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Jun. 4th, 2006 @ 07:47 pm
Oh, for the record, I am NOT Seven. Nor am I anyone else. Next time at least try and get some proof before you make (incorrect) claims against someone but I forgot, you wouldnt be able to get proof as there is none - I AM NOT SEVEN.

I dont have to explain myself to you. Maybe you just dont realise how many people do actually think different to you. Now its entire sites who think like us. Are they just "jealous fangirls who want to fuck Elijah"?


No. Me just thinks they can see 2 idiots playing "mummies and daddies".
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Apr. 6th, 2006 @ 09:03 pm
Took down my last entry as I was asked to by a friend. If we are to be left alone, if there is to be no more fighting then I will say no more on the subject. If indeed these are empty promises, my post will go straight back up, along with other things.

Keep your word - we will keep ours!
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Feb. 6th, 2006 @ 06:27 pm
LOL jealousbitches I meant DO NOT, not I DO :/ Thats what I get for typing fast.

Why should we go into hiding? Why should we? You could say that about everyone. Why cant you Pro Pammers do it privately (yes you are doing it now but you never used to) and admitting all this "Pam/Elijah supporting" is because of us a little childish. The Hate Pam comm was not my making, I hardly ever posted there, I didnt like it being public hence the reason I made a locked comm but to be honest we have just as much right to dislike her in public as you have to gush about her in public. We have never forced our opinions on anyone else or tried to make people "see the light".

Just because someone has a different opinion, or dislikes someone or something that you do, I dont see how some people can think it gives them the right to persecute. If I started a public community about "I Hate Cabbage" I dont think it would have got half the responce with cabbage lovers than Hate Pam did with Pam lovers lol.

I really dont think Rae was role playing. I think she was wanting people to believe it was Pam and Elijah, feel bad about the comm and close it.

So what if people did find out about the comm? So what. If the Pam lovers had made a support comm before us we would not have carried on like they did thats for sure.

Saying you didnt believe me is an indication of you think I am lying. I think if you dont trust anyone then you should at least keep an open mind about things rather than "I dont believe you". I have been shit on by friends in the past, its not nice at all and I certainly wouldnt pick and choose friends based on who they did or didnt like in life. I didnt say you shit on your friends either, I was just making a point. I dont shit on friends, I dont shit on anyone, I dont like or want to make enemies but they seem to decide that for me.
I also made this journal just so I could rant and get things off my chest. It wasnt intended as anything people would actually read.

Regarding Pam, I have heard she has done things. I have seen photos of her that dont paint her in a good light where Elijahs fans are concerned. I have read encounters of her from unbiased people and people who thought she was nice until they met her. I understand you may not hear everything that goes on about Pam, I dont know what you would believe or not. I listen to both sides of every story but I have to admit that the bad does outweight the good on her. What more can I say. Ive not met her, I have no intention of meeting her, I base my opinions on what I hear and read just like everyone one else who has an opinion on her that havent met her. I am no different to you.

PMSL, yes Elijah probably would laugh at us and want to bang our heads together but in all fairness we did not start the arguing nor have we ever wanted it to continue. A truce was called by djingdoodles and we seemed to all get on after that. Forgave and forgot. Some shippers or Pam lovers cant and wont do that.

I totally agree with you that now its more us v you. That has never been our intention and we dont do tit for tat. Like I said, I respect you for standing up for your friend and of course you trust or believe her more than me but if you dont know the full story or the story from both sides then you cant call either right or wrong. Neither is right, neither is wrong. We have both made up our minds on one person based on what we hear or read or what we want to believe. We are the same so no one should ever get persecuted for it. No one is in the wrong.

I dont believe everything I read/hear, far from it. I question everything, even the stuff that shits on Pam/Elijah as a couple. I know people make up things and I believe very little.
Actually, Ive never seen Pam make a fool of herself when she is drunk lol So that certainly hasnt been a factor when making up my mind on her.

See, you dislike Paris. You think she has done bad things or is just a wrong person. I am not going to slate you for it but its exactly what Im getting at here. We all dislike for whatever reason and if you disliked someone I liked I wouldnt bother you with it, its your life, your decision, your opinions have nothing to do with me. Do you dislike Paris because you are jealous of her? No. Because we both know you dont have to be jealous of someone to dislike them. Im sure you would find it pretty annoying if all the Paris lovers were calling you jealous etc just because you dislike her?

