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26 August 2014 @ 08:31 pm
Lots to sort of kind of talk about!

Watched Lucy with Maryann a week for my birthday. I actually ended up liking the movie, even though from watching the trailer, I thought it'd be disappointing.
It was edited in a different style continuity that I'm used to. Scenes of character thoughts or memories were sort of interlaced into the scenes. Overall, if you don't have high expectations, don't take the movie seriously, and like the actors. You may enjoy this one!

Saw Guardians of the Galaxy with Matt. We both liked it. It was really a silly, fun, sci-fi movie. My favorite character out of em all was Drax. If it wasn't for him really, I don't think I would've liked this movie at all. Well I guess there's also the scene with dancing Groot. That made me like the movie a bit more. Meh...I'd watch the sequel.

Matt and I also saw TMNT as well. It was just so-so. I do not feel compelled to ever see that movie again. I just wasn't crazy about this spin on the Turtles. But it looks like there's going to be a sequel in the distant future. Bleh...I'd probably see it matinee or downloaded. Netflix maybe.

We watched the finale of True Blood season 7 the other night. Big spoilers, so skip this section to avoid it!

So a lot of people are unhappy with the ending of the show. It took me a day to process it and I eventually bought it. Though I'm with a lot of people. The hints about Bill's body feeling warm, him saying he feels more human than he has felt in ages, plus Sookie being able to read his thoughts... Well, it would've been great if Sookie used the last of her fae powers on Bill to rid herself of her fairy powers and somehow because of Bill's condition with hepV with fairy blood, cure him of his vampirism. That way they can live a normal life together happily ever after.
But fine...I'll go with the bittersweet ending. Where Bill is laid to rest with his wife and kids from the mid 1800s and Sookie finds another man a few years later and is already super preggers -- Having the life Bill wanted for her. Fine HBO writers...fine... fine.....!

Sookie helps Bill meet his true death:

Same clip, just a bit more leading up to Bill's death:
06 July 2014 @ 04:33 pm
Just started watching Matt play Broken Age. So far I'm really liking it! They are 2 strange stories that run parallel to each other. We started with Vella's story.

Another game I started playing is The Forest. There's no ending to it until you die. I suppose it's because the game is in alpha. You play a nameless survivor of a plane crash trying to survive by setting up camp. Meanwhile, there are hostile aggressive mutant cannibals that kill you if you don't evade them.

05 July 2014 @ 03:55 am
It's happening! The first episode of Sailor Moon Crystal is available to watch streaming on Crunchyroll and Hulu.

03 July 2014 @ 07:23 pm
Omg...I hella abandoned my journal. Haha! I always seem to end up doing that. Anyway...I had to give up that Master Cleanse diet. Just the thought alone of tasting lemons or maple syrup made me nauseous. Also, my own breath was making me feel sick. (Ewww) Not to mention I was feeling stressed out from finals and finishing up 4 costumes for Fanime Con 2014. I failed to assemble 1 out of the 4. :/

I found this thingy out. How to check your BMI.

My BMI is at 24.43. Eh, I still think I'm over weight, even though it says I'm at a healthy weight zone. Whatever... This semester I'm taking fitness conditioning again. I really like it. The cheapest gym membership besides a free one! My goal taking this fitness class is to just be fit.

Couple of other things. Me and Matt saw a bunch of movies recently:


It was a good movie and I liked it, but I was really annoyed at the main character Merida. Mostly for being selfish and using a spell on her mother, not knowing exactly what it would do.

Nausicaa (Korean Trailer)

I really enjoyed seeing this animation again. It's kind of a sad and beautiful story.

Edge of Tomorrow

This was a fun watch. I didn't care for the ending though! I do want to read the manga the movie is based off of.

This weekend is 4th of July weekend. We have some ideas of going to see the new Transformers movie and possibly checking out some fireworks. So glad to have a short week. Oy...
18 May 2014 @ 12:52 am
Ermagerd! Day 5!

So today was a super cheat day. I didn't have the lemonade at all. And just ate regular meals!

The first thing I had was a cup of coffee Matt had ground and brewed for me. Can you believe I didn't have a bm for an entire week!? That's terrible! But coffee did its magic. Either that or it was a major coincidence. I didn't even have a whole mug and my guts were a'rumblin' just 10-15 minutes after drinking the stuff. It was a huge success. lol

For lunch, Matt made some type of (but not really) bruchetta. It was ciabatta bread toasted with olive oil on it, with on the sides, gooey brie cheese, baby spinach, and sliced cherry tomatoes. I had 2 slices of bread with cheese and spinach. (Can't stand raw tomatoes.) It was good stuff.

Then I had a bite of a green tea Kit Kat we got from Japantown later on in the day, a crab cake patty Matt's mom had made for dinner (without anything else). I also had a few pieces of stale sushi from Costco. Aaand a few multi-grain crackers and brie cheese spread. Oh yeah, and a couple slices of green apple.

I went to town! (obvs) :B

I figured it'd be impossible to fast being around Matt. I knew I'd be way too tempted. When I'm at work during the work week. I'm alone. It's much easier for me to discipline myself. After Sunday, hopefully I'll get back into the swing of the fast. .__.

Weight originally: 160
Weight starting MC: 155
Current weight: 150
17 May 2014 @ 12:57 am
Well guys...well!

I totally blew it today. Let me explain...(lol)!

I didn't eat anything this whole day. I felt nauseous in the morning while driving to work. Then, I felt okay...when I got there.
I didn't have any lemonade what so ever the entire day. The thought of cutting a lemon turned me off from the drink so bad. I just had water to keep myself hydrated. It wasn't enough. I was feeling weak and sluggish. I hit traffic going from freeway to freeway. It took me almost 2 hours to drive home when it normally takes a half an hour. It was a lot of stop and go, stop and go. So, that made me really nauseated.

