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03:13pm 02/08/2006
  I'm baaaack!!!

With pictures!!!Collapse )

Oh and look at my icon. Do it. It made me die a little from laughing.
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03:30pm 21/05/2006

pictures i've been meaning to post for foreverCollapse )
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09:02pm 09/04/2006
  MY TRIP TO ORLANDO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Starring these guys:


(how fantastic is that picture??),


Finally-Orlando Pictures!Collapse )
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05:10pm 02/12/2005
  some pictures i've been meaning to postCollapse )  
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09:53pm 31/10/2005
  Random pictures that I stole from BoxerCollapse )  
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01:59am 14/10/2005
  Long time no update, right?

Long overdue picture postCollapse )
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10:56pm 19/09/2005
that was me getting my anger out.
that was me getting my excitement out.
that was me getting my frustration out.
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10:42pm 15/09/2005
  I'm a stripper in the musical. Yay!Collapse )  
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08:40pm 01/09/2005
  Remember when we went to see Johnson's play and took 3 pictures?Collapse )  
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10:34pm 28/08/2005
  The most random pictures ever that I stole from MarissaCollapse )  
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09:05pm 24/08/2005
mood: giddy
I'm too excited to function properly right now so I'm gonna go on a slight tangent about the soundclips. So exciting! I died of happiness!

1) Ok...so "One Song Glory" made me sad at first cuz I was like, oh Adam, you're trying too hard to be a rocker. You're a musical theater guy, face it. But then he nailed it at the end. And the orchestration that you briefly hear when it fades out...amazing.

2) "Light My Candle." Rosario is fucking incredible. She whips Daphne's butt. I can enjoy that song now because I don't have to cringe at Daphne's insane voice. In love with it.

3) Now..."Today 4 U"...WILSON!!! HOW CUTE IS HE? SERIOUSLY! Again...the orchestrations were crazy cool.

4) "You'll See"...same thing with "One Song." I was kinda sad, because Taye's voice didn't have the same intensity and punch as it usually does, but then he got it at the end of the clip. Major love for him.

5) "Tango Maureen"- Anthony is consistantly brilliant and Tracie is awesome. Loved it.

6) OMG! OMG "LIFE SUPPORT." WAY BETTER THAN THE CD. INSANELY INCREDIBLE. IF YOU LISTEN TO ONE CLIP LISTEN TO THIS ONE. NO WORDS ARE GOING TO BE ABLE TO EXPRESS HOW GORGEOUS THIS SONG SOUNDED. GO LISTEN TO IT. It's songs like this that just make me think...how the heck am I gonna be able to control myself during this movie. I get so involved...and I know I'm gonna piss my pants AND cry hysterically WHILE my heart is beating 110 beats faster than normal. I cannot express to you my happiness right now. It's incredible. Wayne Wilcox is Gordon and he sounds amazing. Some might know him from Gilmore Girls (Marty) or Light in the Piazza.

7) "Out Tonight"...awesome. Really. Rosario is my hero for showing Daphne up like crazy.

8) "Will I"...I lost it (again). This is going to be incredible. I can't say it enough. This Aaron Lohr guy is amazing (oh btw he plays Steve). PLUS he was Mush in The Newsies and The Mighty Ducks and the singing voice of Max in A Goofy Movie and he rocked as Matt in Bare. I officially love him. I promise you know who he is.

title or description
You totally know him, don't you?
title or description
If you didn't, you do now. Everyone remembers him from Mighty Ducks. I never would have thought he sang THAT well.

9) Jesse kicked butt on "Santa Fe." Definitely sounded awesome, even better than he did the first time. Amazing. I'm so excited to hear "I'll Cover You Reprise" from him. He's gonna be so good.

10) "Seasons"...we've all heard that. Still incredible.

You guys. What the heck am I gonna do with myself for the next 91 days? I'm not gonna be able to sleep. Or concentrate on anything. KALJLHSHKAH:ADSHKSFHD: YOU GUYS SHARE IN MY JOY I'M SO HAPPY!
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07:53pm 16/08/2005
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10:42pm 15/08/2005
  I feel like I haven't seen anyone in forever.

CA was fun and I should have pictures up soon.