If the Pam lovers wanted to defend Pam in the first place - great, but they didnt. It was about us. That I never understood. If they love Pam, if Pam is this great person then fine, put your money where your mouth is, show US why you think what you do. Peoples opinions arent there to be changed. I wouldnt dream of trying to change your opinion on Pam or Paris. You are free to think what you like, like Rae is, like we are but we dont seem to be allowed to have that right.

I apologise, you didnt say you hated me. Your lj has very colourful language though - "jealous cunts". Thats a bit harsh. I take that as an insult, Im sure you would too. I am not jealous, seriously, just like you arent jealous of Paris even though you dislike her and we all dont need to "find our own boyfriends" just because we dislike someone yes? I wasnt blaming one person. Its just the one person you are speaking of seems to have the biggest gripe with us, she doesnt let it lie, she doesnt leave us alone so I singled her out. I dont like to be told what to think or what I think is wrong as Im sure you wouldnt. We are adults, we all make our own choices in this life. I dont see why a few people should go out of their way to make other peoples opinions their business, but hey, thats just me.
I think I know who you are talking about when you say "What about the ones who start something and then when it all flares up they're no where to be seen." and I agree with you wholeheartedly.

We seem to agree on some things and not on others but that is fair enough yes? We all cant agree on everything. I see your point of view, I see the Pam lovers point of view but no one ever seems to see ours. Im just glad all this seems to have died down but again, why should anyone have to hide what they think just because a bunch of people will jump on what they say and think - that is not right.

Like you, I will defend my friends when I have to. Like when they are branded jealous, children, evil, mad, fucked up etc all because they dislike someone. Would you like to be branded that because you have valid reasons for not liking someone? Im sure you wouldnt, who would.

Anyway, take care, see you around :)

One more time!! Jan. 29th, 2006 @ 07:59 pm
jealousbitches, I dont want to carry on with this shit just as much as you so just for you, lets start at the begining...

The Anti Pammers had to find somewhere to talk about her as we werent allowed to say even the slightest bad thing against her even though others were allowed to kiss her arse.
We set up community, minded our own business but were trolled constantly, talked about constantly, wanked, laughed at and your friend Rae had a hand in ALL of this. The shippers even set up a community just to slag us off even though it was meant to be about Elijah and Pam.
One person did go trolling the shippers lj's and comms but that person was banned and they deleted their lj account (see, we dont like people trolling even if it is the "opposition").
We were still getting trolled even though we were doing nothing to no one.
Someone came on our comm claiming they were Pam, someone else - Elijah and BOTH of their IP's matched Rae's because she had trolled our comm before so we had her IP address - we still do.
We only bite back when we have been bitten first. All we have ever asked is to be left alone and to have our opinions in peace - no one has given us that and this includes Rae.

I dont care whether you believe me or not, I know and others know this is TRUE. I have no reason to make lies up about people and I never would - I hate lies and liars!! Why should I try and turn you against her? Not once did I know anyone would see my entries here and that goes for you too.

While I respect you are standing up for your friend I think you dont know the whole story enough to say I am lying and I am wrong. I mean, who would admit to pretending to be Elijah and Pam? I dont know of who you are talking about... going behind your back. I dont like people being shit on by friends and Im sorry that happened to you. Some people take this Pam thing too seriously. You may think we do but we would never shit on friends because of her or anyone.

BTW, I wasnt talking about you liking Elijah even though you dont know him... I was talking about Pam. You know just as much as we do and have known her for the same amount of time yet you have an opinion on her - just like we do. You have decided or chosen to like her, fair enough. Either way, you have come to a conclusion about her even though you dont know her - like us. Thats what I was getting at. True, Elijah is old enough to make his own decisions, I dont think I have ever said otehrwise. I know they arent going to split up because of us... it would be loonicy to think they would. In the same breath, they arent going to stay together just because of a few "support" comms.

"I did respect yours, I know not everyone would like Pam. But your opinion has gone too far and it's starting to get out of hand and kind of violent. It also started off as a hating Pam, then went more to us "shippers" and now you're even hating Elijah!

