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Ms. G Spot

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[26 Feb 2005|12:55am]

which PUNK bands are better?

Created by remainsunseen and taken 184 times on bzoink!

whos better? WHO OR WHO?
distillers or holeHole
unseen or defianceDefiance
casualties or lower class bratsLCB
virus or a global threatGlobal Threat
the adicts or bouncing soulsAdicts
exploited or crassCrass
sex pistols or nirvanaNirvana
ramones or clashRamones
4-skins or the business4skins
the germs or circle jerksgerms
the varukers or the vandalsvandals
the devotchkas or the eyelinersdevotchkas
the cramps or the templarscramps
discharge or conflictconflict
total chaor or leftover cracktotal chaos
cheap sex or dead kennedysdead kennedys
999 or 7 seconds999
turbonegro or stiff little fingersstiff little fingers
rancid or lars and the bastardslars
angelic upstarts or anti-nowhere leagueangelic upstarts
bad religion or minor threatminorthreat
black flag or circle jerkscircle jerks
fear or GBHi refuse to answer.
sham 69 or cock sparrercocksparrer
u.k subs or u.s bombssubs
oxymoron or abrasive wheelsoxymoron
dropkick murphys or flogging mollydrop kick
funeral dress or violent society
the riffs or the krays
antidote or kraut
one way system or charge 69
attak or skeptix
okay thats enough of that.. now we move on to something else..
write the first thing that comes to mind when i say these words
this quiz wassuper gay

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13 Fucks § Your mom

[24 Jan 2005|02:02pm]

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49 Fucks § Your mom

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