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ridicule is nothing to be scared of. [10 Sep 2008|03:38pm]
To call for hands of above, to lean on
Wouldn't be good enough for me, no

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[19 May 2008|08:29pm]
only slightly, only slightly less
than i used to, my love
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[28 Oct 2007|12:03am]
I jumped in the river and what did I see?
Black-eyed angels swam with me
A moon full of stars and astral cars
All the things I used to see
All my lovers were there with me
All my past and futures
And we all went to heaven in a little row boat
There was nothing to fear and nothing to doubt.
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more drugs than a touring punk band. [24 Aug 2007|12:13pm]
I've lost my berets...
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voice strings on vocal before it on word to receive [23 Aug 2007|04:00pm]
I have put together a terrible, terrible essay on Mad Max. It's appalling - but the fault not entirely mine. 1000 words only. One thousand words! How can anyone disagree with the generic statement given within one thousand words?

And I haven't been going to lectures because the subject clashes with another. What if I'm even more remarkably wrong than I realise?

If I don't get a credit, I won't get honours, if I don't get honours, I'll die poor and alone...

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