And if you prefer Billy/Dom, why are you even involved in this? now that really doesn't make sense"

Can you tell me how its got violent? Not once have I wished harm on anyone. Not once have a "vowed to take revenge". Not once... so where is this "voilence"? Not once has anyone said they hate Pam (the comm title has been explained) so where you get the word "hate" from is beyond me. I dont hate Elijah. People are allowed to think he is a jerk sometimes but that is totally different to HATE.

I like Billy and Dom (not together :/) yes. My dislike of Pam has nothing to do with Elijah. I dislike her because of what Ive heard and what I see. My point is that not everyone has to dislike someone because they are dating someone you like. I dislike Paris Hilton and Lohan but I dont dislike them because of their boyfriends etc.

At the end of the day I did not ask for this "two sides" bit. Why the hell should people fall out over a group of people disliking someone? It doesnt make sense. We all like Elijah to some degree and that is what we are in his fandom for. I really dont know why we are fighting amongst ourselves - no one is going to get anything out of it, its not going to change anyones opinions. The Anti Pammers got slated FIRST by the shippers, we have always said let people get on with what they want to think. The shippers have even defriended GOOD friends just because they have a slight dislike of Pam - how sad and tragic is that. I know people who like Pam but not once have I ever thought "you bitch, you arent my friends anymore, begone!".

This is the last Im saying on it. I have nothing against YOU even though you probably hate me. Rae has caused us a lot of upset - thats where all this started not just because I wanted to get at someone. You either see where Im coming from or you dont. Either way, Im saying no more on this unless I need to.

I started ranting here as I didnt want to take into a public place like a community then not everyone is jumping on the bandwagon.

Huh Jan. 27th, 2006 @ 11:38 pm
I gave you a short reply because that is all you are worth deary!

"You claim to be old enough to do all that shit but you'll still come online and slate people on your journal LIKE A 7 YEAR OLD!"

So what does that make Wisteria Way? She slates us EVERYWHERE (if you cant take it... dont do it). And correct me if Im wrong... you are doing the same now.

"And I'd sooner trust Wisteria than even think about trusting you! I don't care what she's done or what she hasn't done, all I see is you picking up on stupid things about her like her age, so what if she's 50+? "

Er... I dont want you to trust me. All you see is me picking on her age? Then you should look a bit harder. I dont care how old she is but AT HER AGE she should learn to let people get on with things - she cant. Get it? If you think that a GROWN WOMAN pretending to be ELIJAH AND PAMELA is ok then you are as mad as she is. I know for a FACT it was her. I had nothign against RAE until that happened and she still called us worse than shit.

"Why don't you just fucking leave us all alone and stick to what you were supposed to do, hate someone you don't know rather than hating us...oh yeah..you don't know us either...strange that. I thought you were suppose to hate those you know rather than those you don't."

HAHA Thats rich!! All we have ever asked of Rae and the other trolls is to be left alone. Have we? No! We never get left alone. Rae was asked to stick to her comm and we will stick to ours. Did she? No. So dont come preaching to me. I can hate someone I dont know... just like you can adore someone you dont know. I thought you can only like someone you know, not those you dont :/

It seems you know half the facts. You tell us to do what we have been asking of Rae since day one. We havent got it so why should you? We are not asking for you lot to agree with us, we have only ever asked to be left alone. Rae dislikes George W Bush... what has he ever done to her? She doesnt know him personally! Still DISLIKING someone you dont KNOW and have never MET. SAVVY????

[ETA] I will respect people and their opinions when they respect me and mine. I do let people get on with what they want (that includes you Pam lovers) but when people dont let me - thats when it all changes.
Actually, I am more of a Billy/Dom fan so all this "jealous of Pam... you want Elijah" doesnt include me. Elijah is sweet but I wouldnt want to be WITH him. So please, get your facts right. K. Thnx.
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» And???
Hahaha jealousbitches.

You either obviously dont know whats going on or you think you do. You have no idea what wisteria_way has said and done (not only to us). You may even be her for all I know.

Either way, so what? People like you dont even register.

All I know is, Im old enough NOT to pretend to be Elijah and Pam. Im old enough to know NOT to spread lies. Im old enough to let people have their own opinions without kicking up a fuss like a 7 year old who hasnt got their own way. Can your mate Rae say all that?

