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The Journal of the Phoenix


1 January
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My name's Andromaeu Harbler...
I also go by Anne Desertroamer - and I used to go by Maeu Taelweave.
Long story short, I'm the leader of the Black Diamonds. Or I was..

I died, a while ago. The Imperials killed me.
I used to be a member of the Rebellion, and I was going to bring the Diamonds in too.

I hope the Rebellion wins the war, if not all the battles. Otherwise we're in for trouble...

OOC bits: Ix is from the Star Wars-verse. The reason you won't find her in any canon, EU or otherwise, is because she's also from Star Wars: Reach of the Empire. It's a very good MU* that's always looking for a few good players to come join; the website I list will give you a link to the MUSH.
This is where I note that I do not intend to enfringe upon Lucas' rights to SW or Brody's rights to ROE and the rest of the JTS trio. Ix, however, is mine.

And, for the record, none of the icons are mine either. They were created by ezzicons. If you like them, go look at her journal and tell her so.

Also - parts of Ix's journal do have adult content. She's not the nicest of people sometimes and she does swear and she has killed people before. She's also about as sexually active as most teenagers or young adults and she isn't ashamed of it (more because she doesn't see the point, really).