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New Live Jouranl.

I feel that the time is now to start over.

Please add me.
It is easier for you to add me then the other way around.

For the record - it's a non-ed journal.
That's how it's going to stay.

YAY, I'm employed!!

Good times!

Making money!
Making money!

YAY! Gym membership starts on Monday!

Oh the adulthood.

Happy Birthday to Me.

YAY for party!


It's 9pm or close to.
Temp: 27
Humidity: 84%



Leaving today.

To be honest, I feel empty. The most unique feeling of them all.

OK, now I am crying just a wee bit.

Love you all,
Much love

PS now I'm crying a big bit



Do you have nothing to do?
Do you want to escape the rellies?
Do you just want a break?

Well, if you do...
Come to the Aboretium at 3pm at the BBQ areas.

Eddi and I thought that it would be nice to be social. So spread the word and bring something to eat/drink.

BYO... just like brookie

All are welcome
Much love
I don't update very often. I just find that I'm so busy with doing nothing, the days just slip by and I forget that there are things that need to be done. No stress holidays really put the mind into a differnt world. I am happy that uni starts next month, well orentation anway. Uni starts the 5th of Febuary. I'm pretty excited about a new start. But at the same time pretty scared.

I'm already getting it from my dad. Not practicing. The truth is, I don't really know what to practice. And, I would really like to have some time off, no stress. Just beig able to do what I want. Being able to sleep in and doing nothing. Dad told me that if I want to be a good singer I should be practicing 3 hours a day, that Tennis players don't have holidays. That if I want to get where I want, I have to want it more than I do now.

Thank-you Dad

Sometimes I feel as if life is a melodrama. I would just be easier, and less stressful. But ofcourse life has good points. Dancing when back this week, and it was awesome. I didn't have to worry about the stress of an audition, so I just danced from 'the heart' lol, I ended up doing really well, and my felxablity is comming alone nicely. I can do the splits now. Not everytime I try, though, which I would like to fix. I also can touch my head with my knees, and stick it threw lol!

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Just another thing I have to say, just with some posts that I've noticed and what not... on the same topic mentioned in the cut. Weight loss is not a bad thing. Dieting or exercising dosn't make you sick, dramatic weight loss isn't an illness. Thinness isn't a negative. So why do people percive it so. Anorexia nervosa and bulimia nervosa aren't just 'I lost alot of weight' they are mental and physical illness with diagnoses critera. People who weigh 100 kg and loose 40, dosn't make them anorexic, or a worry. It makes the healthy. Because you spend a hour on the treadmill per day, dosn't make you disordered, it makes you fit.

Ok... I'm done.

Much love