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10 May 2013 @ 11:02 pm
Don't be frightened by the bad English and inappropriate behavior. This is me. I am your friend now and you can do nothing with this. {well except remove me from your f-list just with one click but let's not talk about it just yet}.

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Just remember to be polite to others ;}
28 June 2014 @ 09:16 pm
icontalking non-anon icon talk comm [only members can the the posts so just join]
26 June 2014 @ 09:39 am

  • the 100. Damn it was good. Like a real solid sci-fi with lots of green and ladies kicking everyone's asses! And how amazing was Anya(i guess i have a soft spot for any modificaton of this name, Anyanka, anyone?), btw it just dawned on me that she's also Sierra from Dollhouse.  I want to icon every cap wit her face in it!! I also really liked the way they are not afraid of killing people off. MAking a series more "real" in a way. Every action here has consiquences. The only question i have i why the hell humanity has degraded so much in just a 97 years. Anya is what, the 3rd/4th generation? Why everything's so tribal!? Not to steal anything away form it but i kind of saw the last twist coming from the first episode, but it's still cool in a way that it opens such a vast pool of questions!! BASICALLY EVERYONE SHOULD WATCH 100!! IT HAS DESMOND BTW!!

  • Teen Wolf. At this point the show is just pure camp. It's like they just add stuff as they go, not even thinking about consistency or what not. Though i like the way the pack has morphed into this lady-pack :]

24 June 2014 @ 03:20 pm

  • So i'm working on this husge project at work and it is all sorts of amazing and at the same time the amount of pressure i'm under is almost unbearable. At this point half the time i'm at work i think i want to quit it and the other i'm the freaking king of the world. I hate those emotional rollercoasters.

  • In more important news. The 100. Who could've thought that CW at this point in its life can produce a pretty good show. Well if you ignore all the love triangles and hexagons and all the other shapes. Especially the space plotline with all the floating people and political mini-games. I've seen 8 episodes so far and i guess i can even recommend it to people :]

  • All the icons i make are not as good as i want them to be so yeah i'm pretty much will struggle with the new 20insp. challenge. Well they call it a challenge for a reason i suppose :]

  • In amazing news - Zinio app finally has an Entertainment Weekly available. And i gor a year subscription for like 30 bucks or something!!

  • ALSO STEAM SALE!! All the money and all the games!! But at this point i'm just letting out my stress with Van Hellsing II hack&slash. It has everything - eastern european lore, ghost sidekick with the haviest accent, and lots and lots of Easter Eggs (e.g. there was some kind of a huge robot thingy asking if my side kick lady ghost was Sarah Connor :] )

  • THE LEGO MOVIE!! OMG!! THAT WAS AWESOME!! WHO would've thought!!

  • Sp yeah, nothing really happening, how's your lives?

14 June 2014 @ 09:32 am