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This was taken more than a week ago. I guess my hair grew a little already. 

Sighs... it's the study session. I can't say I'm terribly focused because I have no idea how to study for my tests. Should I re-do my tutorials? But I'm so fucking lazy. Haha!! I worry that if I start, I may not have enough time to finish all. It's like a too long for revision, too short for studying kind of break. Made for irritating students only...

I'll post photos of my trip after I get some photos from my sister who just started her school term. See, I already miss school. ): Call me strange but I like long hours in school but my course is unbelievably slack. I only have a maximum of 1T1L. Like wtf, and that's the end of school. Isn't fun when you don't want to spend money but you don't really want to laze around at home either. But somehow, the latter always pulls through. ):

Anyway, I'm currently hunting for a job. My sister says to apply now and by the end of the examinations, I'll be ready to start work. She also found this shop called MELISSA in Mandarin Gallery. LOLPOP!! It's owned by a Japanese entrepreneur too and speaking Japanese is a must. It's been a long while since I've communicated in Japanese so I'm a little hesitant about the job. What if I get fired because of my poor Japanese? Ok, I know I worry too much. Go for it anyway? ):

Time to study. 
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22 August 2010 @ 10:58 pm
Oh god, I'm so tired. But I've got bags to pack. I decided that I should write a post before I leave for Kuching. 'Cause I'll be gone for five days. Well, it's actually four days and four nights & I'm also bringing my laptop there (I think). I'm so tired I bet my sentences are very incoherent but ah, to hell with it. 

And the rest is my new hair-cut over a period. I'm still getting used to it. It's quite a nuisance. :0

I look so skinny right? Hahahahahaha!!
Ok, I gotta go pack. :3
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