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my notebook will explain..*

it's love...make it hurt

4 December
im rarely on time, and tend to say one thing but mean another. as independant as i am, i always need reassurance i have something there for me. i dont always make the right choice, but i learn from my own mistakes. music + my friends = life. school is always going to be a pain in my ass, regardless. i love reading and writing, and i hope to someday write something of great meaning. i love to laugh, and have fun. i absolutely love shopping, but im not a shopaholic. i have a few weaknesses; peanut m&ms and ice cream. im a sucker for a sweet talker, and a hopeless romantic. i love to dance and play sports, even though im not very good. im always talking, sometimes thats not a very good thing. i dont always match, and im not always nice, but i do my best. im honest, and im not very afraid to hurt your feelings, im sorry if i do so, but im not very big on lying. i hate being lied to, being lead on, and being avoided. im not very secretive, however im very curious.. i like to think everyone has a destiny, and everything happens for a reason, even when my theory lets me down. life confuses me, and i over-analyse things a lot.
i like to think im one of a kind..

aliciaaaa <3
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