)] but guys would this look seriously stupid on me? i have a feeling it might. anyway if i do anyone want to order with me? but like not loads of stuff because that'd be insane.

ALSO show me pictures of shoes so i can maybe buy them.


[22 Feb 2006|05:53pm]

Image hosting by Photobucket

including sugar kitty skull boots, polka dots, h&m, topshop, vintage gloves, leopard print cardigan, urban outfitters & other stuff!!

seriously, buy stuff before i kill myself. i cannot take any more stupid listings/questions about whether i think these shoes would fit an american size whatever/where was this made/uuugh.

also i owe james like £20. plus bob £15 - IF HE HAS ORDERED MY STUFF YET!!!!

oh p.s i am totaly planning to update one day.


[10 Feb 2006|01:22am]
yesterday we handed in our applications for accomodation next year & then went for drinks in the bar next to it to celebrate & sarah & i played word up & wasted loads of her money on the quiz machine & then i drank enough to make me giggle & go pink & sort of think i looked okay & then we went to get chinese but we'd actually been in the bar for 5 hours! so it was expensive so we got subway & then i got the train home & had hot dogs at 2am.

today i nearly fell asleep in my lectures & ate sausage rolls & listed things wrong on ebay.

tomorrow i'm going job hunting but its actually shopping but if i get a job that'd work too.

i am excited about post-valentines day dinner & not excited about facebreaking day :(


[07 Feb 2006|08:00pm]
today i bought 2 apples for 17p
hello kitty = 2 apples
i eat 3 meals a day
one meal = 1.5 hello kitties
+ snacks which = .5 hello kitties
1.5 hello kitties x 2 = [.5 hello kitties x 2] = 4 hello kitties
4 hello kitties = £1.76p

so in conclusion if i ate 8 apples [or 4 hello kitties] a day i could live for £1.76 per day.

today it was explained to me that meaning doesnt exist. which really screws me over because i can't ask what that means.

apparently it doesnt matter that i only watch CSI & don't do the reading.
in fact it probably helps if none of these book mean anything.


[03 Feb 2006|10:48pm]

way to cross the line.


[02 Feb 2006|01:50am]
i keep meaning to update but i don't but i might now.

!Collapse )

EDIT - i got an email from the guy from the umbrellas. it was awesome. we're officially bff now.


[28 Jan 2006|03:53pm]

Image hosting by Photobucket
stuff on ebay including leopard print cardigan, DIY t-shirts, vintage, h&m, topshop, bag charms, rare threadless tee & more!

freaking cut & paste has stopped working on my computer & now i have to update using freaking photobucket & it sucks & if it's not back after i restart i am going to kill the next person i see running up the stairs WHETHER THEY HAVE A REASON OR NOT.

ps please buy my stuff :D


[21 Dec 2005|04:12pm]
i am really excited right now because my christmas present to myself [aka a decent reason to buy myself stuff] arrived & its the best thing ever.
!!!Collapse )


punctuation is overrated. [14 Dec 2005|08:13pm]
today i got an essay back & got like 40% which is really fucking lame & i was almost crying in my lesson & debating whether to drop out (seriously. & wondering how that would sound over christmas dinner.) but then darryl told me he only got 30% & everyone else had like less than 50% so i'm probably staying so we can all re-sit together next year (maybe). then i went to the post office & spent like £5 on posting 3 things & the post office guy asked me what i was doing for christmas & i told him i was 'going home to london' because its easier than saying 'buckingham' & him saying 'where' & me going 'its near milton keynes' & him going 'ahhhh milton keynes' like salford is any better.

i really really cant wait to go home & see me cat & have james down for christmas. i miss him. its horrible.

(by him i mean both of them but probably james more because he gives better hugs. probably.)


[09 Dec 2005|05:23pm]
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
that is a huge pile of sweets. they're mine. james is better than anyone else ever. he's even sent my cat christmas presents.
speaking of which i got my cat this to help him get better. he actually got worse & couldnt pee for ages & it was awful & i cried when my mum made me shut him in the bathroom. but that's not the point. the point is that my cat is scene-cool.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com my mum text me this photo. hahaha.

i went shopping for 2 hours today but i almost died & had to come home [seriously]. in the space of those two hours i bought a t-shirt for 99p & this
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
for £2.50. [& a jumper! but its not for me]

in other news i can cook the most amazing chili chicken & my housemates keep asking me for cooking advice even though i cant actually peel a potato.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com oh yes! i can now afford to pay my tuition fees! thank you american ebay bidders. some ebay user left some go vegan! feedback. i don't know how he'd feel if i told him my favorite food is hot dogs. i love hot dogs.

i really did order panic! at the disco tickets! i managed to type my email address wrong twice & never got an email. chemical.exposion. fantastic.

what are you all asking for for christmas?? i sent my mum 3 lists.


[28 Nov 2005|08:31pm]
i thought i was going to be completely screwed but apparently daddy has decided to give me £200 a month which will basically cover the 800 jumpers i buy a month because i can't seem to say no to decent knitwear.
i'm kidding. it's actually my maintenance. i'm going to pay at least 2/3's of it into my isa every month because i don't want to be in debt forever. plus i realised if i stopped eating i could afford all the jumpers i ever needed [& in a size 6!] oh god i need fattening up for christmas.
i'm not even that low on money. i'm just not comfortable with seeing my bank balance below £200.

oh god jumpersCollapse )
i finally dug out my rilo kiley cd after a good two months of abstanence. i havent missed them. i'm going to sell more adventurous when i get home. it's awful. i'm sure i have other cds i could sell. what use are non-mp3 cds to me now anyway? 12 songs? wtf.

i am starting to get excited about christmas/eating. do all my entires feature food now? i hope so.
today i had kfc & it was gross but amazing. i can't find burger king in manchester! directions please!

my poetry thing is due in next week & i've already started because i'm amazing & poetry is amazing. i want to major in poetry. i might write all my essays in verse from now on though. now i've started handing them in.


JAMES [13 Nov 2005|03:09am]
that thing we were talking about the other day i thinkCollapse )
because i completely forgot before now to prove i wasn't making it up. lolz.

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