I went to David and Laura's "Woah I'm Leaving For College Tomorrow" hooplah. It was really really depressing. I seriously don't know what I'm gonna do without those two.

And...I have officially created a final draft of the themed wednesday schedule. Be excited. I am also in need of money. Cuz I like clothes too much.

Orientation tomorrow. I expect to be hearing about each of your schedules. And I expect us to be having multiple classes together. Got it? Good.


title or description

Sigh. So beautiful. Sigh. So expensive. I guess I'll just have to steal the one ouside regal.
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09:08pm 03/08/2005
  1) Rent trailer, international trailer, AND seasons of love music video And contrary to what you may believe, they all contain different footage. Oh P.S. Scott a scene in the international trailer answers our question about "Tango." Even more tears, shivers, and goosebumps than before guys. I'm serious.

2) Rent cast on Today show tomorrow. Watch.

3) Soundtrack comes out Sept 27. That's not too far. I think 'they're' trying to make up for their release date delay. It's not working.

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103 Days, Plus it's Lindsay's Bday today   
09:25am 31/07/2005
  THEMED WEDNESDAYS information and WAZ PICSCollapse )  
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10:04pm 18/07/2005
  Dear everyone,
Last night, Emily, Dan, Markoff and I ate a whole cake. That is all.

I lied that's so not allCollapse )
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01:16pm 10/07/2005
  title or description
Oh yeah. And there's more where that came from.

Probably the best pictures you'll ever see in your lifeCollapse )
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05:47pm 25/06/2005



2. I'M NOT WEARING ANY PANTS!!!!  That's right guys...I saw Little Shop of Horrors yesterday.  And that's the only thing I could think of the entire time.


So, things have kinda sucked lately, because all boys are stupid, and the one boy who isn't is apparently trying to bash my heart out.  BUT this weekend made me feel a slight bit happier because well...of the 2 reasons above AND, because of a sickness in the cast, JIM POLOUS FILLED IN FOR ORIN!!!!  I went into hysterics, which scared the old man sitting next to me.


And I miss Julia like butt.  Like I miss butt.  Haha.  But not haha.  Cuz I really do.

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08:53pm 19/06/2005
  "Come on Waz-we're gonna get drunk. Come get drunk with us Waz." -Lindsay

"There wore the same outfit because of equality and stuff except not the equality part." -Emily

"Let's go get Ricky." -Dan

"I'm marching." -Waz

"I'm a gonna blockade you." -The Union soldier drawn by Dan Dvorkin

Sooooo summer school isn't that bad. I have the best class ever, my teacher's awesome (and awesomely hot), and we basically get to draw and talk all day. Lindsay, Em, Dan, and I have made some sweet projects- like Billy Bob and Bobby Bill the twins with red unibrows and our Civil War poster with our factory that says "boom." Emily and I write sweet acrostic poems, Dan always shows up with some awesome answers on his homework, and Lindsay draws all over my papers. My class is kinda quiet and would really suck if Em, Dan, and Frinny weren't in it. Not too shabby.

PICNIC/RENT!!Collapse )

This week was good. I got fossil fuel ice cream (twice), had a picnic and watched Rent with my summer school clan, and spent the best evening bonding with Rissa and Em. Riss and I are going through exactly the same thing and she's the only person that can make me feel better about it. :-) makes me smile.
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02:40pm 12/06/2005
Which Broadway Star Will You Sleep With by lilbecky2shoes
What is your name?
How old are you?
If I slapped your ass, what would you yell?
You Sleep WithJeremy Kushnier
PlaceIn the laundry baskets at "Millie"
He/she will be wearingNothing but a grin
Kinky SurprisesYou pretend you are wild monkeys!
Does Christian Borle appear in a Superman costumeYes
Quiz created with MemeGen!

Yes yes yes yes yes yes I knew it was meant to be! WOOOOOOOO!

Which former Rent star will you marry?(For girls!) by Blonde Geek
Full name:
Do you love Rent?:
You will marry:Anthony Rapp
On:January 26, 2050
Quiz created with MemeGen!

That's cool...but he's gay...oh well! I don't mind if he doesn't.

Bored and awesomeCollapse )
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