*turns the page*

[ETA] Careful now jealous bitch, your user info is filled with sooooo much hate. wisteria_way will preach to you no end. But, oh no, wait, it will be ok because you hate us NOT Pam. Rae claims to hate hate but she doesnt. She hates us "hating" Pam. She lies, she doesnt hate hate at all!
» Lies
lol Ms W. Way. You call me mad? That is a compliment coming from you. Sorry, but I havn't reached your level of insanity yet.

You seem to forget that your name gets mentioned because YOU constantly talk about our communities whereveer you can (and this includes the community that is meant to be about Elijah and Pam awww). You also troll our community.

Hate is a bad thing (even though we dont hate her. Seem to have a hard time with the fact we dont hate her dont you?)? So are lies. So is pretending to be other people (i.e Elijah and Pam). Get real wisteria_way, you know you lie and decieve. You can lie all you like about not doing it but people KNOW you do/have.

WW, you are more obsessed than anyone. Why? Because you are at the age where you should know better. You shouldnt be after young men that are old enough to be your grandson and I really cant see Elijah finding your HRT patches a turn on. You seem to have MORE of a fixation with Elijahs girlf's than Elijah himself - bit weird. You say you defend Elijahs honor - then go and defend him against all the evil people who call HIM and wish bad on HIM. You are a hypocrite. You are a liar. You are a fraud. You are a bully. You say you think fanfic is disgusting yet look what community you belong to... frodo_het... a fanfic community. You badmouth us yet no one can badmouth you, if you cant take it - dont give it. How much time do you have to have on your hands to run God knows how many journals/communities, run a website, post on God knows how many EW forums, troll the "haters" communities, make less than impressive icons and have time to eat, shit and sleep?

End of the day Wist, people dont care what you say or think because people know you are a joke. If you think our communities are so evol then why dont you stop giving us sooo much publicity.
Anyway, Im not going to waste anymore time on you, people ahve been cicil to you and you shit on them and I cant stand people who think THEY are right and everyone else is wrong. In other words, its either your way or no way at all right? WRONG! Your way is for you - good, get on with it but let other people have minds and opinions of their own. You arent GOD, you arent President of USA, you are just a middle aged woman, on the internet, has a bigmouth, has a crush on Elijah Wood and maybe gets hot over his lady friends too. Ive said my bit, dont care what you think - I know what I say is 100% TRUE! You may think you are this BNF but you are only known for your madness, lying and batshit crazy antics. Id HATE to see what you were like without your medication!

Sent anymore fake Elijah/Pam sightings into Gawker recently?
» OMG. Fact check PURLEASE!
Oh dearest touch_0f_pink I really don't see why you need 3 accounts to "maintain" a community. I also dont see why you need this role playing lj to be a member too. All in all you dont have 10 members! If you say its none of our business then why should you say we have a few members making up lots of different accounts (which we dont)? H-Y-P-O-C-R-I-T-E!

Also, regarding the "more than 1 account" thingy you mentioned, you are wrong. If you read the rules at damn_pam you would know that using more than 1 lj account is not allowed. The maintainers at damn_pam (very successful community by the way) check all ISP and you cant join unless you comment in the friends only post so how you came to the conclusion you did Ill never know. You see, we dont need to make up more than one account as we are doing fine as we are thank you - people are joining all the time.

We also dont promote HATE. None of us HATE Pam. If you wisteria_way could even be bothered to read damn_pam's rules you would know this but I forgot how ignorant you are. I know there are people you dont like so dont preach to us.

I have a life, thats why Im not living my life through someone elses relationship.

P.S I dont really care what "shipper" means. Im not sad enough to either know what it means word for word or go and look it up. Shipper = to ship a relationship. Accept it!

P.P.S Oh, and I see you are still reading i_hate_pamela. Tut tut!

P.P.P.S And I also see you are cluttering your shipping community with posts about us. Awwww not much Pam love material these days?

Swearing at your age? Such big words for a little girl. Just goes to show how immature you really are when you have to resort to swearing lol Soooo like, adult!

Thank you and goodnight x

PMSL elijah_4_pam I love how 4 of your 10 members are the same person (and they dont even try to hide it)! Doesnt that tell you something?

The Pro E/P world just gets funnier and funnier.

» Now, its YOUR turn!

Seen the funniest LJ today and have to rip the piss once more.

This one's for you wisteria_way

Get ready to be Illuminated!Collapse )

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