When I got to Matt's, I caved and went to a Japanese restaurant with him thinking, ah! I'll just get a bowl of miso soup and that'll be that. Nope.
I ordered myself a bowl of miso soup and a bowl of shoyu ramen. I also grubbed on some complimentary edamame and 3 pieces of Matt's sushi roll. HAHAHA! I ate my food and his. Needless to say, I felt human again. Normal. Energized. (Btw my breath stank so bad again. Even Matt said it was smelly... :( Doh! Stop pooping in my mouth, bacteria!)

I flopped the diet! But y'know, I did not feel okay today. And I'm not okay with that. I was really feeling like shit driving in that shit traffic home. I may just eat lightly from now on or get back to the diet tomorrow. I'm going to decide based on how I'm feeling tomorrow.

This evening after Japenese food, I was begging for nachos when we went to see Godzilla. Buuut thankfully Matt said to wait it out. And I did... and I still wanted nachos after the movie was over. Reluctantly, I just let it go. Some other time, delicious warm gooey spicy nacho cheese and crunchy tortilla chips!

It was a good flick btw! Fun watch!

Weight originally: 160
Weight starting MC: 155
Current weight: 150
15 May 2014 @ 11:22 pm
Welp, here it is. Day 3 of being on this diet.

I cheated again by having a little cup of iced green tea w/ honey this evening. It wasn't very good with the tea bits in there, so I barely finished it. Other than that, I had 1 cup of the lemonade today, 1 cup of Peppermint laxative tea and a bunch of water. I think you're allowed to have 6-12 cups of them. But the thought of the lemonade is not appetizing. I don't like the smell of freshly cut lemons anymore either.

I still don't really feel hungry, but I did notice I felt kind of dizzy at times. That makes me concerned, so if it happens again while I'm driving, I'm going to have something like a cup of miso soup or something. Like I said, I'm not totally going strict on this diet. I already cheated twice by having some green tea. But it has been 3 whole days since I've had any solid food.

I've read most people get all kinds of symptoms after the 3rd day. I haven't felt any besides the dizziness.
My breath reeks! It's pretty stale without eating food or what not. Ah, I did have gut pains this evening. Not sure if it was gas or what. Whatever it was, the pain is gone now.

I'm still at the same weight. Very disappointing. Very...disappointing. Also, no bm yet. (Whhhhyyy?) :(

Weight originally: 160
Weight starting MC: 155
Current weight: 153
14 May 2014 @ 09:58 pm

Well, not really... I had a couple lemonades today. One for lunch and one before I got off work. I also had a cup of Smooth Move Peppermint tea during the day. It's to help with bowel movement. There's no way I'm doing the salt water flush. I've tried it a long time ago and I didn't have success. It also tasted awful!

It's been really hot the past couple days. It's been up in the 90s. Prob not particularly the best time to fast. Anyway, Matt and I brewed some macha green tea with some honey. We chilled it and I had a mug of it later on with some ice. It was pretty good. I guess that was my dinner. I don't think it's too bad and far off the diet. To be honest, I didn't think I'd stay on the diet religiously. We'll see how it goes when I weigh myself tomorrow morning. I'd be really happy if I can get down to 140 before the convention coming May 23-26. Heck, I'd be even more ecstatic if I can get down to 120. It's impossible, but eh, it feels good to dream.

As for a mental and physical report, I still don't feel hungry. I don't really feel tired. I mean, I do feel icky, but I think that's the heat wave we're experiencing right now. I guess I'm more grouchy too?? But again, I feel like that's from the heat. Hot weather makes me pretty miserable. I think I was overall fine today considering I didn't have any solid food.

Sometimes during the past couple days, I would catch myself about to say, "I'm hungry!" But, I always would say that and not be hungry and just snack anyway. I was constantly snacking in between big heavy meals. (Ugh... no more! Stahp!)

Weight originally: 160
Weight starting MC: 155
Current weight: 153
13 May 2014 @ 08:51 pm
Since May 1st I started dieting and exercising. I downloaded an app called Lose It! I cut my calories down by a lot. Least I think so anyway! I wasn't tracking calories before I got the app. I am tired of eating a whole meal, then being hungry for a second meal and eating it, then snacking afterwards! I wasn't feeling full... So bad.

I weighed in at about 160lbs May 1st. The heaviest I've ever been my whole life! My normal weight is 130. So, I just want to get back down to how I used to be. And fit into all my clothes!
What I'd really love is to be down to 120. I remember in HS I was at about 115. I did not look attractive that thin. I looked like a pre-teen boy. So having some curves would be ideal.

Dieting and exercise was not really working out for me. I managed to lose 5lbs in 5 days. But my weight stayed at 155 that for 2 weeks. I know losing weight doesn't happen over night. But I want to see results fast. So I've decided to try the master cleanse diet. I just completed Day 1 today. I guess I'll be recording my progress, physical, and emotional state here. So far I feel really sluggish. Not hungry at all. I've only made 3 cups of the lemonade so far. I may have one more before I sleep and then a laxative tea as well. Wish me luck, no one that reads this!
11 May 2014 @ 08:47 pm
Yesterday Matt, Mike, and I saw The Amazing Spider-Man 2. It was pretty good and enjoyable to watch. I didn't watch the first Amazing Spider-Man movie, but I didn't care really to. I've seen enough Spider-Man movies/shows/comics to get the gist of Spider-Man's story. It was just fun to watch.

We're also watching the new Robocop reboot. It's alright I guess. I'm kind of glad I didn't see it in theater. It's a combination of drama, sci-fi, action, mixed with some hokeyness.