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17 July 2009 @ 07:56 pm
Last weekend was really exciting, and this weekend looks like it will be too!

And by last weekend, I mean last Sunday. On Saturday I was supposed to go to a pool party, but decided I didn't feel up to it. It was all the way out in Odaiba and looked like it would have been awesome, for anyone who drank alcohol at least. It was sponsored by a beer company and one of my friends was an organizer for the event.

I felt a little guilty about not going, but I assumed that since it had a 4000 yen door charge and had over-reserved the party (which had a max of 250 people), I would be safe on skipping out. Other people who really wanted to be there could go in my place. =D

So Sunday I had planned on meeting up with some people for a Transformers 2 movie party. I saw Transformers when it first opened so I didn't meet up with them to see the movie. I met them afterward at a Mexican restaurant in Yokohama, in Minato Mirai. We had something like 30 people, so we had spread out to about 5 tables, and ordered the party set. So, in terms of food, we didn't get much choice. One of the first dishes that was brought out had octopus slices in a slightly tangy and spicy sauce. Not exactly what I think of as Mexican, but still delicious none the less. The other dishes were more 'normal' with a nacho dish and a sizzling hot plate full of beef, chicken, rice, and beans to make our own tacos with.

The food was surprisingly good, and people were joking about how I should know Mexican food better than most since Texas is on the border. They even served chicken taquitos! I think that maybe the Japanese version is stylized in much the same way American versions are stylized to be more appetizing.

I was amused to meet so many GEOS students at the party. I hadn't been informed of who all was going, so it was kind of neat. I also was introduced to several GEOS teachers I hadn't met before. Of course, everyone was part of Nishi Kanto, (sorry Higashi Kanto!). I spent a lot of time talking to a JET from the Yokosuka school, near the American Navy base, and she invited me out to see fireworks later on in the month. She also told me I should try to come back to GEOS! I still think that it'd be highly unlikely they'd want to hire me back, but it appears that my former trainers are no longer there and GEOS is losing teachers in droves!

One of the teachers I met is from Dallas, and we joked a little about Dallas' terrible highways. He was asking about some restaurants in Houston, but I had never heard of them so he eventually gave up. He did say he loved eating in Houston though, because the best restaurants are there. ^^

Most of the night, my friend who invited me and I were chatting about movies. We talking about Transformers but also about Terminator and Star Trek. It was really entertaining, because most people haven't seen the movies I've seen and talking to a Japanese person about foreign films can be like pulling teeth!

After food, we all went downstairs to get some ice cream. I had a bite but decided against getting myself a cone. My stomach was being unhappy about all the Mexican food I had just shoved into it.

Then we heading out to my friend's place to watch Wolverine, the movie. It turned out not everyone wanted to come for that part, so we said goodbye to the majority of the group, then caught cabs to my friend's place.

Now, my GEOS provided apartment was not bad. It was actually fairly roomy. And I loved my loft. My friend's place was much smaller, or at least it felt a lot smaller. There were 6 of us that crowded into his room, which was the size and shape of a master bedroom walk-in closet. I managed to claim a spot on the couch though so it was comfy.

Wolverine was...well. Reviewers were right about it. I might have to watch this movie a couple of more times to really figure out what it was about this movie that didn't sit well. Overall, I think that too many stories were changed, and too many powers were altered to make me enjoy this movie. I mean, come on!

After Wolverine we watched random episodes of Robot Chicken, GI Joe, Batman Beyond, Top Gear, and Hulk vs. Wolverine.

I ended up missing my last train and spending the night at my friend's, but I have to say, it was a lot of fun!

I still think hanging out at people's homes is my favorite thing to do. I need to do it more often! XD
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I made a community! I hope lots of people will join and share in the fun.

It's a postcards image posting community, so put up the pics of the postcards that are sent to you for the world to see!

I thought it was a neat idea anyway. =D

Go here to join: Clicky!
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14 April 2009 @ 03:33 am

I am collecting postcards, after some nudging from someone >.>

But it's a really great idea! So send me postcards from where ever you are or funny ones you find or places you go.

If you want a postcard from me, send me your mailing addy and I'll start sending them out!

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05 September 2001 @ 12:42 am
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